Positive stories

Well a blog is suppose to be about what’s happening, the latest news, bits and bobs. So again I am going away from advice and would like to start a positive thread for everyone to contribute to. I always like to stay positive and hopefully that comes across in my post and comments. I want people to come here and not only learn things, but also to feel better and be filled with belief and maybe even go away with a smile. Anxiety and all it brings can be testing at times, so everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for going through what they have. I know I am proud that I went through it and came out the other side, always believing I would, a belief that is coming across in many people now, it is so nice to see a post from someone who is feeling better and seeing progress.

Somebody said to me last week “how do I get rid of this thing”, I said straight away, ‘Its not a thing, its just a feeling’ a feeling that will pass in time. I always try to get people to change their attitude to how they feel, it is so important, something you hate less and understand more, loses a lot of its power.

So anyway back to the thread. Well I would like people to post something positive about their life, maybe a song that cheers them up, a new job, how they have improved, some good news they have received, a pet that makes them smile, something they are looking forward to, anything at all. So if I can start, here is a song that I used to listen to when I had a bad day, it really cheered me up, it had a big impression on me and I still play it often, its called life. Here is the link

Take care and keep the faith : )


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