Help with Anxious thoughts

I hear a lot of people complain about upsetting or scary thoughts. The simple advice here is to remember that you are NOT your thoughts, whatever passes through is just anxious thinking, yes thoughts created because you’re anxious, they are nothing more than anxious energy finding an outlet.

Rather then pull away or believe them, allow yourself to think them with no resistance and observe them in a curious way. Anxious thoughts love people to fear them, believe them, react to them, they need your participation, your belief in them to survive. The more respect they are given, then the bigger the impact, the bigger the impact, then the more they are feared, the more they are feared then the more they growl, the more they growl then the more down and frustrated the person is and a cycle is created.

If this is a problem then just remember that these thoughts are NOT you or who you are, you are NOT your anxious thoughts, they are just a by product of anxiety and it doesn’t matter what the thought is, what it says, it’s false, so just be an observer of the thought and don’t get caught up in it. Allow them to come and go as they please and instead of pulling away or reacting, observe the false message that just popped up, smile at it and move on, allowing whatever wishes to come next.


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