B.B.C want people for T.V Programme on Food Phobias and Anxiety

I don’t know if people remember but last year Channel 4 asked me to help them find people for a T.V show about teenagers with anxiety. Well the B.B.C have asked me to help them find people who maybe interested in appearing on T.V dealing with food phobias and anxiety and also aksed me to appear. I have no interest as I have said in the past and like to stay in the background. But I did say I would post on here in case anyone would like to appear or think it may help. Instead of going through the ins and outs I will just post one of the later emails that was sent to me. When copying and pasting the message below, the font or layout may change so apologies for that.

Hi Paul

Thanks very much for your message.

I’d be very grateful if you could have a think of any psychologists or
psychotherapists who might be suitable to appear on TV. Perhaps there
are speakers who’ve stood out at mental health conferences, or authors
you’re aware of who might translate well to TV. The most important thing
is that they have the personality to engage TV viewers, they don’t need
to be clinical psychologists.

Also, if you do know of any sufferers, who haven’t had any treatment
yet, we’d very much like to speak to them.They need to be in the early
stages of finding help – as the TV series introduces new psychological
insights and therapies to them.

The show specifically helps people with a restrictive and unbalanced
diet, who obsess about certain foods they must eat, or are fearful
of certain foods they must avoid. Here is the BBC link showing previous
case studies: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0090y2h

The experts offer techniques to reduce anxiety levels and introduce
exposure/ desensitising exercises over a 1 month period. This aims to
help individuals get on their way to helping themselves – improving
both their emotional wellbeing and physical health. In turn, viewers at
home, who may be suffering in silence, realise that they are not alone,
and that there are steps that can be taken to break the vicious cycle.

As we’ve seen by the previous successes in the first two series of the
show, individuals benefit from intensive, one to one, life-changing
support from a nutritionist and a psychologist. Past participants have
since contacted us saying how grateful they are for the help, and as a
result, are continuing to cope well. Participants also find taking part
in a TV programme a great deal of fun and a once in a lifetime,
memorable opportunity!

Obviously the title ‘Freaky Eaters’ is worded in a way just to ‘grab’
viewers’ initial attention. Content in the last two series was received
well in nutritional and psychological circles, due to the experts
successfully helping people. In the next series we are also looking to
give even more time to psychological analysis and scientific /
nutritional information and we are very open to ideas.

It is a great opportunity for experts to lift their professional
profile by appearing on an educational BBC series.

Please feel free to contact me on ***************** I’ve also attached a
flyer we are distributing in our search for participants with food

Best wishes

If that would interest anyone then just email Emma at em.marshall@betty.co.uk

Just a few words from myself. I am just finishing a new site completely seperate to this subject and the reason I have not been around much. I have also just bought a bike and took up running again and am as fit as I have been for a while and really feeling the benefits. I know I have said it before but exercise as well as the new hobby it brings is very beneficial to anyone with anxiety. It burns off a lot of excess adrenalin, clears the cobwebs and with the fresh air and new focus to your day I can’t promote it enough. Sometimes its the last thing we feel like doing when we feel lousy, but it is well worth it for the rewards it brings.

I will post something new next week, glad to see everyone communicating and helping each other.

Take care


78 Responses to “B.B.C want people for T.V Programme on Food Phobias and Anxiety”

  1. Paul McG Says:

    It seems the media these days , will do anything to make a programme for others entertainment , and not necessarily for the benefit , of those participating , , my focus is , continuing with what is offered on this site , which I know to be all thats needed for recover , and not to be used as a guinea pig , for prime time TV , we’ll leave that for BIG BROTHER !

    My opinion only of course !

  2. Candie Says:

    I think it is exploiting the anxiety sufferer for amusement.. hence the name freaky eaters. If it helps someone great, i havnt had food anxiety so im not sure how that works.

