“At Last a Life and Beyond”

My latest book At Last a Life and Beyond is the sequel to my best selling book ‘At Last a Life’ After writing my initial book; people were always asking if I would ever consider writing another, well after nine years, I decided the time was right.

The main reason for this was because of the new questions and concerns that were coming up on a regular basis on my anxiety blog and Facebook page. I wanted to leave no stone unturned, cover the subject in more detail and leave no questions unanswered. I also feel I have learnt even more about the subject in the last nine years and wanted to share this understanding.

You won’t find a list of techniques, rules or methods in this book, as you don’t need them. I am sure you have tried enough of these and still found little relief. This is where a lot of the so-called cures are flawed. Techniques, require more effort and are mostly built on suppression of feelings, which is the completely wrong approach.

Anxiety is your mind and body’s way of telling you that you are already overdoing it with effort, both mentally and physically, so the last thing you need is to exert more mental energy by more thinking and doing. To recover from anxiety, we need to start taking away from the workload, not adding to it.

Anxiety sufferers tend to either try to think their way out of their condition or attempt to suppress how they feel. But suppression of feelings won’t work either as you cannot be free of what you refuse to feel. Attempting to push anxiety back down just keeps it stored within and so it doesn’t have the chance to release itself.

All the mental effort you exert trying to figure it all out or think your way out of your current state, ends up with you stuck in your head all day and only leads to mental exhaustion.

This book will give you a more in-depth understanding of your condition and a full understanding of what is keeping you in the cycle. It will also explain how so much of your anxiety is self-created and the key points needed to break free and live a life beyond your suffering.

I want to take you out of your constant self-help loop and get you to the root of your problem, so you are finally free and not spending the rest of your life managing symptoms.

My first book ‘At last a life’ exploded after its release and is now a best seller all over the world. Most people say they love this book just as much, in some cases, even more so. It has been very well received and below is just a small selection of feedback given so far.Anxietynomore testimonial

At last a life and beyond testimonial

‘At Last a Life and Beyond’


  • Chapter 1: You are not broken
  • Chapter 2: Letting go of crutches
  • Chapter 3: Hyperawareness of Self
  • Chapter 4: Anxiety loop
  • Chapter 5: What is the need for anxiety?
  • Chapter 6: Struggling with thoughts
  • Chapter 7: The Inner Critic
  • Chapter 8: Overworking the mind
  • Chapter 9: Avoiding anxiety
  • Chapter 10: Resistance only increases suffering
  • Chapter 11: Why does life bring so much suffering?
  • Chapter 12: Setbacks
  • Chapter 13: Other people’s success stories
  • Chapter 14: Question and answer section
  • Chapter 15: Living without stress
  • Chapter 16: Summing up

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