My up and coming run for the charity Anxietycare

runnerHi everyone, As most people who follow this blog know I have been training for the last few months to do a 10k run for the charity ‘Anxietycare’.

Anxietycare is a London based charity that survives soley on donations and volunteers. After my own recovery I try and help as many people as I can, in any way I am able to and I know how grateful the charity is that I am doing this as they truly need all the help they can to survive. Here is the link showing them promoting my run (on the left hand side) and also you can learn more about the charity and what they do

The run I am doing is in April and is a 10k run through the streets of Wakefield and I am beeen kindly joined by Mike who posts on this blog. Mike I look forward to that pint afterwards, legs permitting.

I hope to raise as much off line as on-line and would be very grateful to anyone who is able to sponsor me. The charity page I have set up is 100% secure and a site I have used in the past to sponsor people. All charity’s have to be registered before you can raise money for them. The money raised is not touched by me and sent straight to the charity on completion of the race.

The page also allows you to leave your name and a message, if you look in the bottom right corner my partner and a mystery donater has already done so. This not only helps me to keep track of who has sponsored me, but I also want to thank everyone personally as I know how tight money is at the moment.

If anyone would like to sponsor me then just go to personalised charity page and click on the ‘Donate now’ button and after the event all the money will go direct to the charity along with anything I am able to raise off line. Any amount is appreciated and there is no pressure to do so at all, the last thing I would want anyone to do is to spend money they have not got.

I will keep up everyone up to date with my progress through the blog and post some pictures before and after the event. Can I also just thank the mystery person who recently sponsored me ‘Sydney Carlton’. Sydney, I am not sure if you follow the blog, but if you do thank you very much, that was very generous of you.

Just a quick update: A lot of people have emailed saying that the donation button will not work from outside of the U.K or that they don’t have a crd but would like to donate. I have not set up a donate button on this page it is set to U.S dollars but will convert to any currency and you can put in your own amount. Again this is just to help the people who were having trouble as there is no pressure to donate.

To finish I know Scarlet pointed people to some old post on depersonalisation and as it has come up a lot recently I thought I would let everyone know there has been 3 posts on this subject before, just go to the right hand side of the blog at the top and you will see ‘Depersonalisation’ in the categories section, just click on this link and it will bring them all up.

#Please feel free to keep posting on the post below. I have loads of ideas for posts to come, but if anyone would like me to cover something then let me know. I will then pick the one I think will help the majority.


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  1. Paul David Says:

    Thank you Candie for being the first to sponsor me, it means a lot 😉

    Got to go out later and its freeeezing, I wish the summer would hurry up.

  2. Candie Says:

    Your welcome Paul, least i could do considering all the help and support you have given us all here.

    Now get practicing your running Mr, il be having no slacking of with a 3 day cider binge haha

  3. Scarlet Says:


    I don’t have a credit card over here, but if there’s a way I can send some money through the post I will. What you are doing is great… x

  4. mike Says:

    really looking forward to the run and also raising some money for the charity that obviously do good work re helping people with anxiety problems. training going well and the pint (pints) after the run sounds good to me paul.
    ill be getting friends, family work collegues to sponsor me so ill just send the money over to you paul after the run if thats okay.
    £300 plus is my target
    hope everybody is doing okay

  5. Candie Says:

    The sponsorship money is rising Paul 😀

    Its really nice to see everyone helping out and contributing. Have you thought of other ways to promote your run and charity?

  6. Paul David Says:

    Candie what cider Ahem…..Just got back from squash, got a bit of a beating, probably due to the naughty weekend. Running tomorrow and then 5 a side on Thursday and I promise to be far better this weekend, big brother is watching me.

    Scarlet I am going to raise some off line with family and friends sponsoring me also, but its o.k about sending some over, I know you would and I appreciate that.

    Ah Mike my running partner, Mike you can just send it direct to the chairty if you wish. I have all their details as they are registered chairty. A very nice lady called Trish is their cheif fund raiser and general manager who I am in touch with. I could just send you her email address or the address to send the cheque and info on who to make it out to. We can sort it out nearer the time. Totally up for a beer Mike, as I said me and a friend are going with our partners and then a drink and maybe a bite to eat, you are very welcome to join us.