  3. No More Anxiety Says:

    I have not watched it, so I don’t know the concept of the programme. I don’t want to any media, but a lot of people follow this blog that don’t post and may find they do and I did have a decent response when channel four got in touch wanting volunteers for teenage anxiety issues. But feel free to discuss it in anyway you feel. I have no interest if people want to appear or not and I am not promoting the programme as I don’t know anything about it, and it is everyone’s personal choice. I agree with the title not being the best though and did question it which she explained above. Like I say its people’s personal choice and its a subject I don’t cover on here but have been asked about in the past, so someone may find it is for them.

  4. lisa Says:

    hey theres nothing wrong with big brother luke to win!!! good luck to anyone who has food anxiety issues.

  5. lorryt Says:

    Well i watched the ‘freaky eaters’ a few months ago and it did highlight a problem. It didnt directly affect me as i dont have food anxiety ,but it was a bit exploitative and basically makes for cheap tv, which is all that the programme makers seem to do nowadays i feel anyway. But i guess if people want to go along that road then its up to them , takes all sorts to make the world go round, live and let live etccccc.

  6. No More Anxiety Says:

    Lisa, Luke is like an old washer woman over the fence. Got to be Darnell…….I don’t believe I just admitted to watching the program : )

  7. Paul Mc Says:

    Paul couldnt agree with you more ! Luke is e wee ????!!!**** , Dunno what Lisa is thinking about ! Hey Lisa dosent say much for you ! Blow them all up I say ! Am I allowed to say that ?
    Paul Mc

  8. lisa Says:

    i cant believe you dont like luke hes great, hes funny i know he gossips but darnel no he just sings cookie songs and moans..lol… bex to be evicted this week she a spoilt brat..go luke!!! :-)

  9. candie Says:

    Luke is great, i like the old washer woman attitude he has.. its funny. Darnell is so on the ball its unreal, its like he can read everyone and there motives… that sarah is so transparent…. and mikeys comment about his gaurd dog and gf……….. NO COMMENT! hahaha

    I got my exam results today, did well so im pleased 😀

  10. candie Says:

    Oh yes, if i hear cookies and happy house anymore… im going to go crazy 😀

  11. lisa Says:

    well done on your exam results candie ,and for likeing luke we have taste on washer woman us two. :-)

  12. lisa Says:

    happy happy happy blog…lol sorry couldnt resist..lol

  13. candie Says:

    Thanks Lisa, This is a happy blog… considering what its based on lol.

    Ahhhhhhhhh at the happy song lol

  14. lisa Says:

    cookie love…. cookie love… sorry paul dont ban me…i just bring happy happy to the blog..il be good now :-) well il try.

  15. candie Says:

    Lisa NO NO NO, ban her Paul.. go on hahah

  16. No More Anxiety Says:

    Lol, I can’t believe what she has started here, but I will go for a happy, happy blog : )

    Well done on your exam results Candie, always good to hear good news. Just got in from my run, legs are bleeding aching, I am trying to train for a half marathon and the guy I run with is an expert. All I see is the back of his shorts, but I am trying. When I do my first one I will post some pics. I was thinking of having a page on my site, maybe hidden to the majority where we can share pics of achievments, days out or anything at all that we feel we would like to add. Any feedback would be good.


  17. lisa Says:

    get in happy happy blog!!!!! :-).yes achievements would be good i might even show my cookiessssssssssssssss..hehe. :-)

  18. rick Says:

    Hi all
    Not posted in ages……. but do read hear often….. thanks for the giggle……. ps Lisa i love cookiesssssssssssssssssssss, LOL

  19. lisa Says:

    hi rick how you doing… glad i brought a smile to you …i love cookiesssssssssss too.do you watch big brother ??and if so who do you think will win?? sorry paul i no big brother isnt the post, but i like to bring happy happy to your site :-) i am now going to bed to eat my cookies..i shall lick them and dip them and eat them nicely!!!! good night happy happy blog xx

  20. jo Says:

    hi all,
    I think a page for photos of our achievments is a totally fab idea!
    Its great to see everyone doing so well this week.
    Ive got 16 days til I get married (not that im counting! lol) and im sooooo excited, Its so amazing to feel excitied about something!
    I never thought i’d get this far after feeling so awful.

