My charity run for anxietyuk

Many people may remember me doing a charity run a couple of years ago for anxietycare, a London based charity that does great work and relys totally on volunteers. Well I decided to get fit again and do another one, this year for another excellent charity called Anxietyuk . They are the largest charity in the U.K and rely on donations to keep them going and are manned mainly by volunteers. They do some great work and have helped many people at their lowest ebb,  that first contact with someone who understands and does not judge is so important and without charitys like this it would not be possible.

If any would like to sponser me I have set a page up where people can donate, again I don’t want anyone to sponser with money they can not afford, any size donation all helps, but it is always a personal choice. I hope to raise as much as I did 3 years ago and will be bugging friends and family :-)

I promise also to get more involved in the blog when I come back from holiday and place a new post up. I have been so busy recently and things will be back to normal when I get back on the 12th of August. Please just use the other blog posts for help and advice, even though I go away on Monday, people will still be looking after and moderating the blog.

If anyone would like to sponser me for the run which is the Wetherby 10k in september, then the page is below and I will also thank everyone personally, it means a lot.

Thanks Paul

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  1. Steveo Says:

    Top work Paul – my donation will be on there shortly.

    I’m sure everyone on here will be happy to make a small donation as a thank you for this blog and the work you put in.

    Thanks and enjoy your holiday!

  2. Maureen Says:

    Paul never posted before, but followed your blog and it has helped me greatly, just sponsored you, good luck with the run.

  3. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thanks Steveo , I promise to put more effort into the blog when I get back, just trying to get a small web design business going, get fit for the run and recently started with some voluntry work, I just can’t find the time. A new post will be up when i get back and I will get back to replying a bit more.

    Thanks for that Maureen, your words mean a lot and your kind donation means even more, thanks so much. Also to Jonothan who sponsored me earlier, I don’t know if you read the blog, but a big thank you.


  4. Steveo Says:

    I think there is plenty of advise on here for people Paul and you have your own life to lead.

    My donation is done.

    Have a good holiday and don’t drink too much – you’ve got running to do :-)

  5. Susan Says:


    I have read Paul’s book and followed his advice, and made great progress, but I find that I have been struggling a bit with the exacerbation of symptoms while getting off medication. Has anyone else felt this whilst getting off their medication?

    My doctor had me on three medications and he wants me off all meds, as he believes I do not need them and that I will not make a full recovery until I am fully off. I am down two and have one more to go, which is an anti-psychotic, Serroquel. I got off the benzodiazapane (Ativan), slowly and got off my mood stabilizer, Lamictal in a week with no problem.

    When I cut down the Serroquel from 200 to 150 mg, overnight, I felt a strong exacerbation of symptoms, and while the doctor reassures me that it is from coming off it too fast, too much (he blames himself), I am now worried about getting off it altogether. The way I see it: if I had trouble getting off 50 mg. how am I going to get off it completely? It has been three weeks since my last cut, and I am going to wait until I steady out before I cut again (only 10% a week from now on.)

    If anyone has gone through this and can offer some insight, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  6. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thanks Steveo appreciated, hopefully I will get to a decent total for them, right it’s squash day today…………….

  7. Michelle Z Says:

    Thanks, Paul, for this site! I made a donation as well as a thank you.

  8. Michelle M Says:

    Enjoy…donation made.
    Thanks for this site.

  9. Will Says:


  10. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Overwhelmed with the support so far, up to £95 in 3 days, can’t thank everyone enough and I will personally thank everyone here and on twitter.

    Michelle Z, Thanks so much, I know everyone these days seems to wants sponsorship for something or other, so it has to be a pick and choose at times and trust me this is going to a great charity, they really are the first port of call for sufferers and been in that place myself I know how important it is.

    Michelle M , Really the same message Michelle, thanks for your donation, it means a lot and inspires me to train even harder, I wont let anyone down.

    Will, Thanks for all the help and advice you have given on here, you have been a massive help to many and it takes a lot of pressure of me when people like you help for no other reason than you want to. Will also pop and answer your email, meant to last night but my internet went down.

    2 Others who have not posted here, Sydney thanks I remember you sponsoring me 3 years ago when I did my last run, to do so again and a very generous one at that shows me what kind os person you are.

    Sally who works at anxietyuk who sponsered me, thanks Sally, not just for the sponsor, but for all you do over there, means a lot to so many people.

