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Hi everyone

As you will have noticed I have lost a few posts, the site seems to have been compromised in some way. I have done everything to restore it and not lose anymore info and set up new security measures. I will organise a new post for next week for people to start posting on.

Regards Paul

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  1. MikeStevens Says:

    Have you ever seen people with severe sleep anxiety get completely better? Thank you for all of your help

  2. TJ Says:

    I don’t know if I can post on this or not.

    But to MikeStevens. You can’t both accept it in one breath and keep asking the same questions over and over. You’re sending two different messages to your body. “I’m fine with it” however, “I’m not really fine, because I keep on going back to the same blog to ask the same questions”.

    If you’re asking Paul if he’s ever seen anyone with severe sleep anxiety get better, I’d wager much $$ that the answer would be “yes”.

    From the comments on other blog posts you can see that DCYL, Shirley, and Patrick (and even Paul) said that there was a lengthy period where their anxiety settled on their ability to sleep.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Mike, I suffered terrible sleep anxiety. Cold sweats, tossing and turning sometimes not sleeping all night, jolts, head zaps…….the works! Then dreading going to bed all day. I was always able to get off to sleep but waking up was my dread. As soon as I woke I would think oh no here we go that’s me done.

    I took nytol for months and alcohol, CDs, herbal teas, no reading before bed etc etc.

    Then I just decided to give it all up and use night times to practice acceptance. I would lie on my back, and let go. I let my body do whatever it wanted, I would let my mind do the same and I decided I wouldn’t try to sleep, just to practice.

    Gradually my sleep patterns have improved, I take nothing and now my body seems to automatically relax the second I get into bed as it seems to know I will offer no resistance.

    I still have bad nights, I often wake early but if I do, I just enjoy the peace of the house and snuggle down and let my mind and body go again. Also I came to realise that I was scared of not sleeping well and that it would make me more anxious the next day. Actually weirdly enough often the more tired I was the less anxious I was as I didn’t have the energy to fight it!!

    I hope this helps, I just wish it would work for me during the day.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Sorry forgot to add, my husband is often awake for hours in the night, we have some serious problems at the moment but it doesn’t bother him in the slightest, it’s all about attitude.

  5. Doreen Says:

    Posting even though there is no topic as folks still wanting support

  6. elaine Says:

    sleep anxiety any anxity put it all under the same umberella, i slept 3 hours last night it dont bother me , i am recovered and dont sleep. its your attitude towards it thats causing anxiety about it. people who dont have anxiety dont sleep and its unpleasant but its ok .

  7. rachh Says:

    Just wanted some furrher help really..
    I feel as though my experience is so very different to everyone elses.
    My attack happened when I woke up and felt like I needed to get away from my boyfriend. No thought, no stress before hand just this simple random reaction after drinking the night before.
    I have had relationship anxiety before and this has been an element this time with intrusive thoughts I get about everything but it just seems so wierd and horrible that the only relief I get is when I think about me splitting up and not being with him. Does this mean its what I need to do.. that by not doing this im not accepting.
    Soo soo fed up of it I constantly analyse how im feeling when im with him and couldnt stop at his for a while without getting these attacks when we lay in bed at night.
    What the hell is going on!
    I now have all these intrusive vile thoughts about everything and anything because I dont want to feel this panic about my boyfriend:(
    Its like the suicide thoughts.. I dont want to do it and the thought scares me but I juat no longer want to deal with this anxiety any more or the thoughts. Paul says to go towards these thoughts but then I get horrible visions of doing things which scares the hell out of me even more.
    I want to accept but just dont get how to accept if the thoughts scare me so much and I believe them.
    The only respite I get is if I label them as intrusive and unimportant before they really start taking over but theb I feel like thats pushing away.
    Cannot be doing with this its causing all sorts of depressing thoughts that I will never be over this unless I spkit up with my boyfriend.. maybe I dont want to be with him or want me near me and im in denial? I just cant see how over night how close and happy we were to then me havibg this attack as though I needed to get away. Ffs.

  8. RickV Says:

    Nicole your post gives me so much hope. You are explaining exactly what I am going through!!! I’m going to follow your advice. Sleep anxiety is terrible because I’ll be having a good moment during the day the the thought entrs my my “maybe last night was a fluke and I won’t sleep tonight”, immediately my stomach turns in knots and all of my focus turn inward at me, my eyes get dry and sore, and my mind thinks that this will never end.

    But your advice is great.