    Lisa why did you have to mention cookies? I have a wedding dress to get into you know! lol

    have a great day all, luv Jo xxx

  21. lisa Says:

    sorry jo..lol…was just trying to make us all smile,good luck with your wedding im sure you will look amazing and wish you lots of happiness and cookie love..lol :-) xx

  22. No More Anxiety Says:

    Jo good luck, if you want to be the first to put your pics up then let me know and I will set the page up.

  23. lorryt Says:

    Good luck for the wedding, and as you say its great to feel emotions again

    all the best


  24. rick Says:

    Luke to win all the way………..

  25. lisa Says:

    nice one rick :-)

  26. rick Says:

    Ive got money on it…….
    he better had

  27. lisa Says:

    oh no…hope he does for you then.we should have a sweep on here..lol

  28. Candie Says:

    Hope you have a lovely wedding day Jo! 😀

    *Tells Lisa of* Shame on you lisa, bringing cookie love to the blog…. argh, that Kat really gets on my last nerve!

  29. rick Says:

    He best had haha…..
    The big brother thing i find is interesting, those who suffer from anxiety will, im sure be experts in analising ”one’s self”… for me watching big brother is like me being the analizer for there behaviour…. wierd i no but i find it quite comforting.. lol..
    Lisa i bet you 100000 cookies and a whole lot of cookie love that he wins….

  30. jo Says:

    Thanks guys for all your lovely messages,
    Paul I would love to put my wedding pics on here, just let me know what i need to do, (im a bit of a technophobe! lol), then hopefully we can all get some pics on here, will be lovely to put faces to names.
    I cant believe im missing out on all the big brother fun, Its the first year I havent watched it! Bugger! (sorry, am I aloud to say that?)
    Right Im off to work, have a good day guys, xxx

  31. No More Anxiety Says:

    Jo all you need to do is when you have your pics, just attach them to an email and I will do the rest. I did put up a forum and we all had a look what people looked like, amazing how you always have an image in your mind and it turns out completely wrong : )

    So yes just email me the pics, just let me know through my contact form when you have them and I will let you know what to do. That goes for anyone else, they can just be fun pics, if anyone would like a pic putting up just let me know, we will start with Jo and then take it from there.

  32. lisa Says:

    paul can i ask how you managed to get your attention off yourself?you said dont try, let it burn its self out ,but its drives you nuts!!! i guess im still finding accepting hard,and maybe others are too.thanks.

  33. Claire Says:

    Hi everyone! I am getting married soon as well! Woo hoo! on 14th August so not long for me either, I would love to put my pics up as well. so exciting! cant wait! :) I know what you mean I am totally into the wedding thing! and it is great to have a focus on something other than analysing myself all the time. its just so much fun and planning!

  34. lorryt Says:

    Congratulations to all of those who are getting married good luck and all the best xxxxxxx lets hope its great weatherxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. Candie Says:

    Yes congratulations 😀

  36. JoeyLowtown Says:

    My sister has major food anxiety. She wont eat anything that she has never eaten before incase she has an allergic reaction! Not even mentioning this to her though!

    Just got back from a week in Portugal, it was great with relatively little anxiety. Too much to drink though. Unfortunately on the downside my phone and week old digital camera were stolen from the villa! So im gutted!

  37. lisa Says:

    oh happy happy blog for weddings..lol good luck clare :-).or poor you joey hope your going to claim.

  38. No More Anxiety Says:

    Lisa I will cover it in a later post, but if you are letting it drive you nuts, then you have not accepted it. I disliked my attention on myself, but I just accepted it as part of me for the time being and also brought other things into my day, so I had other things to concentrate on. At one time how I felt was the first thing I thought of in the morning and the last thing I thought of at night and its because I did not understand anything about how I felt. I tried to figure a way out, of course the attention was going to be on me everyday, I thought of nothing else and let nothing else take my attention, it became a habit, anyway I will cover it for you in a post soon.