    Right that’s me signing off now, on my holidays I go, will be back around the 8th August. The posts have been a bit all over the place with this one, the film and song etc, will go straight back to advice as soon as I get back.


  11. dee Says:

    Hi all it has been a while since i have posted firstly i wont to start with the positive, the reason i have not blogged is because i feel i have been doing really well and taking everything in to practice that Paul and others have suggested and i have felt really good, but over the past week i feel i maybe heading into a setback?
    Has anyone found that they are doing well, then your mind starts to wonder and you start thinking about anxiety again and slowly it starts to creep into your everyday? Even when i wake i think ‘ How am i feeling today? anddo i have anxiety?’ its very frustrating because i almost feel like im talking myself into a setback if that makes sense?.

    I am trying to ‘just be’ and carry on with my day as normal but i was just wondering if anyne had any advice they could give on how to deal with this??

    Also seem to be experiencing tenson headachs is this all part of it??

    Any advice would be greatful if someone has time id really appricate it.

  12. Andrew H Says:

    I am currently reading ‘At Last A Life’. As soon as got to about ch 3 or 4 I realised that what you were writing made complete sense. About how I need to allow my mind to relax like you would let a broken leg rest. I realised that this book is going to help me.

    I have been suffering from anxiety for about 12 years since I used to smoke alot of cannabis in my early 20s.

    The reason I am writing is because about 8 years I started to have epileptic fits, which I believe are triggered by anxiety and stress. Medication worked for 5 years but for the past 3 years I am having a seizure once a week again. In the book it says that you need to get out and about everyday to help stop the anxiety’s control over you, but with the epilepsy I never know when I am going to have a fit and hate going out because of this! Many people with epilepsy feel the same and become hermits because of this reason. I am sure it is anxiety that is triggering my fits because I get such an anxious feeling before a fit and feel so anxious most of the time! Epilepsy and anxiety are closely linked, it is well known.

    Any advice anyone?

  13. Rebecca Says:

    Hey paul, your run sounds like a fab idea. Alot of training i imagine. I have started doing Spinning lessons at my gym which are really really hard so i empathise with the training that your having to put your body through. Infact i was in a Spinning class the other day and i thought i was either going to pass out or be sick but i some how managed to keep it together lol!!
    I havn’t been on here in a long time, must be over 6mnths or more. I have just ended my 3.5 yr relationship because i wasn’t completely happy and i found that i was starting to loose my fun, energetic self because i was just going along with a relationship which just wasn’t right for me. As you can imagine if you are naturally a anxious person the best thing is to make sure you are honest with yourself and not to just stay in situations because that’s the easiest way. I have had to be so brave as me and my partner have a beautiful barn conversion which were renting and two lovely kittens and i have had to let all that go and move into a shared house with people i don’t know and start off fresh. Exciting but very scary!!! To begin with about 3 weeks ago i felt like i was managing it ok but just over the last few days i have had a bit of a panic attack and a overwhelming feeling of anxiety. This i havn’t experienced in ages so when it creeped up on me it felt very strong and quite frightening. I have such supportive family and my friends have been great but gosh it is so hard when you feel like this. I just feel like screaming right now, i guess i wish things could of been different but when i started to feel unloved and not special in my relationship and explaining this to my ex and still no change i just said to myself “I have had enough”.
    It’s interesting because when i have been through traumatic events in the past i have always reacted with overwhelmimg anxiety and i guess i just didn’t expect to feel this way this time but yes the Anxiety back. I think if you know that your going to be going through something stressful or anxiety provoking it is always good to have support in place. For example friends/family who make you feel better/ councelling or therapy/ a place you can go where you feel safe and of course this website. All these things seem to be helping.
    Hey Dee i have just read your post, hope your feeling ok. It sounds like your mind is reminding you of your anxiety to let you know that it is there. It sounds like your able to identify it well which is a positive thing. I find that sometimes if something is bothering me not even on a conscious level my Anxiety creeps up on me as though it wants to protect me or to remind me that it is there “sounds funny but hard to explain” It sounds like you are doing the right thing by just getting on with your daily activities but sometimes trying to understand why you might be feeling anxious can help aswell. Usually there is a reason why we feel anxious. A trigger or something that has upset you or made you feel angry etc. I wouldn’t question it too much like you said when you wake up in the morning, just go with it and don’t push it away or be afraid. I know how hard it is but just think of the good days and you will go back there, it is just hard to imagine when the anxiety is high. Hope that helps a little.
    If anyone has any other ideas regarding how to cope with the overwhelming feelings of anxiety that would be helpful. Thanks Rebecca