    Elaine, you’re advice is great too. I’m going to start the “so what” attitude.

  9. MikeStevens Says:

    I’m sorry TJ. I’m not trying to frustrate you. I know how annoying this is with me always asking. I’ve just never been this scared in all of my life.

  10. Tiara Jazzie Says:

    Oh no. Who would do such a thing, Paul?

  11. Bryan Says:

    It’s just the way of the internet. Spammers and hackers don’t care what a site is about, they just want to take it down to spam, scam, etc. Happens to most sites at one point or another.

    Sorry to hear it, Paul. I hope you have the old posts archived because it was absolute gold. Thanks for all you’ve done and thanks for looking into getting it back online.

    Just bought the app, by the way. Great stuff.


  12. Doreen Says:

    MikeStevens-as other people have said anxiety attaches itself to anything and for each person they think that they are ‘diiferent, worse, more trapped’ than anyone else because of their particular experience. People have recovered as you call it from feeling anxious about a huge range of things including being unable to sleep. You have let yourself get into a vicious circle in that when you are feeling easier you poke yourself with the worry about sleep and of course, back it comes. But this is what just about everybody does for a period of time. To feel ok is so nice, we want it to last so much that we test ourselves whether it is real. Let yourself say “oh that is what I am doing, silly me”.

  13. Doreen Says:

    Ricky V – the above post applies to you as well

  14. Nicole Says:

    Rick one thing I also stopped doing is clock watching at night. I only ever look at the clock if I can see light! So I never know how much or little sleep I have had! Somehow takes the pressure off!

    Keep going, if the thought of not sleeping comes during the day, don’t fight the thought just don’t add any extra fear.

  15. Tiara Jazzie Says:

    Just thought I’d share my experience as well with sleep anxiety. I used to have the hardest time falling asleep. Either I would be afraid that I am going to die in my sleep or I was so caught up in my fears. I have gone days with no sleep to 2-3 hours of sleep. The only thing that helped me is accepting that I just won’t get sleep. By thinking that way, somehow my body would do it’s daily round of panic and I would get tired but eventually fall asleep. I also read books or watched movie to break off the fear-anxiety cycle.

  16. elaine Says:

    you will not fly till you fall , ACCEPT AND LET GO !!!!

  17. Pez Says:

    I feel that this book makes so much sense and address’s 75% of my anxiety… The only thing I still have issues with is the panic… Mine mainly sit around breathing, shortness of breath, feeling suffocated, and another is the heart palpitations and chest pains, along with hundreds of other symptoms, you can keep this still under the anxiety umbrella as you can’t have everything wrong with you… But I really struggle to just carry on when I have mainly he breathing issues, as when you feel like you can’t breathe, even thought its adrenine and the right thing to do is pay it no respect, however it feels so intense it’s hard to avoid it, even though I am watching myself what can I expect! So I understand what I need to do, but still find it differcult, has anyone overcome this or can offer advice?

  18. rachh Says:

    Elaine I wish I knew how to do this..

  19. elaine Says:

    pez i had that and more , yes i recovered. ignore it live , go for a run , dance sing have fun . you will never come to ant harm.
    My worse was the mental sensasations i felt ike i was going mad , but hey i recovered. stop fearing just let go and live

  20. Pez Says:

    Hi Elaine ! I get that too.. To be honest, what don’t I get! I have definitely seen a huge improvement over the last 3 months, but it’s hard not to see the light at the end of the tunnel… But positive thinking definitely helps me.. So does other people’s success stories. Thanks so much for your response. I have them most nights and I’m still fine, breathing, alive & kicking… So I guess I just need to stick to the positive mentality ! Thanks again x

  21. MikeStevens Says:

    Thank you all!

    Last night was a bit better. But when I lay down and close my eyes it’s like I’m waiting for sleep to happen. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but I’m also not flipping out over it. I know I just need to accept but I really miss those days when I could peacefully dose off and wake up late in the morning.