    By the way am I am the only person on here not getting married this year : )

  39. lisa Says:

    ok paul many thanks,look forward to the post.its about time you popped the question!!! :-)

  40. Candie Says:

    No, i am not getting Paul!

    Yea i used to watch myself all day, but now im ok with it. Just get on with things. If ya get frustrated with it and make it an issue you look for it even more i think.

  41. lisa Says:

    i cant believe dippy darnell is head of the house..and poor old luke is off to hell.. but luke will cope :-)

  42. JR Says:

    hello all just wanted to write to say that I’m feeling a lot better, sometimes I have really bad spells of anxiety and deep dp but at other times I have very little anxiety and dp. I’m actually astonished by how deep into dp I was. Sometimes I have these thoughts like “ok I’m almost well, i’m feeling better this must be the end” but then for a hour or so I’ll feel even more real or attached to my surroundings. Then I’m like “wow there is a whole other level to this”. And it really does come back in layers. I still have a ways to go though.

    Kind of weird though…recently I started feeling super good (still some dp, but just able to take on more things with some mind clarity) and when I feel great I start feeling these dull feelings or get all the exsitental anxiety thoughts (like is this it and all life is). From here I start getting anxious again and the feeling return. They don’t really make me to scared anymore just annoyed. It’s almost like when I feel better, I get a little scared of feeling better. (if that makes any sense).

  43. Candie Says:

    Lol its called missing the anxiety JR, it has been spoke of on here before. Just a habit that fades with time

  44. lorryt Says:

    wow jr, i am getting these feelings too, i am so lucky to have 2 kids , great house, good support system in my hubby and dad and family etc, but my mind goes is this my life, is this all it is. but i just go a*******s to it , its not me, just part of my recovery and it will go, easy to do at times ,but at others it panics me beyond belief,

    strange that your mind is such a powerful thing but plays tricks on us all

    have a good day, each day we get a day closer to recovery


  45. Paul Mc Says:

    Thats great news guys ! The route to recovery is there for you to see now , with the foundations of what you have learned firmly in place and put into practice the rewards are beginning to show !
    JR ! You are totally right recovery does come in layers , this way makes it possible for us to move onto each individual stage of the recovery process ! Thats why its important to take one step at a time right from the very beginning and not to look too far in front ! The process will unravell itself , all in its own time , patience along with the ability to truly believe that recovery will come in time ,is the key ! I have come a long way in the last 6 months also , but know there’s still work to do , but believe me Life seems such a better place to be than it was a year ago when i only but existed , keep up the good work everyone !
    Paul mc

  46. lorryt Says:

    very true paul, my recovery has been longer but i have to take each day as it comes and not look to far ahead, as that just compounds the suffering. All of what i have learned and how i now feel has come from Pauls book , i guess th ecounselling helped loads. but i feel now i can talk to friends about stuff, and by talking i have realised just how many people are suffering in silencebut having a big support system helps loads too


  47. Paul Mc Says:

    Its good you have that backing from your family and friends , it obviously means a lot to you , you are very lucky , as many people dont really understand just how life changing severe anxiety can be ! Sometimes I think it should be called something else , with its crippling effect and mind bending symptoms the very word anxiety belittles the condition from a sufferers point of view , or at least that’s how I see it most nonsufferers looking in and just regarding it as a short term inconvenience or an every day symptom experienced by all !! If you get where I’m coming from !! Suppose what I’m saying is unless you’ve been through it , then you cant begin to understand how it works , Its taken me 15 years with the help of Paul to understand that !!! God knows which direction I’d have been heading , if I didnt find this site at the beginning of this year , sheerly out of desperation !! Paul .

  48. lorryt Says:

    trouble is my hubby and my dad have been through it and they are the two people who support me most, they still sufffer, but mainly they promote the same way of thinking let it all go , it cant hurt you unless you let it , i didnt understand that , i truly believed that if let these thoughts in they would destroy me, they made me sink for a long time and depression got hold. although i am not depressed any more anxiety is still here and although not as bad as it was still haunts my days, especially when im alone, as kids are at school. btu i will get there as will you.


