Doctors and anxiety

This is something I asked myself in my early days. I believed my own doctor was going to tell me what was wrong and make me better. Well, I reeled off my symptoms and he just stared at me. Well, how did that make me feel? I really thought I must be the only person in the world to feel like this, as the very person who should know, has no idea what is wrong with me. Well, he just handed me some medication for my anxiety, which was useless and made me feel worse. In fact, all I wanted was an explanation as to what was wrong with me. The word anxiety was not even mentioned. It took many more visits before he referred me somewhere else. By this time I was in a real state, I worried daily, I fought my symptoms, I got so frustrated, I was getting worse, not better.

Eventually, I was sent to someone who told me what the problem was. But if only someone could have told me far sooner, I could have maybe researched the problem, it could have certainly saved me of months of thinking I was going crazy.

Looking back, I believe the medical world failed me, failed me on something that is far more common than any other complaint people see their doctor for. This was confirmed by my own doctor. He stated it was by far the biggest complaint people come to him with. But I also now understand that anxiety is a subject in itself and doctors are just not trained or equipped enough to deal with it. But I do believe that there should be someone that he could send you to that does, or at least a leaflet explaining certain things. One reason that I feel it is largely ignored, is that we all have to feel that we must keep it to ourselves, we suffer mainly in silence. People can be sympathetic to you having flu, but anxiety, that does not exist, its a work dodgers illness. Hopefully, in the future, we can bring far more awareness to the problem, so people do not have to suffer in silence and can get the help they need far quicker.

Just to finish I received an email last month asking for my help, he was under so much pressure at work, he told me his symptoms and asked if I thought this was anxiety. Who was he?…..Yes, a practicing Doctor!


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