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‘At last a life’

My best selling book on recovering from anxiety has recently been published in Japan and was named in Healthline’s top 13 most influential books on the subject of Anxiety. I have also helped many people over the years, personally and through my books, including some who are in the public eye. Many like to stay anonymous, but three people were brave enough to come out and eventually tell people about their struggles.

One is the internationally renowned DJ and music producer, Nicky Romero, and the other is TV presenter and You-Tube sensation, Emily Hartridge and Seb from the highly popular group Dash Berlin.

After he had opened up, Nicky appeared on TV and wrote many articles explaining why he ended up in the place he did and how my words and book helped him to get back his love of life and music.

Nicky Romero

nicky romero anxiety

When EDMTunes sat down to talk with superstar DJ and producer Nicky Romero back in March, he briefly mentioned that a health issue had been keeping him out of the studio, among a few other factors, like the expansion of his Protocol Records label. Now, in a post to his Facebook, Romero revealed that for the last two and a half years, he’s been suffering from anxiety.

Directly referencing inquiries about his lack of releases over the last few years, he explains that anxiety makes it difficult to create music, and saps him of his energy. The dance-music mainstay sought the treatment of several therapists and professionals, to no avail. Fortunately, it seems, Romero has found some relief, thanks for a small book called “At Last a Life” by Paul David. Romero concludes the post by apologising to his fans. Hopefully, given this news, the Dutch musician will be back in rare form in no time.

Check out his full post for yourself.

This article first appeared in EDM Tunes on 11th November 2015

Emily Hartridge

I helped Emily for a while after she read my book and without me knowing, she produced this lovely video below thanking me for my work and answering questions she had been sent from others through Twitter. It is well worth watching the whole video.


Dash Berlin

I received this email from Seb, who is a member of the world-renowned group Dash Berlin. He really struggled with anxiety and so went on to purchase my book. Below is the email he sent me about writing a song in dedication.

Hey Paul

I just wanted to let you know that your (life changing) book has inspired us to write the song ‘Disarm yourself’ all over the world people are singing along……

Thanks, Seb

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Personal emails of thanks

Anxiety sufferer

Hi Paul,

My name’s Matt. I bought your book when I was 18 years old and it truly helped me on my road to recovery. I’m now 21, working on the frontline as a paramedic and I often recommend your book to patients that are suffering from anxiety/panic attacks. Was it not for your book, I would not be where I am today. So on behalf of my patients that you’ve helped and me, thank you.

Hi Paul,

I am writing to you to let you know I read both of your books, blogs and website information.  Thank you so much as this has saved my life.

After being confident and happy for 32 years I had some life changes which led me to mental and physical exhaustion, and eventually anxiety.. and then anxiety with depression.

I saw so-called ‘experts’ who were highly regarded (and came with high price tags for their services, and sessions) and I can honestly say following your books and advice has helped more than anything else.

I should also note that two people who were ‘experts’ actually made things a lot worse by implying that something must have happened in my past, something terrible.  This line of thinking made things even worse.  And I started thinking 24/7 about not only my current stresses but now my supposed ‘past’ stressors which I didn’t agree were even there but was highly assured they were.  After eventually calling BS on the ‘therapy model’ of blame your past or someone else I realised that I was to the point of losing the will to live.

They investigated and low and behold found the ‘therapist’ to be untrained, unethical (breaching over half a dozen code of ethics) and ‘causing harm to clients’. Here in Australia Counselling is unregulated, meaning anyone can call themselves a counsellor and lie to people without facing the consequences.  I could have sued her personally, but I honestly needed to focus on myself and to get healthy.

And that’s exactly what I did!!!

I can hand on heart say that seeking out your information was such a relief and help.  I have recommended your book and site to other people too.

Thanks again, Paul! Take care!! Come to Australia someday!!