A positive post and thread for everyone

Well a blog is suppose to be about what’s happening, the latest news, bits and bobs. So again I am going away from advice and would like to start a positive thread for everyone to contribute to. I always like to stay positive and hopefully that comes across in my post and comments. I want people to come here and not only learn things, but also to feel better and be filled with belief and maybe even go away with a smile. Anxiety and all it brings can be testing at times, so everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for going through what they have. I know I am proud that I went through it and came out the other side, always believing I would, a belief that is coming across in many people now, it is so nice to see a post from someone who is feeling better and seeing progress.

Somebody said to me last week “how do I get rid of this thing”, I said straight away, ‘Its not a thing, its just a feeling’ a feeling that will pass in time. I always try to get people to change their attitude to how they feel, it is so important, something you hate less and understand more, loses a lot of its power.

So anyway back to the thread. Well I would like people to post something positive about their life, maybe a song that cheers them up, a new job, how they have improved, some good news they have received, a pet that makes them smile, something they are looking forward to, anything at all. So if I can start, here is a song that I used to listen to when I had a bad day, it really cheered me up, it had a big impression on me and I still play it often, its called life. Here is the link

Take care and keep the faith : )


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  1. Paul McGowan Says:

    Hi everyone ,
    Yeah Paul is right , its good to remember some of the positive things in life , of which in time we still have the ability within , to experience and enjoy to the full !
    I’ve not been posting quite as much recently , simply because i have taken a step back from things , after noticiing small improvements in how i am generally feeling .I have experienced sensations that i forgot i could , like prolonged spells with a relatively clear mind , (no dp) , nerves and feelings of general anxiety not as intense as in the last few years , and not analizing everything and anything that comes my way on a daily basis . I think this in turn has cut down on the overload , i was putting on myself , and has begun to show in a small but encouraging way , Any progress i have made only began since i found Paul’s book and his site , so for anyone just finding the site stick around , navigate your way around because all your answers are here it just takes time and patience !
    Anyway i’ve got to say like most i’m really looking forwrd to summer , my favourite time of the year , getting away to the sun , spending a couple of weeks on the beach is just my idea of total paradise and enjoyment ! , so with that in mind , i just want to post a song which reminds me of exactly that ! you’ll see what i mean once you’ve listened , its called Summer Sky , ENJOY ! hope the link works EDITED to include link here

  2. Paul McGowan Says:

    Guess i’m rubbish at links , anyway if you want to listen to it , the group is called Honeyroot , you can find it on youtube

  3. Frederic Floyd Says:

    Here’s some positive points in my life:

    . Ive come off meds, with no ill effects, and my sleep is natural again (takes a few weeks of worse sleep, but its better now)
    . Im learning to fly, which is stressfull in itself for anyone, but its been a longtime dream
    . I dont panick of having the thought ‘oh my god, smoking weed made me the mess i am today’
    . I actually want to have a meaningfyl relationship again
    . not blaming my mum anymore
    . going back to gym with friends, working, studying…

    Im disapointed that I still feel so -ve, and angry so often though…

  4. Edward Says:

    I was coming on leaps and bounds over the last couple of days. Well at least compared to how I was!
    Still, after finishing work yesterday and this morning I have felt bad again a few intrusive thoughts and the “what if’s” came back. But what the hell im sure im on the road to recovery and even though I know im struggling now im prepared to “just be” for as long as it takes.
    Im currently taking Citromapol and these seem to be helping no end, plus I start some therapy soon so this should all help.

    I am also looking forward to summer as I have treated myself to a new motorbike. Im struggling to get excited about it at the moment but im sure that this is a feeling that will return!

    Paul – when you were on the road to recovery how did you deal with your off days ?

  5. No More Anxiety Says:

    Don’t worry Paul I edited your post to include the link : ) That’s a really nice song by the way, very calming. The summer, a lovely time, one of my favourite things to do is just sit and have a meal and a pint of cider outside my favourite pub on a hot day.

    Edward I think you asked this elsewhere, I will answer you there, I want to keep away from advice on this thread and give people a chance to be positive if that’s o.k. I promise to answer where you first asked, but a lot was all about being positive.

    Some more positive things.

    I build a few websites for others in my spare time, but I am poor on the graphics side of things, I am joining a course to improve this, as much for the social side as anything else, I like being creative so it will help on this side of things.