  49. jimmy Says:

    It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted last but I have certainly been keeping up.

    JR, I have had similar anxiety related issues to almost eveyone on here, but I think I can identify with you the most. When I read your posts, I’m like “yeah, I know that feeling, or that fear.” The constant introspection is definitely hard to stop doing. I was on vacation a couple weeks ago and I had good and bad days. Before that, I had a nice week and a half stretch. But when I was on vacation, it was as if I knew the only way I could ruin my time there was to think/obsess over my anxiety – which usually stemmed from the existential stuff. When I felt good, I was like, “wow, I feel good” but I eventually had my down moments because I had to go back and remember what made me feel like crap in the first place.

    I’m back to feeling pretty good again. Compared to 6 months ago, I have to say I feel so much better. I remember thinking that I just wanted to have a good day or even half a day. Now, I’m looking back at good weeks. The existential stuff is brutal, I know. Like, “what is the purpose of all of this, etc.” But you know why this isn’t us? If we really didn’t love our life, this feeling wouldn’t stress us out so much. What I have learned is that we can’t be introspective even when we are feeling good. I know that’s been said on this site many times but sometimes we need to experience this for ourselves.

    You know what has worked for me? When I get those awful thoughts, I just remember that there’s no way to prevent them from coming so it’s OK that they are there. However, it’s not OK for them to linger. That’s where we come in. When the initial thought comes, it’s cool – let it come. But then, it’s over. Next thought – move on. This is where you focus on what you’re doing in real life. Trust me it helps alot. This way, we’re not preventing ourselves from having the thought, but we’re not obsessing either. When we start trying too hard, it’s over. It’s got us. Remember, next thought – your mind will make this you new habit. We can’t just say “next thought.” You really have to get to the next thought.

    Best to all.

  50. lorryt Says:

    Why is my brain giving me such a hard times these past few days. i ve just read your post Jimmy and I am so spaced out about not getting better. I am trying to let my brain move onto the next thought without forcing it, but i guess by doing this i am ?!.As im typing this my heart is pounding and my hands are shaking i have a fuzzy head and i want to cry, once i have had a cry i tend to feel a bit better , its not a case of feeling sorry for myself its letting the adrenelin out. I have cut right down on my meds and am on 50mg tablet a day and am determined to get there. Candie how are yoy getting on without your medication is it still going well, I need reassurance that i can do it coz im so frightened of going backwards.
    can anyone help me ?

    have a good one im trying to !


  51. Jeff Says:

    Hi All
    I haven’t posted in a long time mainly because “My life” got in the way. This was the point I wanted to make. I have been feeling great and anxiety free for quite a while and this really happened as I just let my life unfold around me. As I began to understand my fears and accompaning obessive thoughts I learned through paul’s book and this blog to just let things go. Then an amazing thing happened I started living my life in the present and future and stopped dwelling on the past. Sure I have occasional bad days but I know they will pass. This makes them a lot easier to deal with. Lorryt please don’t lose hope you are on the right track and I know you will get there

  52. Candie Says:

    Hi Lorry,

    I went to speak to my doctor yesterday, he came up with a five week plan to take me of my meds completely. So in 5 weeks i will be of them fully, i think its better doing it really slowly as ya dont worry ya will not cope without them as ya body doesnt notice the difference.

    I dont really have anxiety no more and when i do i dont care… i dont even stress about set backs. so i guess im recovering now. :)

  53. lisa Says:

    lorry stop worrying about going backwards,remember its 2 forward and 3 back recovery is not a straight line.if your hands shake and your heart beats so what its your attitude,just stick your fingers up and carry on.the tears get less the more you accept,i found acceptance hard for a long time but it starts to become automatic now,you really do have to start and accept any thoughts any feelings and just let them go,there is only you that can do this,but you will get there but believe you will. i know youv suffered a long time i have myself youv just picked alot of bad habits up along the way like alot of us have on the happy blog!! but with your belief and pauls advise you can change your bad habits to posive ones,i no its not easy but the more you do they will become your new habits.