    Candie I have a page on my main site promoting it, the chairty itself has a section on their home page also and of course all the people off line that will get harrased by me nearer the time. This can also be added to the total on the chairty page I have created. I just think its better to do the off line stuff nearer the time, as people don’t forget and are easier to chase up after. Oh and the best time to get my friends and family is after a few drinks, they seem far more

  7. Paul David Says:

    Can I just say thank you to Paul Mc for sponsoring me, really appreciated mate, not seen you about as much recently, but thank you.

    And also Lorraine H

    Lorraine I hope you come back to read this, your support is very much appreciated and in the present climate I know money is tight, so thank you for unselfishly giving and the money will go to helping others with anxiety.

  8. LORRYT Says:

    hi paul

    think its great what you are doing and i want to contribute, can i have an address to send a cheque to ?. i thihnk we all appreciate how hard things can be and having a charity to help is tremendous. lots of piccies after the event would be good, just to ensure you are absolutely knackered !!!!

    well done

  9. Lorraine H Says:

    Hi Paul:
    You are soooooooooo welcome. Words and money cannot express how your help has changed my life!! Good luck – can’t wait to see the pictures!
    I’m a couch potato so I’m glad someone is up to doing exercise! (lol).

  10. Candie Says:

    Hi Lorraine, would like to welcome you to the blog! No doubt you have been here for a while following it- its nice to here from the silent readers as there are so many more people who get better then what is perceived here. Wishing you all the best with your recovery.


  11. Ben Says:

    Hi Paul – just given your charity fund another little boost…

  12. Candie Says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy reached the £100 mark! 1/10th of the way 😀

  13. Paul David Says:

    Ben thank you , I don’t care how much people sponsor me, whatever anyone can afford is soooo very welcome. Trish who runs anxietycare is so appreciative of what we are all doing. I only do the run, the people who sponsor it are the people who make the difference, so Ben again thank you so much.

    Candie you are always there doing your thing, with you on my side we can’t fail to reach our goal.

    Lorraine, just knowing that the advice here has helped you means as much to me as it does to you, it makes me never want to stop helping others and I promise you loads of pics.

    Lorry…I remember when you first arrived here and you honestly have come so far, I am really proud that you have taken everything on board and tried to go with it, its not easy at times but just stick with things and you will see the old you coming back. I have an address you can send a cheque to direct, but its your choice and we can sort it out nearer the time.

    Thank you for everyone who has supported me and the charity, it means so much and every pennny raised will help so many people.


  14. LORRYT Says:

    cheers paul,
    yes i would like the address please, its the least i can do. you guys ask for nothing to help us all get better, and reading all the posts you have helped so many, me included ( my hubby would probably kiss you for it !!!!). i have flashes of the old me, which is a good sign of progress, and i enjoy my kids a bit now too !!!

    thanks and have a great day


  15. Paul David Says:

    Lorry that’s all you need ‘flashes of the old you’ that is far more progress than you think. Before you would have not have seen this or experienced it as you never gave your mind and body a break, a chance to show that you are still under there. Trust me this was how it worked for me, little by little the old me came back, just small glimpses at first or the odd normalish day, but as time went on I recognised the old me more and more.

    Lorry I will email you direct with the details of the chairty nearer the time and thank you, they will appreciate it.


  16. LORRYT Says:

    hi all

    After having a very bad start to the day, (kids, problem with school ), that if i do cry , its not gonna send me hurtling backwards. I think i was so scared to show emotion in fear of what might happen to me. Now how that makes sense i dont know and im not going there but I am here on my own today and not too bothered about it, done some housework boring stuff etc.
    I have to release my emotions somehow, part of the learning curve i guess. trying to be positive about it all, and may even give myself some praise for it !!!!!!

    Pink days to all xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Paul David Says:

    A new donation arrived today from Fiona, Fiona thank you very much, it is really appreciated by me and the charity and of course the people it will help. They man as many phones and do as many home visits as they can afford to do, so it will make a massive difference.

    Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far and I guarantee you I am training really hard, my legs ache as I am typing this.


  18. lisa Says:

    me and candie can be your cheerleaders paul whilst running in our pink n blue wigs , im sure your traing very hard!! keep up the hard work :-)

  19. Candie Says:

    OMG lisa- can you imagine me- a big fat pregnant porker jumping about hahahah.

  20. lisa Says:

    well its better jumping about to break your waters than the midwife doing it hun, then we can party after hehehe..

  21. Candie Says:

    Hahahaha Lisa you have no shame- you are a bad influence on me! 😀

  22. Paul McG Says:

    Dont worry Paul I haven’t disappeared , just prefer to be more of a silent bloger these days , Once upon a time i was consumed by having to come at least twice a day , but the need isnt there any more and i can only put that down to my progress which has just reached its first complete year . I used to watch the years go by hoping the next one would bring about the miracle change and saw 15 of them pass by , its all different now , hope everyone is doing well , !

  23. Paul David Says:

    Paul I think I pretty much did the same ‘I wil be o.k by next year’ and then that year passed. It all changed when I understood why I stayed in the cycle.

    Well I looked at my charity page today and saw four new sponsors so to start with.

    Fiona I hope you read the blog as you left no comment and I am wondering if you are a follower, if you are thank you very much for your support.

    David Rodriquez, Again thank you, now I am sure David follows the blog and that I have emailed him in the past. David again thank you and I wont let you down, I am even stopping in at weekends more so as to cut down on the drinking. Thanks again.

    Thank you to Shirely D who posts on here. Shriely its great to see another success story and I know you feel you have just about overcome your anxiety and that’s great to hear and again thank you for your support, without it the run would but a waste of time.

    Last but not least Jacky. On your comment, just give yourself as much time as you need and I am so glad I have been of help to you, just stick around here and you will learn so much in time. Thank you for your support for my run, it really does mean a lot and shows how many unselfish people are out there.

    Thanks to everyone above, I am moving closer to my target and its all down to the people on here and my main site.


  24. Paul McG Says:

    OMG ! I just read back my comment , and must apologise , alls not what it seems , just missed a word out ! a small , but very important one , (ON ! ) What a plank ! Should put a smile on some faces !
    Paul .

  25. David Says:

    Its a pleasure Paul. Keep up the training and good luck.

  26. Debra Downey Says:

    Hi Paul:

    My name is Debra, from USA Connecticut. I have been following this blog and have read your book. I can’t thank you enough for all you help. This blog has helped me to make a full recovery after many years of anxiety on and off. I don’t post, but I check in every so often. This is just a great group of amazing people. If you could email me directly where I can mail a donation that would be great. As I did go to the charity page, but I see all the amounts are in pounds. Is there a way to do it in US Dollars?
    I don’t know where to put my email address, but I will check theblog later if you can direct me. This is my first time posting. thanks again and good luck.

  27. Paul David Says:

    Hi Debra, I am really pleased you have made a full recovery and pleased you shared it with others as it gives people so much hope and belief that they will to.

    On the run I have emailed the charity to see about payments from the states and I will email you direct with any info and thank you, its really good of you.

    Don’t worry Debra I have your email address stored in my settings once you post on here and I will get back to you as soon as I know more and give you some options.

    Take care


  28. Emily Says:

    Would you mind sending me the directions for payments from the US or posting them? I tried earlier today, but it kept telling me “error”; probably for my code…I didn’t know how to enter my address.

  29. Fiona Says:

    Hi Paul you are more than welcome for my donation. As many people here agree the help you give and the way you have changed peoples life can not be valued in terms of money. All the best for the run. I’m planning a 10k myself this year and possibly a half marathon. I’ve always ran at the gym but never in a road race so i’m looking forward to the challenge!

  30. Paul David Says:

    Fiona its been the best thing I ever did getting fit, I feel so much better and honestly I let myself go and could not run more than 50 yards. Doing this for charity makes me more determined than ever not to let myself or anybody else down and I know how much they need it to help others, they fund raise all year round for no gain but to help others.