  22. emmae Says:

    Hi everyone, I haven’t posted for a while but unfortunately not because I am feeling any better really just because I was just taking some time away to practice the advice here. I figured that I would come back and get some support, advice and reassurance as I am really needing that right now. I am pretty good at helping others but not asking for help myself. I have a whole range of symptoms but the ones that I find the most difficult to live alongside and feel that I need some support and advice around are my constant obsessive and negative thinking about myself and anxiety / health, mind chatter and depersonalisation, and the whole focus being on me. Some days I seem to be able to allow all the thinking to go on whilst living as best I can alongside it whereas at other times it just all feels too much and feelings of despair surface. In the last two months I have started to go out more and have joined a yoga class and an art group, both of which I enjoy. When I am talking to people my mind feels like glue – just stuck on me and is just firing negative thoughts at me. It is like I go through the motions of the day rather than feeling a part of it. Like I said, sometimes I can deal with this and at other times it is like I can’t find the strength. When I read other people’s experiences it seems that people are making some level of improvement whereas I don’t seem to see that in me just yet. I know then I fall into the trap of questionning why I am not making improvements and what I am doing wrong. I am saying to myself that I need to trust the process and to just keep trying to move on with my life alongside this but it is so hard when I am not getting any feedback to help me know I am moving in the right direction. I would really appreciate any advice or comments. Thank you.

  23. MikeStevens Says:

    I’m intending on today being my last day on this blog for awhile. Elaine and others are right, I say I’m accepting it but I’m sending mixed messages to my body. I’m so full of doubt right now I almost wish I was just gone for good. But I’m also going to stop the self pity, I do have some control over that. I’m scared that when I close my eyes that my body just doesn’t know what to properly do anymore. I HATE that feeling of closing my eyes and then that high alert state my mind goes to. But like I said, today will be my last day for sometime. If anyone has any encouragement I’d love to hear it! Thanks for all of your patience with me :)

  24. Nicole Says:


    Dont despair, I was convinced I would never sleep again, I became obsessed by other peoples sleeping habits and now I barely give sleep a second thought. I woke at 5.30 today and didnt get back to sleep and it really doesnt bother me atall.

    Today I got out of bed felt dizzy and had fast heartbeat and rather than keep saying to myself i accept this i accept this which loses its power after a while, I just decided to do everything I wanted to do irregardless of how I felt. I ran, shopped, visited a friend and cooked some lovely food. I felt really anxious all day but at least I was living real life and I feel so much better for it. That to me is accepting, anxiety is there but I want to live my life.

    Finally I have imposed myself bans on the blog but then realised that rather than relying on it, it is empowering me. My husband has recently lost his job after 27 years, my mum is battling cancer and I have 3 daughters to care for, I dont burden them but this blog is for me and one encouraging post can have an amazing effect.

    Do what you feel you need to do but know that this is not forever, it will pass!!

  25. Mark R Says:

    Hi all,

    Such a shame the other posts disappeared as there were some real encouraging posts on there.

    I had a chat with my old therapist yesterday and half way through our conversation I realised where I had been going wrong these last few weeks. I told him that I had been ‘okayish’ for around 6 months or so now where the symptoms and feelings hardly bothered me but up until a few weeks back everything came back in full force for one reason or another. He deals with acceptance and commitment therapy (basically the same as Paul’s method) and he agrees that the last few weeks I have been slightly pulled back into my old habit of fighting, working it all out etc. Although this is quite a vicious setback I keep comparing it to the others I have had and then getting upset that it has not disappeared yet, causing even more anxiety!!
    So the way forward is still the same (and this goes for all of us who find themselves in a setback at the moment) and that is to accept and carry on living. I know this is really difficult especially when the symptoms are at their very worst.

    Hope Bryan, Lucy, Nicole etc are doing well. keep pushing forward.


  26. Lucy Says:

    I didn’t know whether to post or not seeing as this one isn’t on a “subject” as such, but seeing as others are..! My initial thought was “oh no” when I saw the previous posts had gone but then I thought, well.. At least it’ll be good to be a way for a bit. It depends what reason you are using it for but I agree that a majority of the time it is empowering. It’s not all self pity, there is a lot of helping one another which can only be a good thing. Luckily I screen shotted a few of the posts that were more relevant to me, joy of an iPhone eh 😉

    My latest is I keep seeing things about the stress hormone cortisol (not even by actively looking for information) and thinking my body is obviously flooded with it a lot of the time so surely something bad is going to happen! It’s a harder thought for me to dismiss as there is some truth behind it I think.

    Mikestevens, although you’re mainly focused on sleep, it is still just anxiety like any other form of it and totally recoverable. I used to be terrified of going to bed, I had panic attacks as soon as my head hit the pillow but my body would always drop off probably because I was utterly exhausted after a day full of high anxiety. It affects us all differently, but deep down it’s all the same and the road to recovery is still the same.

    Mark R it’s good you have a supportive therapist who understands the way you want to go and your methods.