  54. lorryt Says:

    cheers guys, slow an sure i guess, THANKYOU you lot do make a difference. its others understanding and having belief that counts for me , iv been posting too much lately i think i will take step back for a while

    all the best lorryt

  55. lisa Says:

    lorry it doesnt matter if you post once a day or 20 times a day as long as your understanding.just keep reassuring yourself,were all here. it is slow your right,but youv been through alot but youl get there,keep telling yourself.i can see your improvements when you post,look at what you can do now that you couldnt last week,or two weeks ago there all improvements and all positives. :-)

  56. samantha Says:

    hi all

    sorry its been a while since i posted i have started my cbt and its going ok but i am still thinking all about myself introspection so paul a post on this would be great


  57. lorryt Says:


    i felt really good this morning , but have been feeling really spaced out these past few days, but have been getting on with things.,It doesnt stop me doing things but i dont really enjoy anything and when i feel i start to enjoy things the emotion goes again. the only way i can describe it is as like a tortoise poking its head out of its shell to see the light and then drawing it back in quickly, coz its too much to take.i havent felt emotion for so long i have just got used to feeling nothing and when i do , its like emotional overload, if you understand me . i love my kids and hubby and everything we do and we have , but dont enjoy life, and thats what i find hard to accept. but i guess the sooner i accept it for now the easier it will come to me.
    I have a very good friend who said to me i have a long emotional journey to go on, and boy was she right !. i feel like i have just bought a ticket and got on the buS!

    have a good day all ,

  58. lisa Says:

    hi lorry,i no what you mean.can i ask have you tried counselling for your loss it can help.your tortoise isnt ready yet .i totally know no where your coming from about not enjoying things anymore i sometimes feel the same but you have to find something you enjoy to get them feelings back,which they will come on their own.i love decorating i think i cant be bothered but then think yes i can,and go and find me colours,me carpet,and feel good after what iv achieved.i like ten pin bowling,i think before i go whats the point it doesnt stop me thinking but when i get there its great..things like that help.your bus journey will end when its ready to,ride with that bus lorry,il sit beside you,.right on with me decorating. :-)

  59. lorryt Says:

    yes i went to counselling for the loss of my mum, but losing my nan and being in hospital for 5 operations and the association of my mum dying from breast cancer and thats what they thought i had initially didnt help. I am getting there, and everybody recovers at their own rate. i love being with my kids and doing things with them , seeing my friends . i am a people person, and find my mates have been great. right just got to get ready to take kids out to feed the ponies. bus has picked up a few passengers much appreciated !

    all the best

  60. lisa Says:

    just let the passengers on the bus lorry they get off when there ready.if you let them on thats your way of accepting ,youv already said your getting there so your doing great,hope the ponies have a nice lunch xx

  61. lorryt Says:

    Thanks Lisa

    your support is great, how are you ?? i always post and get great help but there is another side to the coin, how are you coping?.

    i have so much to be positive about eventually the positive will overtake the negative i guess, i just have to go with the flow.

    you are a great bunch !! and have a great day lorry

  62. Paul Mc Says:

    Are you two girls trying to take over the blog or something ? Joking ! No its great to come on here and get support ! what goes around comes around and we all gain in every way from having the ability to access this site whenever ! Just a point you mentioned Lorry about not enjoying your life anymore , although it may seem that way , its not really who you or we really are ! because its a symptom experienced by us all ! Its just the existence thing overpowering our ability to enjoy things , but it isnt there forever ! Believe me ! this will go in time , dont expect to wake up and its gone it will creep up on you , the same way as the anxiety did in the first instance , and your days will be filled by a more positive attitude and your ability to enjoy life again , will slowly return ! be sure of that ! Hope you are well also Lisa !
    Paul Mc

  63. lisa Says:

    hey guys im fine ,busy decorating. i know the kids the have just broken up but kitting them out with new trousers and jumpers and pe kits ready to go back,if i dont buy them now theres none left.no me and me lorry havent taken over…lol..just supporting and riding on the .was in asda today my bus kept stopping for passengers,if felt great to let them on and carry on with shopping and my day. as paul said not always easy but the more passengers that got on i never noticed them .