    On the outdoor running, I would rather go road running as I live very near the countryside and you get some lovely views. The big difference also is having a good pair of running shoes as the roads do affect the legs more. Anyway if you do a run let me know and I can sponsor you also, a half marathon will be my next aim.

    Emily I will email you direct also with some options, really appreciated.


  31. Paul David Says:

    Emily and Debra……

    Just got this email from the admin ‘charitypage’.

    Hello Paul,

    You should be able to donate from the US. Sometimes people can experience problems due to the billing address format (being different from the UK) can make the verification process stumble. I would suggest your supporter tries to see if this is the case. They can donate from a US card in sterling only though.

    I would be interested to hear if they are successful or if unsuccessful what error message they received. If you are able to let me know any feedback
    that would be good!

    Kind Regards, Lisa

    So it seems they are not sure, but say they maybe a problem. Again you can try and if you get an error then I will email you some options. I have two other things that will work. Just to update: I have now sent you both an email.

    Regards Paul

  32. Paul David Says:

    Just logged in to my charity page this morning and thank you Natalie for your support. I have been blown away a bit by how many have sponsored me so far and I will not let anyone down and I know Trish who runs anxietycare would like to thank everyone also. I will give everyone an update as to where the money will be spent once they receive it. I know they do as much phone support and one to one meetings as they can and I know myself how just having someone to talk and that understands, can make such a difference.


  33. John S Says:

    Hi, I will be donating over the next couple of days mate. Lost my wallet at weekend for like the third time in last few months so waiting for my new cards. The bank are getting a wee bit miffed methinks! Anyway, best of luck mate, we all appreciate your help and the encouragment you have given me from your book and website are helping me to make progress. Finally seeing my condition for what it is. Thanks Paul, top man.
    John S

  34. Paul David Says:

    Its fine John, no pressure for anyone to sponsor me at all, I don’t want anyone spending money they cannot afford.

    You say: Finally seeing my condition for what it is.

    That’s what it really takes John to move forward, takes a little time but you don’t learn a new language in a day.


  35. Paul David Says:

    Emily and Donna, I have now put a ‘donate button’ using paypal on the page below, it also lets you have the option of putting your own amount in. Please leave a message so I can thank you personally and I will then add it to the total on my chairty page as an ‘off line payment’

    Thanks Paul

  36. lorryt Says:


    after having a few pink days and feeling really relaxed and happy, we have snow on top of that !!!! what more could u ask for !!!!! finally feels like a bit of progress. started reading a bit of the book Scarlett sent me “stop worrying and start living ” havent read much but the first few pages made sense so i shall continue. i am not looking into anymore than getting up in the morning and doing stuff , not thinking about anything too deeply and just getting on.

    hope you guys are enjoying the snow we have loads down south !

  37. Paul David Says:

    Lorry thats the way, just that little bit of progression shows your mind and body is responding to the new way you view your anxiety, less stress, less worry, less watching, it starts off with small changes, its just having that patience and just doing as you say, ‘getting up and doing stuff without question’, just getting on even if you feel odd, anxious or whatever…..’what the heck’

    Loads of snow up here by the way, country has come to a standstill.

  38. lorryt Says:

    i never do things the easy way !!! have to find our own way with life , luckily i found your book and this place. just to prove that we can change our own lives.
    got to go and locate our white cat now !!! feel he may have ben lost in the snowmans body , just got to look for the ginger ears and tail !!!!

    kids off school tomorrow , and im still going to work !! how i love grandparents !


  39. Debra Downey Says:

    Hi Paul

    I just went to the charity page. It seemed to work for USD. I did not get an error msg. Thanks again.

  40. Paul David Says:

    Hi Debra, You sent a payment through the page on my site with the buttun I placed on there yesterday I believe. I have just converted it to pounds and you will see I have now added it to my off line sponsors which will show on the charity page below.

    Thank you so much for supporting me, we are covered in snow over here in the U.K at the moment and I am climbing the walls as it has stopped me running for 3 days, I hope it clears up soon as I have reached a level of fitness and don’t want it to drop.

