Pictures from the 10K run for charity

Hi Everyone, Well as most will know I did a charity run at the weekend for anxiety care and with the help of everyone on here raised around £700, which is great and with Mike also doing the run and raising around £300, the total is about £1,000, which will help the charity so much. So to anyone who sponsored me A BIG THANK YOU! Also the general manager of Anxietcare sent this message:

Hi Paul,

I would like to wish you the very best for the run on Sunday and thank you so much for doing this. The money raised through your, and Mikes, efforts will greatly help us to continue providing our much needed services. All of our services are run by volunteers who give so much to our organisation and the people who are helped by us. This money will help to ensure that we continue to be available to support people who experience anxiety, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder. A very big thank you to all of those who have generously sponsored Paul and Mike, particularly in these ‘credit crunch’ times. Also please feel free to look at our website

With warm regards,

Regina Byrne General Manager Anxiety Care

Just a few words on the day. I was suppose to meet up with Mike, but he sent me his mobile number on Saturday night and as I was out did not pick it up. Although we did finish within 9 seconds of each other, so I am sure we met without even knowing it. The day itself was very enjoyable and the weather could not have been better. I set off at a steady pace and picked it up a little around 5 k and went past a few that had obviously set off too fast, I had it drummed into me not to do this. I really felt the last 2k, but no way was I stopping as I had my own aim not to stop once, I really wanted to run it all. I did not tire in a breathing sense, but really felt my legs get heavy and my ankles started to ache a little and the finishing line came at the right time.

Anyway here are a few pics from the day of me my partner and a couple of friends, one who was running with me. I will add more of me after the run when I get them from my friends camera and hopefully Mike is able to email me some also, so do check back when I am able to put more up.

View here:

Thanks again everyone, to raise the money was a real team effort. I can’t wait to do another and would really encourage anyone to take up the challange, I could not run 50 yards 12 months ago, but its all been worth it.


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  1. Candie Says:

    Oooh dont u look the part Paul… Lisa will be pleased to see you in ya shorts hahahha

  2. Paul David Says:

    Might look the part Candie but……….. To be honest I was o.k when I had finished, but I was shattered before I set off, always the same when you know you have to get up for something, you just don’t sleep. I think Lisa will be back on Ross Kemp after seeing those legs :)

    Hope the wedding went well lassy.

  3. lisa Says:

    did someone mention ross kemp phoawwwwwwww!!!!! 😉 i thought you would of gone for the tight lycra well done mate and mike.i will un tag you paul this .you should see the chicken bones on facebook paul from candies sisters wedding..hehehe :-)

  4. mike Says:

    top photos them paul. i cant believe i didnt get to see you and we were that close, never mind theres always the next one!!!
    ill get my missus to e-mail you the photos she took of me to get them on the site. great news on the money raised and proud that this helps somebody who is going through anxiety etc.
    thanks to everyone for their kind words and maybe we can get more doint the next run????

  5. Jules Says:

    Hey Paul
    Congratulations on the run and raising the money. Why can’t I see the pics? Maybe because I haven’t posted for a long time?

  6. Paul David Says:

    Yes Mike I checked my emails Saturday about 7 and I think you sent your number a bit later. Got in about 12 and went straight to bed, real shame that and really would like to meet up for the next one and its looks like we are pretty evenly matched. I am going to do the leeds one just for me, think its in June, if you see any then let me know and we will deffo do the next one together and have a pint after. Well done again mate, I really enjoyed the whole day.


  7. Paul David Says:

    Jules you will ba able to see them, just click on the link above, it works fine and thanks for your words, it was a great day.

  8. Fiona Says:

    Good job Paul…….. nice legs 😉

  9. samantha Says:


    its nice to put a face to the name paul , you look like a true yorkshire lad


  10. LORRYT Says:

    nice piccies, gotta agree on the legs too !!!

    great achievement, some of us cant run 10 yards let alone 10k!


  11. Paul David Says:

    Ha ha not sure on the legs though, need a little colour on them. Me and Martin are entering one in 9 weeks time. I have the bug now as I loved the whole experience and I was the same 12 months ago, a stone heavier and could not run to the end of the street. For anyone who wants to get fit I can’t express how much better I feel for it. It’s been hard work at times, especially running in the rain and cold, but so, so worth it, there was no better high than crossing that finishing line at the end.

  12. LORRYT Says:

    i am going to try and run the race for life this year, did it last year but walked, ( health probs means i need to avoid getting two black eyes if you get me !) its only 3k, but i may include a bit of jogging. I prefer swimming, and cant wait to get back in the pool hopefully end of may fingers crossed.
    There is no stopping you now then !.