  14. Eric B. Says:


    It sounds like you are reminding yourself that you need to be recovered. You are still focused on it, which is why you are checking to see if recovery is there in the mornings. All of the people that have recovered have gone through this. The ultimate theme in Paul’s book is stop looking for recovery, it will come to you. People that have recovered and came back to post have all stated this happening to them. However, they stopped viewing the questioning as a problem and learned to live along side of it for a little while. I have been observing this site, working on my own recovery for a while now and am at the point where I feel I don’t necessarily need to recover. Again, when you stop searching for recovery, that is when you strike a major blow in anxiety.

    Also, welcome any setbacks you may get. They will only make you that much more stronger and confident. Those that have recovered state that they can never get back into the anxiety loop again because they truly know how to stop it in its tracks.

    Hope this helps and it sounds like you are right around the corner.

  15. elaine Says:

    Hi i am new on here and wanting some help .How can you have setbacks when anxiety and depression is there 24 /7 i dont get any breaks from it at all. if i am like this how do i know if i am getting any benifit from the method xx

  16. Eric B. Says:

    Hi Elaine. If you browse around the site for a while, you will begin to understand that those that have recovered stopped looking for recovery. They were just happy to build up the courage to do things regardless of how they felt. This is the true start of the road to recovery. The idea behind recovery is if anxiety is there, then fine. If not, then that’s ok too. This will give your mind the break it so desperately needs to repair itself. Trust me, I am at the tail end of where you are and see speckles of true acceptance before me.

    Also, please don’t expect for this to disappear overnight. All that have recovered have stated that they got so used to living life along side of it, that they barely noticed it was no longer there. There it is, 100% recovery.

  17. steveo Says:


    you have setbacks after you have seen some improvement.

    i would suggest having a good read of the blog’s and you will see many many people who have been in the same position and have recovered.

    i certainly was and feel as though i am now on my way to recovery. not recovered but the thoughts are definitiely a lot less.

    you will get breaks when you can stop fighting the anxiety.

    there is lots of excellent advice on this site, better than anywhere or anyone else!

  18. steveo Says:

    ps – i may be speaking out of line, but the amount of people who receive or have recieved help on here is massive. however, only a handful of people have donated to paul’s run.

    even £1 would help such a good cause.

  19. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Just sat in an internet cafe on my hols, great weather so far, set to rain next few days though :-(

    Just wanted to thank Jill and Greg for their kind sponsers, hoping to get to £500 and will be bugging friends and family on my return, thanks to the few that have sponsored me, means a lot.

  20. ross Says:

    hey paul made a small £5 donation will donate more when i can. its great what your doing . you give everyone hope for the future! thanks so much

  21. ross Says:

    how much does drinking alcohol contribute to anxiety????

    im finding it hard to stay away from drinking (sounds sad i know) but when i socialise with everyone its just what all my mates do plus because of my condition it gives me a boost of confidence but then on a hangover my dp is terrible!

  22. Kathy Says:

    Came across this site last week, and I feel like I have finally found some answers. Thank you, Paul, for all that you do.

    My biggest symptom from anxiety has been nausea for the last year and a half. I am feeling pretty good today, going about my daily life. I have had several setbacks, which I admit scared me, but, then the good days came back. I was wondering if anyone has any advice when you DO have a setback that includes severe nausea, how do you go on about your life when you cannot function? When this has happened to me, I usually have to tone down my life, eat bland foods, and wait for the nausea to ease. Is there anything else I can do?

    Thank you again. This site brings me such great hope. I know not to force recovery, but let it happen as I rest my weary mind.

  23. Sara Says:

    Dumb question – what does that symbol mean before the amount? I’m in the U.S. and would love to donate but I don’t know how much I’m donating in U.S. dollars because of that “L” looking symbol. Just want to know the conversion. Thanks.

  24. sandeep Says:

    Thats a pound symbol.