    Thanks again


    Also thank you Emily I received yours also, its appreciated a hell of a lot as I would dearly like to reach my target and it all helps go towards that. Thanks again and take care.


  41. Paul David Says:

    Thank you John S for your support as I know you follow the blog you will hopefully pick this up and I hope you continue to improve.

    Regards Paul

    Also Claire, really glad the books helped, not sure if you follow the blog or not as we have more than one Clare here, but if you do ‘Thumbs up’ and thank you so much.


  42. john s Says:

    No problem. Thanks alot for your help
    Cheers John

  43. Claire R Says:

    Hi Paul, you are welcome. I do follow the blog & have only left a couple of messages over the the past month, but am an avid reader of everyone else’s messages (and yours!) as it helps me so much with my symptoms, & to know that I’m not only one who suffers

  44. Katy Says:

    Hi Paul
    I haven’t posted for ages but regulary follow the blog.
    Could you also send me the address as I would like to donate to say thankyou for your book and giving us somewhere to go in times of need.

  45. Paul David Says:

    Hi Katy that is very kind of you, all off line donations are added straight to the page with your name so you know it has gone there and it keeps us up to date with the running total. I will email you with more info.


  46. Paul David Says:

    Can I just add a couple of thank you’s

    Firstly thank you Jules, again forgive me if you follow the blog, I think I have seen your name about, there are so many new people joining everyday. Anyway all I wanted to say was a big THANK YOU for sponsoring me, it means a lot and I hope I have helped you also.

    Also Soots25, That’s a name I am new to, but again thank you very much for you support and for supporting others with anxiety, you money will really help.

    Regards Paul

  47. Paul David Says:

    Thank you Lisa (Blue Rinse) for your sponsor, really appreciated and you make me laugh with your humour, always a good thing to have in life, it gets you through some tough days.

    Take care mate


  48. lisa Says:

    thanks paul, your welcome. it sure does x

  49. Paul David Says:

    Well I thought after this post dissapeared under another it would be forgotton. So I have to say a big thank you to Claire Williams. Claire I get so much pleasure out of helping others so its a pleasure and I can’t say how grateful I am for you to sponsor me, it will help so many people. The charity are there for people by phone and sometimes home visits and they can only do this if they get funding, so any moneyt raised will give people the support and friend they need.

    Thanks Paul

  50. Paul David Says:

    Another sponsor today, thank you Mark Taylor, its really appreciated and I am so glad you have found the site helpful, it makes it all worth while.


  51. Paul David Says:

    Thank you to my latest sponsor Jo, I am really glad the site has helped and your money will go to helping others, just about there with fitness, been a hard slog but all worth it.

    Regards Paul

  52. Paul David Says:

    Thank you JR for sponsoring me, I really hope things really begin to click for you this year and you continue to improve. Thanks my friend.

    Marina, Not sure if you follow the blog or not but thank you also for being so generous, it is greatly appreciated and I hope my site has helped you in some way.

    RonS Ron its never about what people sponsor me but thank you so much, that was more than generous and it really will go a long way towards helping others.

    Thanks to everyone


  53. Paul David Says:

    I feel like I am talking to myself on this thread, but thank you so much Nina its a pleasure to help and I can’t thank you enough for giving something back so unselfishly.


  54. Regina Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I would like to wish you the very best for the run on Sunday and thank you so much for doing this. The money raised through your, and Mikes, efforts will greatly help us to continue providing our much needed services. All of our services are run by volunteers who give so much to our organisation and the people who are helped by us. This money will help to ensure that we continue to be available to support people who experience anxiety, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder. A very big thank you to all of those who have generously sponsored Paul and Mike, particularly in these ‘credit crunch’ times. Please do look at our website for a comprehensive list of the services we offer.

    With warm regards,

    Regina Byrne General Manager Anxiety Care

  55. Paul David Says:

    Thanks Regina I will post this on my next post when I put my pics up as this one has fallen down the ladder a little and many may not see it. And its a pleasure to help.


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