My name is Paul David and I am the owner of the site I am also the author of the book ‘At Last a Life’and the follow up ‘At Last a Life and Beyond’. I am not a doctor and don’t claim to be. I am an individual who suffered with anxiety for 10 long years. During this time, I found answers almost impossible to come by and spent all those years getting worse, not better. Eventually I decided to go out and look for my own answers.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I finally came across the answers I needed to reach full recovery. I now live my life free from anxiety and live it to the full each day. This came about through a lot of study on the subject and also trial and error. I have probably read every book on the subject; spoken with more sufferers than I can remember and also created my own ideas and beliefs on how to recover. This, I feel, puts me in a stronger positon to help others, as there really is no better education than going through it and coming out the other side.

With the knowledge I have gained, I have now spent the last 12 years helping others to recover, many of these in the public eye. I have even helped more than one doctor, the very people we first go to in order to seek help. No one is immune to suffering from anxiety.

Helping others has been very rewarding. There really is no better feeling than getting an email from someone to say they have now got their life back. Recovery is not for the select few; we all work and heal the same. Some may take longer than others, depending on different factors, but we all have it in us to be free and live a life free of anxiety.

I do hope you are next.

Paul David