  25. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Ross thank you very much, please don’t top it up, if that’s what you can afford it’s more than generous, it really is going to a good cause, very few sites out there truly want to help, this charity is one that does and is the first port of call for so many.

    So many others to thank, Cheryl thank you very much for your kind donation, again wont let anyone down, hard when your away on holiday, but I have been mostly good food and drink wise :-)

    Eileen again thank you, I really want to personally thank everyone as I know times are tough out there at the minute and it seems everyone wants a piece of us all at the minute.

    Maureen, A new name for me so forgive me if you do post on here, if not then please do, a lot just look on from a distance which is fine, but never be shy to say hello.

    Howard last but not least, thank you so much again it is going to a great cause and helps me lose a bit of weight and get fitter :-)

  26. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Sara that symbol is our british pound, it will convert it to dollars once it goes through. At the moment £10 is around $16, hope that helps.

    Well back on Saturday night, I have some advice to post up that I am sure will help many people.

  27. Teresa J Says:

    Hi Paul
    hope your holiday is a good one, good luck with the run – i have made a donation hope I filled the form in right? Thanks for all your help –
    Anyone new on here , stick with it, it takes time but life gets a lot better.

  28. dee Says:

    Hi Eric B

    Thanks for the great advice sometime you just need a little inspiration i think, and not get to bogged down with it all and just keep going :)

  29. Eric B. Says:

    dee Says – Thanks for the great advice sometime you just need a little inspiration i think, and not get to bogged down with it all and just keep going :)

    This is so true. It’s amazing how much we don’t understand that allowing your mind to let go of worries(basically, staying in the moment as much as possible) is actually helping until one day an irrational fear doesn’t bother you as much. This happened to me recently where one of my most terrifying fears manifested, I welcomed the shaking and fear associated with it, now it barely registers. It is the little steps that are microscopic and barely noticeable that make the difference.

  30. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Again thank you for your generosity, loads to thank

    Fran, thank you for your very generous donation and the fact you went out of your way to sort out the gift aid side, really grateful

    Erin, Again someone I recognise from posting here, thank you for your generosity, hope the advice has helped.

    Teresa j, From your posts things seem to be really picking up, really pleased and thank you for your generous sponsorship

    Last but not leaset, Helen thank you for your donation, it really will help, thanks a lot and now it’s time to go back training, only 5 weeks to go

    Again I get back from my hols tomorrow and will post up some advice next week, really think this post will help a lot, one i have been saving until people really starting getting the message


  31. Steveo Says:


    I’m looking forwrad to your post!

    I’m on route to recovery but it’s a rocky road. However, it is a lot less rockier than it used to be :-)

    Shame your holiday is at an end.


  32. Tess77 Says:

    Hi Paul

    I came accross your site yesterday for the first time, i have suffered with severe anxiety for 6 years, i have spent time in hospital with it…i developed a phobia of taking tablets after being given the wrong medication!! My panic just escalated…so i refused then to take medication…this was 3 years ago and i have been living with this since then.

    I cried with joy when i came accross your site…..I thought my life was over…… Now i know for certain that i am on the journey to recovery!!!!!! I would like to thank you for putting your time and effort into this site and that you are sincere in your efforts to help other sufferers…I will be buying your book today!!

    I know that i wont be better today or tomorrow…i have even felt anxious today…but now i know what it is i feel like shouting it from the roof tops…i know i am going to be free from this hell!!!!

    The worse thing for me was the feeling of unreality, that i was going crazy…i couldnt stay out of my house or go on holidays as this sent me spiralling….my appetite was dreadful..ive just started dating someone 5 months ago and was about to end the relatonship as i was ashamed to tell him what was wrong with me!!

    Now i know i dont have to do any of that!! I know it may take time but i really feel like ive been born again after 6 long years of hell as i call them!!

    If anybody needs to talk or would like to share their experiences with me please feel free

    Thankyou from the bottom of my heart Paul!!

  33. Ezra Says:

    Its only a small amount Paul but glad I can help. Hope your training has been going OK on holiday. I am very envious of you (suspended running due to pregnancy) Cannot wait to get back into it and find myself glaring at other runners !!

