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Do you suffer from panic and anxiety attacks? If so, you are NOT alone. It is said that just over 35% of the population will experience anxiety at some point in their life. I suffered for ten long years until I finally found the answers that led me to recovery. So, yes, anxiety is treatable and no matter how many false dawns you’ve had so far, you don’t have to “just live with it”. I am not going to ramble on about how easy it is and offer you the latest miracle cure; I will leave that to others.

What I do want to offer is some real help, support and advice on how to overcome anxiety. This from someone who went through it and came out the other side; someone who went on to study the subject way beyond my recovery so that I could go on to dedicate my life to helping others.

This site was set up to help others find the answers they have been looking for and is filled with free help and advice. It tells the story of my own story of recovery and covers in detail all the main symptoms of anxiety, including mental exhaustion, intrusive thoughts, Depersonalisation and social anxiety. The only products on here are my own books ‘At Last a Life‘ and the follow up ‘At Last a Life and Beyond’, in physical, eBook or audio book form, the purchase of which is completely optional.

I don’t place any adverts on the site and turn down every request to place other affiliated products on here. There is also no secret members area and you also won’t come across any annoying pop-ups asking for your email address. All the information on here and on my blog is free, so please do take the time to look around.

I did not want this to be just another website on anxiety; I wanted it to be the last place anybody would need to visit in search of recovery from anxiety and panic. I also genuinely want to help others. There is no better feeling than changing someone’s life for the better. I also understand, through my own experience, what an awful, lonely place it can be.

Symptoms of Panic and Anxiety Attacks

  • Lack of emotion
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Headaches/tight band around your head
  • Lack of sleep and feeling constantly tired
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Loss of interest in anything
  • Depression
  • Racing heart
  • Disturbing thoughts
  • Constant worrying/feelings of stress
  • Paranoia about what people think
  • Blurred vision
  • Feelings of panic
  • Pins and needles
  • Irritability
  • Constantly anxious
  • Feeling like you are going mad/not with it
  • Feelings of hopelessness
I recognise the above symptoms only too well, as this was a list I wrote down all those years ago describing how I felt. I have heard of many more over the years, but they all stem from the same cause – Anxiety. Your symptoms may feel unique to you; I know I assumed I was the only one to suffer in this way but, rest assured, many people are experiencing what you are going through.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul and I suffered from every aspect of the anxiety and panic disorder for continually years until I reached the point where I thought I could never recover. I would panic whenever I went out and suffered chronic anxiety until I could no longer function properly. I was constantly depressed and had no interest in life.

I also suffered from depersonalisation, which brought on feelings of unreality to the point I truly thought I was going mad. Worrying and disturbing thoughts would race around all day, making me feel completely locked in my mind. I just felt as if I was walking round in a dream while the world passed me by. I lost my job, many friends and, more importantly, it robbed me of my whole personality. What had happened to that once confident person who could enjoy life?

This period of my life was the start of ten years of being seen by one doctor after another, one therapist after another, so-called experts that just read from a medical manual and taught me nothing at all. In fact, I never even got an explanation of what was wrong with me. I spent more money than I care to remember on so-called miracle cures. I tried every anxiety treatment available to me, and nothing worked. If only I had known then what I know now, I could have saved myself all those years of suffering.

My recovery from anxiety came because I refused to give up hope and left no stone unturned in finding a way out of this condition. Some of the information was gathered from different sources and eventually I was able to sort the wheat from the chaff. However, most of my recovery came through trial and error, combined with my own insights and aha moments.

Once I truly understood this condition, I was then able to fully recover and become the person I am today. It was after my recovery that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others and this led to me studying in depth the whole subject of anxiety and panic, as I wanted to give out the best information I could to help others.

Trust me when I say that everyone can recover, once they have received the right help, support and information. I have spoken with many sufferers of anxiety around the world, and far too many of them spent years like me going around in circles unable to find any answers to how they felt. As in my case, they felt the medical profession had failed them.

Understanding Anxiety

The main mistake people make is they make it their daily aim to get better. We all want to be better today, not tomorrow. That is why we go from one treatment to another, desperate for something to make this awful thing go away.

The truth is there is no overnight miracle cure to overcome anxiety, and if anyone promises you this, then I would advise you to run the other way. If there were trust me, we would all know about it, and someone would be very wealthy. When I was told this for the first time, it was such a relief to me because I thought that I had to keep searching for that elusive cure that would make me feel better instantly and that I had to stay in this daily battle to get rid of anxiety.

Once on the right road and when you not only realise why you feel the way you do but also what is keeping you in the cycle of anxiety and panic, then things will become a lot easier. One of the main stumbling blocks that people are completely unaware of is that there is no outside force doing this to you.

The truth is that we are responsible for creating the anxiety and through a lack of knowledge and understanding, we are also the ones that keep re-creating it and hence get into a never-ending cycle.