  13. Candie Says:

    Hey Lorry, thankyou for that! Paul didnt beleive me about having a ‘couple’ of health problems that make it impossible to run!!! Black eyes and bruised toes for me too hahah.

  14. LORRYT Says:

    well i think Candie has an even bigger health problem as well!!!, she would be running for two !….. forgot about the bruised toes! i used to ride horses for a living thats what caused it !!!

  15. LORRYT Says:

    that sounded really odd?.. i know what i meant ! lets not go there…..

  16. Bev Says:

    Congratulations on the run Mike and Paul!
    I’m just so glad that there is an event to raise money and awareness about anxiety out there. Raising money to help those suffering get the help they need is a great thing. As well, I think the more people are aware of it and understand it, the less social stigma there will be attached to it, and it might make people who have it more likely to speak up and seek help.
    Great job you guys! If there is ever one in Canada, I’ll be running in it!

  17. Scarlet Says:

    I can’t see any pictures, apart from Candie and her bun in the oven :-(

  18. Paul David Says:

    Bev ill join you for that run, a lovely country is Canada. Yes its been great to raise the money, I know how much it meant to them and hopefully I will do the same run every year.

    Scarlet that’s odd as they are definately there, the old ones were of Candie and the bun in the oven, very odd that is what you see, just refresh your browser, other than that it does not make sense. Let me know if not and I will email them to you if you wish to see them.


  19. Paul David Says:

    Mike I have the pics now and will post them up. If you look at the one of you crossing the finishing line you will see me to the right, I thought you may have caught me in a pic :)

  20. Katie Says:

    If your wanting colour on them legs Paul,what about fake tan??lol

  21. Scarlet Says:

    Paul I see them now. You look great… looks like you managed to lose those extra few llbs. Those houses look familiar, I get homesick when I see photos that remind me of home. Looks liek the weather was good as well.

  22. Paul David Says:

    Yes Katie matbe a few hours under the sunbed hey. I actually trained mostly in the winter so did not get much sun, hopefully I can get the pins out in the summer now.

    Odd that Scarlet how you could not view the first time. Yes it’s a very British street and I always get homesick away from what I know, we will have to do a house exchange I could do with a week in the sun :)

    And the weather was brill yes, could not have been better, in fact I am glad they had the race so early as it would have been too hot midday, but it was brill and I have entered another to make sure I don’t get back into old bad habits.


  23. Paul David Says:

    Just to let people know I have taken two of mine down and added two of Mike, he is in the first two pics and finsihed just 9 seconds in front of me.

  24. lisa Says:

    i had trouble as well seeing your pics paul but my daughter sorted it bless her. good pics mike, lovely to put a picture to your name. i quite fancy jumping out of a plane , with a parachute of course, rather than running anyone fancy it 😉

  25. Paul David Says:

    ‘with a parachute of course’ oh you make me laugh Lisa. That’s one thing I don’t fancy doing, nope I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

  26. lisa Says:

    aww spoil sport, id luv it, my luck id hit a :-)

  27. Candie Says:

    Great Pics Mike, u dont even look worn out running to the finish either! Where is Paulie in the pic?

    Lisa i will parachute jump with you, lets give our nerves something real to be anxious about hahhah. We would be twitching nervous wrecks for days after it lol!

  28. Natalie Says:

    Well done on the race boys! – Good work!!

  29. lisa Says:

    lol..we can sing “i believe i can fly”, “i believe i can touch the sky”

  30. LORRYT Says:

    ID JOIN You , I AM GAME FOR ANYTHING (OTHER THAN RUNNING!), i like a challenge !. i have never flown, so i would be dropping myself in at the deep end !….

  31. Katie Says:

    No Paul, fake tan any day over sunbeds lol!!!
    Not sure bout a parachute jump but think id be game for a bungee jump!!lol

  32. lisa Says:

    oohhh more the merrier, its a girl thing i think,men are 😉

  33. Katie Says:

    Haha,i agree lisa !

  34. Paul David Says:

    You know Lisa I would disagree, but I am out numbered by women 10 to 1 so don’t think there is much point. Right I have done the run, lets see the parachute jump ladies…….

  35. lisa Says:

    when candie has had the baby and her body has recovered we will do one, will have to look into the cost as well.” oohhh girls just wana have fun” 😉

  36. lorryt Says:


  37. Brad Says:

    Hey I know it’s been quite a few years but the pics are gone. Anyway to put me back up? Thanks

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