    Cheers Erin aka Ezra :)

  34. Teresa J Says:

    Hi Paul
    Hope the holiday was good, it sounds as if it was. You are more than welcome to the donation, wish it was more. Yes things have picked up a lot for me, i’m pleased to say. And for anyone who is suffering – try not to be impatient as it can take time if you have suffered a long time like i did. That is not to say that it has to take a long time – it is a shift in attitude and it really has a lot to do with the individual and how they embrace/handle the advice. you can’t force the advice.
    I still pop back and fore, and find several members on here help readjust my vision of ‘my’ world if i start losing perspective – your advice and Will is especially beneficial as both have you had long journeys like myself. I am really lots better – I am still working on adjusting my perspective – it has always been fear of my body with me and I do realise that now. The last remaining bit with me is that I have to learn to reduce focus on ordinary ailments people get in life – instead of turning them into an emergency to get rid of or the all consuming focus of my day, as you know adrenalin can really make them so important! So it’s good news – I’m doing very well – living my life very normally and continuing to work on my ‘attitude’ – i cannot thank you enough Paul, this site has been a so good for me (and so many others). Thank you also to Will who continues to work at helping those with anxiety – and i hope one day to be able to put something back here myself. All – you really have found the place that will help you, you need nowhere else!

  35. Kathy Says:

    Hi again,

    I was wondering if anyone has given any thoughts to my post of July31 above. The reason I ask is that I am in the throes of a severe nausea bout and am having an extremely tough time dealing with it. I can not eat or function when I get like this. Have had all the medical tests, and, aside from a mild case of GERD and gastritis, the doctors could find no reason for my nausea except anxiety. It is difficult to just let it be and go on with my day when I feel so very sick.
    I welcome any and all advice as I wait for Paul’s book to arrive.

    Thank you again,

  36. Teresa J Says:

    I am sorry to hear you are feeling so rough. It can be all consuming and a viscious circle. While you are waiting for Paul’s book to arrive it would be well worth you travelling around this site. There are old blogs where you will find plenty of inspirational advice. also specifically aimed blogs for certain things. Generally the advice is to try your best to accept the symptom, i do not say this lightly – but it is the trying to get rid of it that is causing the turbulence. with experience you will notice times when you are distracted that it will seem less, this will tell your brain that it is the focus and not the ‘problem’ that is causing you the upset. It will pass Kathy, honestly – hope this helps.

  37. JP Says:

    Hi all. I have just got back from a week holiday, there were times over the last few months when I didn’t think that was going to be possible, but since reading this and using Claire Weekes book I have come quite a long way. Accepting and just acting as if I don’t have anxiety; big thing that helps me when feeling bad is just saying whatever, this won’t matter in 1/6/12 months.

    One thing that is proving to be a big hurdle for the last few weeks.. I have been getting mild tension headaches, bit of a pain but nothing too bad.. however I constantly seem to be worrying that they are going to get much worse and be with me forever and stop me from helping myself get better. What do you do when one specific irrational fear becomes almost stuck in your mind, going round and round on loop? Thanks for the help, hope everyone is feeling good. x

  38. Will Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I know the nausea (and also the ‘runny’ stomach) scenario very well and it is very frustrating and can add more anxiety because it can affect the appetite which then causes fatigue which causes more anxiety, and on it goes.

    Again, the solution is acceptance — just accept that you are feeling awful and lie down and take a rest if you can, or perhaps take something to calm your stomach a bit. The fact is that you feel unwell, so rather than fighting it give it the space it wants and let it pass of its own accord. What might be just a slightly ‘off’ stomach in normal conditions can turn into really overpowering nausea and a stomach upset under the influence of anxiety. And then, by the time it has got to that point, the anxiety cycle has begun and then further anxieties about work, responsibilities, and all the other ‘what if?’ scenarios appear.

    The other thing I would recommend is that you try and alleviate any factors in your life that you feel are making you anxious. The more you can free yourself of certain things that you know stimulate anxiety in you then the less likely it is that anxiety will build up.

    I think you might find that the nausea and stomach problems are at their worse when there is a specific event or situation that is being anticipated — a bit like pre-exam nerves but exaggerated. The thing to realise is that it is probably just that — an exaggeration of what you would normally feel (a bit nervous) and with a lot of additional anxiety thrown on top which increases the physical symptoms and the intensity of the emotional state, turning the whole thing into a much bigger problem.

    As with so much of anxiety, the physical symptoms often trigger the mental processes which then give rise to the emotional state — Paul talks about this so much in his book — so if you can start to get to grips with the physical side of it, the rest will follow I am sure.