    Hope we’re all doing as well as we can :)

  27. Bryan Says:

    Any update on the blog, Paul? Any chance of getting the old posts and comments back? So much great stuff in there, like Mark said. Anyway, hope it works out.

    Thanks for the nice wishes, Mark. Still up and down in this setback, but trying to look at it as a learning experience and come away the better for it. Today was really harsh, but yesterday wasn’t so bad… and tomorrow is a new day.

    My acceptance level is improving. I know that, which is all that matters in the end.

    Be well yourself!

  28. Bryan Says:

    Hey Paul (and all)….

    Web archive has the blog archived as of the 17th of Aug. The comments pages aren’t archived unfortunately. But, the blogs themselves seem to be…

  29. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thanks Bryan that’s a big help, never thought about doing it that way. The comments have gone but at least the posts can come back. I will set about doing them all one day next week.

  30. Bryan Says:

    My pleasure, Paul. You’re doing amazing work here. It needs to be seen, preserved and passed on to each new generation of new sufferer.

    Btw… I’d love to see another post some day on setback. I know you have the prior, but there is so much to say on the subject and for many of us it’s been the wall between anxiety and recovery, I believe. (Despite the fact that I know it should be a road, not a wall.) I think people would cherish a follow-up post on the subject, even if some of the info is similar. It would lead to new comments on the subject too.. which I find to be pure gold.

    Regardless, be well… sorry about the hack and I hope it’s painless to put back together. Take care of yourself.

  31. Mark R Says:

    Hi Bryan,

    Been posting on the new post so I’ve missed your comments.

    Yeah same for me this setback, still up and down……….to be honest last week was terrible, the last 4 days have been okay but today has been harsh………..awoke with awful anxiety 3/4 times in the night and feeling pretty low and bad all day.

    There are times when I think its on its way out then get another bad day.

  32. Kim R Says:

    I must add I have more good days then bad but the bad days seem worse then I think it is. Especially when I hear not so pleasant stories, like above, seems to get my anxiety all fired up. (Ediy: Kim your first post was deleted as it included a banned word)

  33. Roy T Says:

    I would like to thank Paul for his website and book.Both have been so helpful and I’m still using them to help with my recovery. I know now and under stand that I have been fighting Anxiety since my school days.(I’m 53)I have had Paul’s book about a year,but it has only just clicked where I was going wrong!So the last 3 week have been unbelievable. I see how I’ve been so full of self pity and looking for the thing that was wrong. Now I just let the anxiety come and its losing its hold. I’m starting to enjoy my life and all the people I’m lucky enough to have in it. they say how much better I am too, especially my wife and son. I’m still up and down, mostly waking up in the night with bad anxiety dreams, but I keep your book close by and it soon gets me back on the right track. thank you so much. Roy

  34. Maggie. s Says:

    Paul I have read your post as well as the other people its good to know that am not the only one out there that suffers from anxiety. The problem that am facing at the moment is anxiety at work and its only volunteer . I feel guilty and shameful towards myself and my partner because am quitting situation that make me anxious and fear of having a panic and that people can see it. I want to feel good when am going to work but its hard . I also don’t want to make excuses all the time , its embarrassing. Please give me your thought on that?

  35. Tracy Says:

    Hi guys, I can’t believe how wonderful and reassuring you guys are. Paul David has been holding up the bridge between my panic attacks and anxiety. I have come so far and without his advice it wouldn’t have happened. I see this bridge as one of those old wooden ones like the one from Indiana Jones, where there are a few dodgy steps that I fall through! I am experiencing a setback at the moment due to sleep anxiety. I went a couple of nights with absolutely no sleep whatsoever. Uch sleep deprivation is horrible. I can totally relate to mikestevens and his fears too about this. I do agree though that I am treating it as a separate thing altogether and making it worse by googling the effects of sleep. I even asked my GP if you can die from lack of sleep or never sleep again! Irritational thoughts sending me all floopy! Thankfully she said ‘no, you’d sleep before you die”. Phew! Reassuringly also, the world record for not sleeping is 11 day but that was an experiment in the 60’s and the guy was completely restored after 2 nights of sleep. I was relieved to find that out! It’s horrible being scared of going to bed. I know that this will too pass in time but you know what it’s like guys, when you’re frightened you can’t always think straight. This sleep anxiety has been my first major setback. I would love to see Paul do a blog on this symptom unless he already has and I haven’t come across it.

