Controlling anxiety

The truth is, you have no control over your anxiety……..

What fixes a broken leg?

Can you analyse it better? Can you worry it better?

What fixes a cut on your arm?

Can you make it better through personal will? Can you fight it better?

No you cannot, yet this is what we try and do with anxiety. Even though this approach makes us feel worse so many carry on down the same path. Every week I see someone say ‘I am still battling with my anxiety’. Recovery only came to me when I stopped battling, as there is nothing to battle against, it is like lashing out at an enemy that does not exist, tiring yourself out further, mentally and physically, only creating more of what you are trying to get rid of.

The answer to the initial questions is nature fixes anxiety, you have to do nothing to fix a broken leg apart from rest it, you have to do nothing to fix a cut on your arm, it is all done for you.

This is the point I came to, I realised I only thought I had control, yet I never did, I had none, none at all. I could not control my thoughts, my emotions, as much as I could not control my heart or my digestive system, it was like going outside and trying to stop it raining. All I could do was allow all this stuff to come up, feel it fully and let it go.

Try stopping a thought or an emotion and you will soon realise how little control you have.
Me coming to this realisation pretty much stopped the battle in its tracks, I still felt awful on and off for a while, as there was so much anxiety and negative energy stored up within me, but finally all attempts at control were over. I finally realised I never had any control, it seemed silly to think I ever did.


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