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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

To start this new blog off I am going to start with a few things, just a few ramblings, call it anxiety freestyle. I will just ramble on and cover a few things. Before I do, this as you know is my first post. I want to try and fill the blog with information now and again, quality not quantity, but more than that create a community. The last blog had a few people follow it and post comments. I don’t have the time to answer personal emails on my site as I get swamped daily, but I do try and answer people through my blog where it is far more managable. I am not always the quickest due to my workload, but I do get around to it eventually. So don’t be a one time visitor, do try and pop back.

O.k firstly I had a request to cover eye floaters. This is where people seem to have grey dots floating around through their vision. Very common with anxiety, it is all to do with the muscles in your eyes, anxiety can create havoc with muscles and excess adrenalin and this can cause the floaters. I had them also, I just accepted them and paid them no respect, as usual, I did not obsess or stress about it and in time they when my anxiety calmed so did this symptom.

Next I want to cover something that I hear now and again from people who visit their doctor and are told ‘You may always have anxiety, you will just have to cope with it’. This I find incredible and it just shows their ignorance to the subject. More to the point I believe that as most have little clue how to treat it and so little success that they come to their own conclusion. Everyone can come through anxiety, I did and I know many, many others who have, people I have helped. I was about as bad as anyone could be, in fact I would say only 10% of people I come across suffered as badly as I did, I never saw a way out but I did. This was through educating myself and not following the path of medication and doctors advice. This is not to have a go at doctors, I know one or two do have some knowledge. The reason we seem to get so little help is because anxiety really is a subject in itself and doctors really can’t be expected to be fully educated on the subject.

I also want to tell everyone the importance of not rushing recovery. I had an email this morning from a woman who read my book and commented on how helpful it was. But the rest of her email suggested to me that she wanted to be cured by the end of it, to feel no symptoms at all. This I keep repeating is impossible. Your body needs a break to regain its balance, there is not a pill or sentence in the world that can make it all go away overnight. The real email of thanks are the ones I receive a while after someone has read the book, the people who have gone for progress and have taken the message on board and been more patient. These are the people who have made true progress. I was taught all those years ago, to not try and banish anxiety, rid myself of it, but to live along side it, to stop worrying and obsessing about it. This is why I cover everything in the book, I want people to fully understand why they feel like they do. To first lose your fear of something you need to understand. Again for someone to stop worrying and obsessing about how they feel, which keeps us in the cycle. They have to understand what is happening and forget any other myths about it being more than just anxiety.

Well just a few things there for you. I will try and post again soon. I hope you all have a good christmas and little stress.


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