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About Me

Paul David

Me running a half marathon in 2015

Hi, My name is Paul David and after my own recovery, I have been successfully helping people overcome anxiety since 2002.

I personally suffered for 10 long years before I moved away from traditional methods of medication, techniques and ways of managing my anxiety. Not only did I not get anywhere with these approaches, but none of these approaches made any sense to me. I also didn’t want to keep treating symptoms, I wanted to treat the root of the problem and be completely free.

This is when I set off on my own way to find real answers and spent the next few years studying the whole subject and began to really educate myself on all aspects of the condition. Not only that but through really understanding how the mind and body worked.

I came to my own conclusions on not only why I had developed anxiety, but also what was keeping me in the cycle. It was through this knowledge and understanding that I was then able to lead myself back to being fully anxiety free.

It was at this point I was asked to volunteer at my local hospital by the very lady I first went to see with my own struggles. I had bumped into her a year or two after seeing her and she couldn’t believe the change in me. As I wanted to give something back to the hospital I was more than happy to help and agreed to talk and advise other sufferers.

Fortunately, I was able to make a real difference there and was able to help many others move on from their own struggle with anxiety. It was these very people who encouraged me to write my initial book ‘At last a life’ and set up this website and blog, telling me I had something different to say and that I really needed to get the message out there to a bigger audience.

I had no idea at the time how things would explode. The site just grew daily and the book went from something I wrote in my bedroom, to becoming one of the best selling books on the subject and listed in Healthline’s top 13 books on anxiety It is now available on Amazon, in many bookshops and also now published in Japan, selling thousands of copies a month around the world. The success of the first book also led me to write the hugely successful follow up At last a life and beyond’.

I have also helped many people in the public eye including World-renowned music producer Nicky Romero who talks here about how much my book helped him. Many people also tell me that their doctor or therapist point them towards my book. This is very humbling as the book has always been self-published, never had any advertising and has relied purely on word of mouth for its success.

Where am I now?

Man being on the road to being free of anxiety

I am now fully recovered and a much stronger person for it.  Little trivial things do not bother me anymore. It has made me realise what is important. Life is a gift and we should enjoy it. I am also more confident than I was before. When you have been through what I have, you become a much stronger person.

I also left my mundane job so that I could dedicate all my time to helping other sufferers around the world. This gives me a great deal of satisfaction and can be very rewarding. The first thought that came into my head when I had recovered was that I could go on to help others. I knew how long it took me to find the answers that I so craved. Could I just carry on with my life and ignore other people’s suffering? The answer was a definite no. I have helped and advised more people than I can remember and it has been so humbling and rewarding.

Although the site has grown far bigger than I ever thought possible, the people who know me know that I do as much as I can to help others. I often post helpful advice on my personal twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts as well as my Anxiety blog (which was recently voted in the top 50 blogs to follow for 2018) as often as I can and raise money and awareness for trusted, non-profit making anxiety sites.

Hopes for the future.

Helping people with anxiety

The aim of this website is to step in and teach people more about anxiety and the way to recover before they spend years going around in circles like I did unable to find answers to their condition. There is nobody out there that can’t recover with the right help and advice, the only difference between someone who recovers and who doesn’t is their understanding and approach.

The first thing people tell me after reading through this site and the book is that they fear their symptoms far less, that they don’t seem as important. This is because they have for once been given an explanation for how they feel and so their symptoms do not scare them as much.

This, in turn, helps stop the constant cycle of worry and fear and also allows them to finally allow the anxious feelings to be present, which is exactly what is needed to release this anxious energy. You can’t get better through trying to get rid of anxiety, through suppression or avoidance of it, it just doesn’t work that way.

I hope one day this information will be available for people when they first seek help, rather than having them feel like they are being ignored or pushed from one person to another. I have lost count of the number of emails I have received from people asking why this information is not available when they first seek help? “Why are we just given pills and told to go on our way?”, they ask.

I don’t have the answer to this question, although in defence of the medical world, anxiety really is a specialised subject and they are just not equipped to help in most cases although with the age of the internet I do feel like things are changing.

Please tour the site

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Now that you have landed on my site, do take the time to look around. It was set up to help people and to give them new hope and a better understanding of their condition and is packed with free advice. If you are a first-time visitor then please keep popping in as I will keep updating it when I feel it is necessary.

Thank you for your interest in me as well as my site. If you would like to follow me on social media where I am quite active, then just click the links at the top of the page.

Paul David