Stop anxiety

This question I get asked very often. ‘Paul how do I stop my anxiety?’ Well, again this is unfortunately why they stay in the cycle. They spend all their time trying to rid themselves of how they feel. I wrote in my book that this is like having a broken leg and hitting it each day with a hammer. Well, it is never going to heal. This is the same with anxiety.

If you read my story on my main site you will see that I suffered for 10 years, was I unlucky? Did I take longer to recover than others? No, its because I spent all my days trying to rid myself of how I felt. I also spent everyday fighting, trying to control my symptoms. All day worrying about them, going around and around in my mind each day trying to find the answers out of this hell, only to hit one brick wall after another.

The truth is recovery is all about ‘Not doing’ anything about it. I feel one of the major flaws of people who write books, therapists etc is that they tell you to ‘Take breathing exercises’, ‘To imagine you’re on a beach’ ‘To count to 10’. This, in my opinion, is all wrong, as it is all about control, about trying to cope. It is not about allowing, it is about manipulation. Treating the symptoms of anxiety may ease them for a while, but they won’t cure you of the condition, you are treating the symptoms and not the cause. You have to cut out the roots, not prune the branches, as they just grow back.

I only recovered when I stopped trying to control my thoughts and feelings, when I just allowed my suffering to happen, with no attempts at control or manipulation. When I no longer tried to feel different than I did and just passed on my healing to the best healing system in the world. My mind and body knew exactly how to heal, I just needed to step out of the way and let it do its job.

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