  64. lisa Says:

    thank you for your kind words lorry, each day gets better just keep going youl get there xx

  65. No More Anxiety Says:

    About as sensible thing as anyone has said Paul Mc below.

    Believe me ! this will go in time , dont expect to wake up and its gone.

    I think/know that people who have hung around for a while know they have to go through a journey to recovery, those are the people that will find peace and DON’T rush things or run around chasing their own tail for recovery, thinking if they search around that eventually they will find that sentence that will make it all go away. I am going to post in the next couple of days about me and recovery in more detail. I recovered because I always believed I would and that is important, no matter how many bad days I had, I always believed that I would get better. Not only that but I NEVER let how I felt dominate what I did and make decisions for me. I put myself in uncomfortable positions for the good in the long run, not for the present, i.e falling into hiding, running away.

    Anyway more in my next post.


  66. lorryt Says:

    no paul we aren’t taking over !!!!!, just getting the support from you lot.

    its such a positive place to be , and lisa has experienced alot that i have so i guess she can see things as i do, not saying that you dont . ohhh ill shut up as im not great with words

    anyway hi everyone and have a good day


  67. Peter Says:

    Hi all looking forward to Paul’s post on recovery. Think mine is a bit up and down at the moment, but I suppose that’s to be expected! Had a rough day yesterday with lots of adrenaline and negative thoughts but I carried on with my day regardless. Although I had a bit of a rough night last night I feel more optimistic today and more ‘with it’.

    When I look back over the last few months I can see that I have made real progress but I’m finding that I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the pace of my recovery as I want to be better NOW!! I know that this is not a helpful approach and that I should just accept how I am feeling at the moment and get on with my day but I would be interested to hear from Paul as to how he kept positive and motivated through his recovery.

    One thing I am going to do is more exercise as I think this will definitely help with my adrenaline levels.

  68. lisa Says:

    you can have a merit paul mc..lol… first day of the kids summer holidays today and its black clouds..lets hope the sun comes out :-)

  69. Jules Says:

    Good to read the lighthearted banter and the other bits on here and see how people are doing.
    I’l look forward to Pauls post on his recovery.
    I draw strength from reading about peoples kind words and little (and big) acheivements. :-)

  70. Paul Mc Says:

    Yeah Paul you are soo right about the journey ! I think acceptance comes when you finally realise that this journey needs to take its course , regardless of its content and will reach its destination not when you would like it to but when the natural healing process is complete ! Thats why true acceptance , not forced ! is the only way , just step out of the way and take the trip !
    Paul Mc

  71. Jules Says:

    Hey there
    I’ve been trying to be positive (obviously not very well) but am struggling at the moment.
    I have been struggling even believing what I am experiencing is anxiety, the dp has come back and I feel I am never going to get better, thinking very negatively and feeling like I am going mad and loosing it. I think it took me a year or more to get into the anxiety and its been 8 months i’ve been suffering and can see times before that year that I had anxiety and didnt realise.
    I get pins and needles all over my body, even when I think I dont feel anxious and then that triggers the anxiety and I feel trapped. I feel it’s tricked me right into the fear and feeling something terrible is wrong with me and something bad is going to come of this.
    I find it hard to ‘accept’ as it seems as if I ignore or try to live with the anxiety it will just get stronger and worse if I carry on doing the things i’m doing cos thats what got me into this mess in the first place, like I let this happen and let the anxiety build up like this. I find it very confusing and have been getting very down. Then I get disapointed with myself for pitying myself. i explained it to a friend like being in a disco with bright flashing lights and loud music and your supposed to act indifferent towards it to be able to just accept it i just get so scared of how i feel, its so silly.
    I’m sorry to go off on one.
    I’m going to read the book again.

