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My charity run for anxietyuk

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Many people may remember me doing a charity run a couple of years ago for anxietycare, a London based charity that does great work and relys totally on volunteers. Well I decided to get fit again and do another one, this year for another excellent charity called Anxietyuk . They are the largest charity in the U.K and rely on donations to keep them going and are manned mainly by volunteers. They do some great work and have helped many people at their lowest ebb,  that first contact with someone who understands and does not judge is so important and without charitys like this it would not be possible.

If any would like to sponser me I have set a page up where people can donate, again I don’t want anyone to sponser with money they can not afford, any size donation all helps, but it is always a personal choice. I hope to raise as much as I did 3 years ago and will be bugging friends and family :-)

I promise also to get more involved in the blog when I come back from holiday and place a new post up. I have been so busy recently and things will be back to normal when I get back on the 12th of August. Please just use the other blog posts for help and advice, even though I go away on Monday, people will still be looking after and moderating the blog.

If anyone would like to sponser me for the run which is the Wetherby 10k in september, then the page is below and I will also thank everyone personally, it means a lot.

Thanks Paul