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Pictures from the 10K run for charity

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Hi Everyone, Well as most will know I did a charity run at the weekend for anxiety care and with the help of everyone on here raised around £700, which is great and with Mike also doing the run and raising around £300, the total is about £1,000, which will help the charity so much. So to anyone who sponsored me A BIG THANK YOU! Also the general manager of Anxietcare sent this message:

Hi Paul,

I would like to wish you the very best for the run on Sunday and thank you so much for doing this. The money raised through your, and Mikes, efforts will greatly help us to continue providing our much needed services. All of our services are run by volunteers who give so much to our organisation and the people who are helped by us. This money will help to ensure that we continue to be available to support people who experience anxiety, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder. A very big thank you to all of those who have generously sponsored Paul and Mike, particularly in these ‘credit crunch’ times. Also please feel free to look at our website

With warm regards,

Regina Byrne General Manager Anxiety Care

Just a few words on the day. I was suppose to meet up with Mike, but he sent me his mobile number on Saturday night and as I was out did not pick it up. Although we did finish within 9 seconds of each other, so I am sure we met without even knowing it. The day itself was very enjoyable and the weather could not have been better. I set off at a steady pace and picked it up a little around 5 k and went past a few that had obviously set off too fast, I had it drummed into me not to do this. I really felt the last 2k, but no way was I stopping as I had my own aim not to stop once, I really wanted to run it all. I did not tire in a breathing sense, but really felt my legs get heavy and my ankles started to ache a little and the finishing line came at the right time.

Anyway here are a few pics from the day of me my partner and a couple of friends, one who was running with me. I will add more of me after the run when I get them from my friends camera and hopefully Mike is able to email me some also, so do check back when I am able to put more up.

View here:

Thanks again everyone, to raise the money was a real team effort. I can’t wait to do another and would really encourage anyone to take up the challange, I could not run 50 yards 12 months ago, but its all been worth it.


My up and coming run for the charity Anxietycare

Monday, January 26th, 2009

runnerHi everyone, As most people who follow this blog know I have been training for the last few months to do a 10k run for the charity ‘Anxietycare’.

Anxietycare is a London based charity that survives soley on donations and volunteers. After my own recovery I try and help as many people as I can, in any way I am able to and I know how grateful the charity is that I am doing this as they truly need all the help they can to survive. Here is the link showing them promoting my run (on the left hand side) and also you can learn more about the charity and what they do

The run I am doing is in April and is a 10k run through the streets of Wakefield and I am beeen kindly joined by Mike who posts on this blog. Mike I look forward to that pint afterwards, legs permitting.

I hope to raise as much off line as on-line and would be very grateful to anyone who is able to sponsor me. The charity page I have set up is 100% secure and a site I have used in the past to sponsor people. All charity’s have to be registered before you can raise money for them. The money raised is not touched by me and sent straight to the charity on completion of the race.

The page also allows you to leave your name and a message, if you look in the bottom right corner my partner and a mystery donater has already done so. This not only helps me to keep track of who has sponsored me, but I also want to thank everyone personally as I know how tight money is at the moment.

If anyone would like to sponsor me then just go to personalised charity page and click on the ‘Donate now’ button and after the event all the money will go direct to the charity along with anything I am able to raise off line. Any amount is appreciated and there is no pressure to do so at all, the last thing I would want anyone to do is to spend money they have not got.

I will keep up everyone up to date with my progress through the blog and post some pictures before and after the event. Can I also just thank the mystery person who recently sponsored me ‘Sydney Carlton’. Sydney, I am not sure if you follow the blog, but if you do thank you very much, that was very generous of you.

Just a quick update: A lot of people have emailed saying that the donation button will not work from outside of the U.K or that they don’t have a crd but would like to donate. I have not set up a donate button on this page it is set to U.S dollars but will convert to any currency and you can put in your own amount. Again this is just to help the people who were having trouble as there is no pressure to donate.

To finish I know Scarlet pointed people to some old post on depersonalisation and as it has come up a lot recently I thought I would let everyone know there has been 3 posts on this subject before, just go to the right hand side of the blog at the top and you will see ‘Depersonalisation’ in the categories section, just click on this link and it will bring them all up.

#Please feel free to keep posting on the post below. I have loads of ideas for posts to come, but if anyone would like me to cover something then let me know. I will then pick the one I think will help the majority.