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Anxiety film and song dedicated to the site

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I received two emails a couple of weeks ago which I found very interesting and I wanted to share. Both were very humbling and really meant a lot to me, they were a short film and song, both inspired by the site and book.

The first email was from Dash Berlin, who has had huge success around the world with their music. The email with the link to the song is below. I truly love the song and the style of music is really my type, I have also placed a link to the lryics below the email.

Hey Paul,

Just wanted to let you know your (life changing) book has inspired us
to write this song:

All over the world people are singing a long..




The second email came a few days after, which stated a short film was made in dedication of the site/book. Here is part of the email after I gave feedback telling us more about the film. I watched it and found it very well done and I could relate to so, so much of it, it was basically my life many years ago.

Hi Paul,  I’m a Uni student and I made it for my final major project. The guy in it is an actor from Manchester!  We want to enter it into various film fests and try and get it nominated at the royal television awards. It’s on vimeo and feel free to link to it.

I really really appreciate your positive feedback. I’m glad you can relate. It was such a hard topic to try and tackle. There is so much you could try to squeeze into a film that it was difficult to decide how it could be done as simply as possible. I was a little worried that people wouldn’t get it. By all means share the video around it will be nice to get interest. I hope it works to give others hope and Fingers crossed we get good marks too!


Here is the link to the film

I just wanted to thank both Seb and John for making the song and film and it did mean a lot to me that the site could inspire both projects.


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