At Last a Life and At Last a Life and Beyond – Double Pack

‘At Last a Life’

Tells the full story of my recovery from anxiety and panic and also how I overcame intrusive thoughts, mental exhaustion, depersonalisation and much more. It covers every aspect of the anxiety condition, explaining not only why we suffer, but also what keeps us in the loop with easy to follow advice on how to recover.

The book has relied solely on word of mouth for its success and is now sold all over the world, recently being published in Japan and recommended by many doctors and therapists. The book talks to you directly and isn’t filled with any medical jargon and doesn’t churn out a bunch of techniques to follow. It gives you true guidance understanding so that you can take control of your own recovery.

At Last a Life and Beyond

My latest book ‘At Last a Life and Beyond’ is the sequel to my best selling book At Last a Life. After writing my initial book, people were always asking if I would ever consider writing another, well after nine years I decided the time was right. The main reason for this was because of the new questions and concerns that were coming up on a regular basis on my blog and Facebook page. I wanted to leave no stone unturned and go into more depth on the subject and find new ways of getting my point across. I also feel I have learnt more in the last 9 years and wanted to share these extra insights and understanding.

This book will give you a far deeper understanding of your condition and what keeps you in the cycle and will explain how anxiety is self-created. I truly want to take you out of the self-help loop so you can finally begin to leave it behind and move on with your life; a life beyond your suffering.

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