  72. lorryt Says:


    we are all experiencing the same just in different ways. and we all have times when we struggle, but you are doing teh right thing read pauls book and draw strength that you are following the right path , we are all here to help you too!!. beleive me you are not going off on one, it helped me to know that i could get it off my chest as it were. you arent going mad, and dont let it get you down.just remember you are on the road to recovery you will get there and you will understand more as you go along too.

    patience is the key.all the best lorry

  73. Peter Says:

    I can very much relate to what Jules is saying as I feel similar at the moment. I like the ‘being in the disco’ analogy as it can be very difficult staying calm and getting on with your day when all of these symptoms seem to be shouting at you!
    I know patience and time is the key but this can be very hard when you wake up every day feeling tense with a pounding heart! I haven’t let anxiety change what I do and where I go in my life and I do try to get on with things but if you’re not careful if can get you down dealing with this on a daily basis.
    Perhaps I haven’t mastered the accepting thing yet??

  74. Paul Mc Says:

    Hello everyone ! seems some are suffering quite intense anxiety symptoms at the moment . Its funny how when things turn bad they seem really bad , I suppose its because we are still frightened of them and begin to think the worst ! If you can just weather the storm and keep in a positive frame of mind , however hard it may be , then next week or even the next day will bring a whole lot of different emmotions ! This is all part of that journey ! If you can treat everything on an even platform then some order begins to take shape in your irrational thinking ,and with that brings the ability for the recovery process to take shape ! So please hang in there and dont act on the negative feelings , its all part of the cycle , learn not to react , re programme yourself to adopt new habits to your anxiety , positive ones ! its the negatives that will keep you in the cycle , I was in it for 15 years , until i found this site and acted on the information , believe me it will all knit together , dont try to see how that will happen , just take everything thats thrown at you , and dont let it get you down ! trust in the process !! It works !! Have faith !
    Paul Mc

  75. Jules Says:

    Thanks Lorry for the kinds words and Peter and Paul-feels like i’ve totally stuffed things up at the moment. I have a pretty heavy job, as a psych nurse as it goes but it doesnt make it easier having an ‘insiders view’ so to speak as it has been this website that has given me the most support. I think my naturally questioning and analytical mind is kind of turning on me and work is so stressful. In order to get better I think i need to commit to the belief that I will get better which is where i seem to have the problem.
    It sounds like you’ve been through alot Lorry, as others have on this site.
    What would we have done 20 years ago if we had this illness without the internet?
    Jules x

  76. Jules Says:

    and i forgot to say without the acceptance road to recovery…

  77. lorryt Says:

    very true, brings us all together. it is very hard. but we will all get there.

    life today is very stressful , and i think we all have loads of life stuff to deal with. I am trying very hard to see how much my attitude has changed towards my anxiety in the past year. It consumed me totally for a while, and it is only now that i have realised that i have suffered with this for many years. What else can i say other than without the book and pauls explanation, and others help and support, i wouldnt have come this far. A year ago i couldnt get out of bed without feeling physically sicvk and eaten up with anxiety, now i am back at work more or less living life, cant say im enjoying it as i want to but that will come in time, just accept. easy to say hard to do at times. just believe in yourself, i am so convinced that we can all do it.

    all the best and have a good day sun is out and that helps !

  78. Kenyatta Nesmith Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’m new to the site and to Anxiety, might I add…I’m 2 months into this horrible disorder however, I’m accepting it everyday! Paul as well as the book has been a blessing for me! I can actually say that I am 90% myself again and it feels great because I’ve come from crippling anxiety/panic attacks that forced me to become bed bound. I still suffer from bad days, emotionally and physically but my good out weigh the bad which is all that matters. So far I’m still suffering emotionally from The fear of dying young from my so-called undetected illness…and physically; lightheadedness, overwhelming weak spells, shortness of breath and the one that plague me the most that not many discuss I see….CHEST PAIN! (now how could you not associate that with heart disease or attack)? Thanks everyone for being here! :)

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