    Of course the obvious question to ask is then “Why did I get the physical symptoms in the first place?” and that can often be a complicated mix of factors which will require you to look at how a build-up of anxiety and stress might have happened in your life such that you became worn down physically and emotionally (the two are often very closely related and feed into each other).

    But in essence I am sure that what you are experiencing is just an exaggeration of what you would normally feel, so try to let it pass of its own accord and do what you can to make yourself feel better and rest and re-charge where you can.


  39. Kathy Says:

    Teresa J and Will,

    Thank you so much for replying. You both give excellent advice. I was afraid that by taking something for my stomach or laying down when this ill, was giving in to the anxiety.

    I do know what triggered it all, and it has to do with multiple losses in a very short time. So, anything that may represent loss, sets off the nausea.

    This has been going on for almost 2 years, with way more bad days than good. I cherish the good days, and wait for more good days.

    I also have MS, which, of course, complicates things, symptom wise.

    I believe wholeheartedly that acceptance is the key. And although I tell myself I have accepted, I don’t think I fully have. It is a difficult thing to do. Saying it is one thing, DOING it another. I wish there was a book called “How to accept anxiety for Dummies”.

    I will continue to read the blogs, as I await Paul’s book, and go one step at a time, trying to stay in the present. I try not to worry much when my nausea gets bad, but it is hard to do when you can barely turn your head. The meds I take for nausea sometimes take the edge off. I have tried just about all of them. When my nausea is less, I think so much more clearly, and have great optimism. Nausea steals that from me, because I am usually way too sick to think anything.

    Thanks again,

  40. Teresa J Says:

    you are not a dummy – anxiety is a very clever thing which masks itself in all sorts of guises. Acceptance is the key – but wanting to accept too much can also be a problem – if you can just try and let go of wanting to do anything about it. What you need is a ‘do what you will’ attitude – I am not saying it is easy but if you can think of something you want to do, something small to start with and tell yourself you are doing it regardless of how you ‘feel’ and then do it. you will eventually glimpse times when you are feeling less aware of the feelings – from that it will give you courage to try again. It will come Kathy, you will feel better than you do now. Take care.

  41. Kathy Says:

    Thanks again, Teresa. On my good days, I do things and even go places and I feel pretty good. But when things get this bad, I can’t function. The most I can do is lie down and be still. I listen to relaxing music and maybe a little tv.

    I was wondering if anyone here suffered with nausea as their main symptom, and how they handled recovering because I sure have a heck of a time inviting nausea in and accepting it. And I know that right now, my mind and body are extremely fatigued, and that’s where the anxiety grabs you!!

    Here’s to feeling better soon,

  42. Teresa J Says:

    It is miserable for you – and I am sure lots of people have had this as part of thier anxiety. I have had ALL sorts and been totally wiped out by it when i was very ill. However, the answer is the same with all the symptoms – its is the exaggeration that the anxiety presses on the ‘symptom’ that makes it so unbearable. At them moment I think the best thing you can do is to do as much as you can that is non aniety/nausea related when you feel ‘better’ and try not to involve yourself in anticipatiing what you are going to do if/when it comes back.
    If you are feeling wiped out with it – look for inspiration on the blog – it will help you get through and eventually you will come out of this. XXX

  43. Jackie Says:

    Hi Kathy, i too suffer with the nausea side of anxiety, but rest assured it will get better. I have suffered with anxiety for two years now and my symptoms are mostly physical – nausea, heaving, upset tummy you know the drill but with the help of Paul’s amazing book and a book by Claire Weekes (self help for your nerves) i am on the road to recovery. It really is all about accepting and paying it no attention (i.e carrying on with your day along side it), its not easy and it will take time but i can honestly say by accepting the way i feel and adding no extra pressure to feel ok the nausea does subside. I have more good days than bad now and when i do have a bad day i carry on and do not let it phase me, i know that it is just my adrenaline releasing nerves causing the feelings and they can do me no harm. So what if i feel sick, if i’m sick i’m sick this is now my attitude – its taken time to get here but it is slowly sinking in and i feel all the better for it. I would definately recommend The book by Claire Weekes as she covers nausea and explains in a little more detail why we feel this which as well as Pauls book i’ve found a great help. I hope i’ve helped in some way and wish you all the luck in recovery which i believe is possible for us all xxx