The key here is not to aim to get rid of anxiety or organise your life trying not to feel it, like most people do. This is completely counterproductive and why people stay in the same cycle for years. The bottom line is, you cannot be free of what you refuse to feel. Most people spend their time trying not to feel this anxious energy within, the same energy that they have created through stress and worry.

They may go to their doctor for medication, visit numerous therapists, try meditation, go to gurus, change diets, practice techniques, repeat affirmations, avoid going places, spend all day in their head trying to figure out a solution, read numerous books, spend all day searching on the net, always chasing the holy grail to recovery.

The list is endless to what people do to try and either get rid of anxiety or attempt not to feel it. Their whole day can be consumed by this constant battle not to feel this anxious energy, not knowing that everything they try can at best only manage it. What they have done is completely misunderstood how to recover and so have been doing the complete opposite of what they should have been.

When you feel anxious, this is your bodies way of trying to free this anxious energy stored within. It doesn’t want this anxious energy within any more than you do, so it attempts to release it. But people refuse to allow this process to happen as it feels uncomfortable and so then do all that I mentioned above to try and suppress it or get into a pointless battle to get rid of it.

Battling anxiety wears us out mentally

When we don’t understand why we feel like we do, we have nothing left to do but to try and figure it all out ourselves and so the way we feel becomes our new problem. A lot of anxiety sufferers can spend most of their day worrying about how they are feeling and how it is affecting their life. They may spend a lot of their time visiting chat rooms, forums, googling symptoms while also constantly trying to think their way out of their present state.

This constant worry process is the reason most people feel unable to detach themselves from the subject and how they feel; it just becomes them and the constant thinking and worrying eventually exhausts their mind and is the reason they feel so emotionally spent, detached from their surroundings and so mentally worn out.

The knowledge I gained through and beyond my recovery made me want to share what I know and stop others suffering this way through a lack of understanding and correct information. This is why I set up this site and went on to write my first book.

The book continues to get excellent feedback with many doctors and therapists recommending it to their patients. It was written to give people the answers that so far have eluded them. So many people who have read it say it has changed their life and it is something I am very proud of, and many people have written to me sharing their own anxiety success stories.

I chose the title to my book “AT LAST A LIFE” as it summed up recovery for me because I finally had my life back. Not only did I want it to give others a full understanding of anxiety and panic, but also to help them understand why they feel like they do and what is keeping them in the cycle. I also wanted it to come from someone who had actually been through it and who could relate to how you are feeling.

If anyone asks me what the most important thing is in reaching recovery, I say ‘understanding’. Understanding what is wrong with you is so important. It takes away so much fear out of how you feel and fear of your condition is the very thing that keeps it alive.

Recovery from anxiety is within everyone

The way to overcome anxiety is through knowledge, not through a pill or some miracle cure you may read about somewhere. Fear is the main reason anxiety symptoms persist. If you visit any forum on the subject, 90% of questions are fear based. Why do I feel like I do? Am I seriously ill? Will these feelings ever go away? The list goes on, and this is why it pains me to see that there is so very little helpful information on a subject that so many people suffer from.

These people can never hope to recover in their present state because every day is filled with fear; they are trying to think and fight their way out of how they feel. When they hit one brick wall after another, they become more bewildered than ever. Until we can bring more awareness to the subject, I feel we will still get forums, and doctors surgeries full of people crying out for help and so much needless suffering through lack of information will continue.

‘At Last a Life’ is not a book about breathing exercises or the latest medication; it is my story of recovery from ten years of suffering from anxiety and panic. I am continually updating it to include all the symptoms that people fear the most: the feelings of unreality; the worrying and disturbing thoughts; feelings of depression and panic; the overactive racing mind and many more common symptoms. The first thing people say after reading it is that, for once, someone has finally explained why they feel like they do and made it so easy to understand.

I wanted people to have the answers that I craved all those years ago. I felt like screaming out “When will somebody finally tell me what is wrong with me?” This was always the problem; nobody ever could.

One of the main aims is to tell people why they feel like they do, so their whole day is not filled with fear and worry of their condition – as this is the very thing that keeps people in the cycle. If you fear something, it is bound to dominate your day. If you don’t understand something, you are going to go around in circles, always thinking and worrying about your symptoms and how you feel.

Although the book contains far more information than there is on the site, I have added many pages that you may find interesting. ‘At Last a Life’ has had tremendous reviews and excellent feedback, but the purchase of the book is entirely optional, so please do take the time to look around my site and blog where nothing is hidden, and all the information is free.

Why not visit the Anxiety Question & Answers page where I answer the most common questions I have been asked over the years. I also provide some Anxiety Tips and helpful anxiety quotes.

I do hope you enjoy my site. I dedicate it to all sufferers of anxiety and panic in the hope that in some way it helps give some answers to your symptoms and the way you feel.

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