  36. Mikestevens Says:

    Oh Tracy, I feel sooooo much for you. I’ve been having so great streaks of sleeping and very low anxiety. So please be patient with yourself. I was certain I was broke beyond repair.

    Now my problem seems to be more, “what do I think of to fall asleep?” And “why do I start to slip off to sleep only to be pulled immediately out?”. However, even with these concerns I’m getting about 7 hours of sleep a night. In the past? Much, much worse.

    Keep your head up. It does get better. Acceptance and patience.

  37. Tracy Says:

    Thank you so much for that Mike! you know what it’s like and that really inspires me to be patient! Thanks again.

  38. Fiona Says:

    Just wondering if anyone out there gets nausea with there anxiety, I have had it since having a breakdown 7 months ago, it is so hard o struggle through everyday feeling so sick and managing to run a household with 3 kids, I am just so thankful to my great husband and friends, I have read Paul’s book and I am trying to put it into practice but I am in the middle of a huge setback at the moment, it’s just a really awfull time in my life any help would be appreciated.

  39. panicker Says:

    I keep having panic attacks and horror at previous fabtasies I had when I was younger. I never noticed them before but a year ago I had flash backs and just felt so grossed out by myself that it triggered the beginning of my nerve problems. When I start to feel better its like my mind wants to conitnue punishing me and makong me feel like a monster…. trying to put it under the umbrella of anxiety but when its things you have done its so hard.. any help? Xx

  40. Phil_DL Says:

    Hi all – comforting to see so many experiences on here similar to mine. Have suffered from periodic bouts of anxiety all my life but have to say my current sleep-related anxiety is by far the worst. It all started a couple of months ago where I had a random ‘awake all night’ experience which came from nowhere. This seemed to affect my sleep from there onwards for the next 2 weeks. Then I had 2 normal weeks (7-8 hours) then it happened again. It feels like I’ve viewed the whole summer through tired, anxious and at times, panic-stricken eyes.

    The trigger seems to be the slightest dread of it happening again – like last night I was awake all night yet the previous 3 nights I slept 7-8 hours and wasn’t feeling anxious about it during the day. I thought to myself ‘I really don’t want another sleepless night now I’m back in my routine’…but that had opposite effect!

    So this morning I’m in a bit of a state over it again but reading blogs like this helps. I’m seeing a therapist who’s very supportive but ultimately it’s my own mind that needs to change and relax as per the good advice on this blog and elsewhere.

    I’ve been to my GP numerous times (been prescribed sleeping tablets and amitriptyline) now he’s recommended I see a mental health specialist – I’m going to take up the appointment just to get a second opinion as GP’s don’t seem to know a great deal about anxiety apart from prescriptions.

    I’ve also ordered ‘The Effortless Sleep Method’ book which I hear is very good. Never been through this before and it’s scary as well as being downright inconvenient for work, socialising and other pursuits.

  41. Courtney Says:

    Hello!! It’s nice to finally find a place I feel I belong!!
    I have had severe anxiety for about 10 years and am 23 now. Just this past year, I have been going through a rough time with having developed sleep anxiety. In the past, my anxiety would come back, usually in response to hearing about a debilitating illness of some sort and my therapist 10 years ago diagnosed me with OCD because my rituals would be seeking reassurance from my mom. I would obsess about having cancer etc and would research illnesses online (you know, what doctors tell you NOT to do) and be entirely convinced that I have something.
    I REALLY don’t want to freak anyone out here by mentioning Fatal Insomnia but I am at a loss here. It’s a genetic disease for the most part and no one in my family has a history of it. First, I might mention how terribly RARE it is. Seriously…100 families in the world have it I think and only 16 people have ever been diagnosed with the sporadic, random form of it (which is the kind I’m worried about).
    When freaking out about it, I have gone up to two nights without sleep a few times and would just go through my entire day in a panic state. This hppened a few months ago and eventually it went away but it comes back so often now. My adrenaline would pump. All day. And not sleeping the next night just makes it worse. I know I couldn’t afford a trip to the emergency room but I almost went a few times. And I did call up a few hotlines for mental emergencies. I want to kick myself for EVER looking up this horrible disease and I’m much better off not knowing it exists.
    But eventually, sleep does come. When you least expect it! I hope I’m not turning any heads mentioning this terrible source of my fear, like I said, it’s so rare it’s not even funny. My mom has worked in the medical field for so long and she’s never even heard of it. But the fear that I have it somehow is overwhelming. The fact that I have gone so long without sleep terrifies me!

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