  44. Kathy Says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Nice to meet you. Thank you for your response. The problem I am having right now is that the nausea is consuming me from the moment I open my eyes until i fall asleep exhausted. Have read Paul’s book, on the 1st day I received it. It makes so much sense to me. But, my nausea allows me NO time to think or even just BE. Have been to hospital a few times, no luck. I feel as though I am dying a slow death from this. Have no strength. This is the worst it has ever been. I have had those good days and they gave me hope. I felt I was improving. Now this. I honestly cannot function. No anti nausea meds are helping at all. I am unable to get on with my day because I am so very ill. And now I am very afraid.

  45. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Just want to thank the 3 recent people who have sponsered me, Nina, Anna and Bernadette. Thanks to you all for your kind sponsorship, it is really helping me get to my goal of £500 which helps man the phones, give vital low cost therapy and gives the chairty vital support for those first seeking help, it really does make a difference.

    Well no one can doubt my dedication to get fit, I have just come in from a run and am soaking wet, it was pouring down, cutting right back on food and beer and hope to lose another strone before the race. i will post some pics up from the day and again thanks for supporting me.

    A new post will be up tomorrow and things will be back to normal with posts of advice and me getting involved with answering when I can. Hope tomorrows post helps people.


  46. Kathy Says:

    Just a quick note. I am feeling a bit better. I just decided to let it be, no matter how bad. Any little improvement is wonderful, as far as I am concerned.
    Thank you all for your help.
    I am sure I will have more questions in the future…lol
    By the way, I do have Clare Weekes book and I am rereading that, also. It helps to be reminded that this is a process. Hopefully, I am coming out of this latest setback, and, if not, so be it, for now.

  47. Eric B. Says:

    Hello all. What does it truly feel like to accept and let go of a thought? At times I feel completely opposite of where I want to be. I will have a few moments of wanting to move on from an intrusive thought or actual clarity and then by habit will have a reminder thought telling me I am supposed to be afraid of anxious ideas. Or I will think I have let go of a thought and it will linger in the background. I am pretty sure its just habitual thinking but I have a hard time believing that it will one day no longer bother me.

  48. Jackie Says:

    Hiya Kathy,

    Going back to your earlier post about feeling awful and being afraid this is what is keeping the nausea there the constant thinking, worrying and fear of it, i know its not easy but you must accept this feeling and carry on regardless (all in Pauls book as you have probably now read). Hard i know when its such a physical symptom that you can do nothing but think about it but it is just adrenaline, nothing serious, nothing that is going to harm you just your organs over-reacting to the adrenaline that your body is producing.
    Great to hear you are feeling a little better, and your attitude is right if its there then so be it! Do not let it stop you living your life :) x

  49. Lisa Says:

    Hi Paul ,
    I would very much like to donate but I do not have a credit card. I have a paypal account through my bank account. Is there any other way I can donate to you instead of through the site?

  50. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Lisa that’s very kind, you could email me at and pass on something to my paypal account and then I can manually put in your donation as an offline sponsorship

    Regards Paul

  51. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thank you to Tracey and Carly for their very kind sponsorship, taken me over £400 and means a lot

  52. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Ian hope you read the blog, thank you very much for your kind sponsorship, it was avery generous donation and i am very grateful

  53. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Just want to personally thank Carlee for sponsoring me for my run, really close to my target of £500 now

  54. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Katrina thank you for your recent sponsorship, overwhelmed with the support for this run now, much appreciated.


  55. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thanks to Vamanan for the generous sponsor for my charity run, really appreciated , very close to my target now

  56. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thanks to latest sponser of my run, anon donation so can’t thank by name, but apreciated

  57. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Just want to personally thank Paul (Not me) for a very, very generous sponsorship for my up and coming run today, you don’t know how much that will help and I am extremely grateful.

  58. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thank you to Katie for her very generous sposorship of me for my run for anxietyuk, really appreciated.

  59. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    I just want to thank Sydney for his more than generous sponsorship for my run on Sunday. I remember you sponsoring me when I did one a couple of years back Sydney and I am so glad this blog has helped you. I got the last part of your message when sponsoring me, just drop me an email if you need anything.

    Thanks again


  60. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thanks everyone, ran it all, great day and as said in other post will get some pics sorted out.

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