    I have slowed right down on drinking recently and now go out on my mountain bike, play squash and five a side, the difference to how I have felt has been huge, I feel far fresher and more awake, I am never going to be perfect as I like to have a drink and eat rubbish at times, but I aimed to improve a lot of things and have lost a stone in weight.

    Another positive is having some of the nicest people around on this blog, people do struggle and go through a lot but there has been no arguments, everyone supporting each other and some great advice.

    O.k that’s me, do feel free to add some things.


  6. Paul McGowan Says:

    Hi Paul
    Thanks for editing that for me ! thought other people may also find it calming ! anyway its really nice to hear how you continue to improve your wellbeing even after coming through anxiety , i think its very important to still make those changes to further enhance the quality of life that you have found once again , i can assure you i will never take life for granted again , once i get the better of this , even sweeter second time around ! have a great Easter everyone !
    Paul .

  7. Rick Says:

    Hi eveyone,
    just a few little points id like to share………:)
    Well its good to read Pauls side of things, its good to no that he shares many of my endulgences!!!! lol
    Im really doing well, or should i say a lot better since i found this site and Pauls book (positive)
    I no longer have many of the really terrifying symptoms (positive)
    Im back playing football at weekends (positive)
    Im back socialising with friends and girlfriend (positive)
    Im starting to enjoy things more eg work and shopping (positive)
    I look forward to things now (positive)
    My relationship with my girlfriend is stronger we have come closer (positive)
    I still struggle with bouts of really bad thoughts and some panic episodes also lots of dp, but im still going (not so positive .lol)
    If anyone could just give a few tips on the strange thoughts and dp it would be much appriciated. Sometimes just reading other peoples stories helps…….

    Anyway just writing this down has made me realise how far i have come, now people say to me Rick your looking well or having a laugh with my mates seems not so bad after all……

    I think a lot of my problems have come from lack of confidence. Now its building back to how it was and it feels good:)

    Bye for now

  8. No More Anxiety Says:

    I found that Rick that confidence comes in layers bit by bit, I think we have to accept that. I think a lot of people think that everyone else is confident, which is never the case, we all have bouts of insecurity or hang ups, but we are all unique and should be happy with who we are. I like your list of positives, shows you have come so far and you should be proud of that, its very easy to go into your shell and give up sometimes when you are feeling bad, that is something I really tried not to do. I am sure you will keep progressing and that’s all you need to go for, don’t strive for perfection.

  9. Rick Says:

    Thank you Paul
    Your reassurance means alot……
    Although i am a bit of a perfectionist lol :)

  10. Debbie Says:

    Ok here goes,
    I’m back to work, and it seems to not be as bad as i thought!
    I’m enjoying a lot of things now! My garden, my cat, chocolate!!
    My cats called Reggie, i got him 6wks after i turned ill last year, i haven’t enjoyed him as much as i could, but i am able to really enjoy him now! he’s such a lovely boy! and makes me smile when he chases the tropical fish around the tank!!!
    My confidence is slowly building, i can feel that.
    The physical anxiety feelings have pretty much gone, yippee, just left with a bit of dp and the blurred vision.
    The dp thats left is so much less scary!
    I have all the tools and knowledge to help myself.
    I am able to get on with my day with all my feelings beside me (most of the time!) and make the most of every day i am given!
    My breakdown doesn’t seem like the end of the world anymore, it happened for a reason. Now i have been able to completely reasses my life from a new perspective.
    with love to everyone, we just need to be kind to ourselves!

  11. Leanne Says:

    I had 4 days of feeling NO symptoms it was ACE! I then went and got drunk at the weekend with friends and the next day was filled with irrational thought. I tried not to fight it but because I was feeling so bad I just went back to bed and did some suffering. As the day wore on rational thought returned though and then I remembered NOT to fight it to let “it” come. Let what come? Nothing came, except RELIEF. Its just a feeling. Its JUST A FEELING. Even though I hate the crappy days – they REMIND me that I am getting better. Bit by bit I’m on the right road. I gave up smoking a month ago as well, because of the anxious thought of impending doom, and feel SO much better about that. It feels like I am being tested alot of the time. Someone on this thread said the physcial symptoms seem to be on their way out and I am pleased to say the same is happening to me. “It” keeps trying though to test me but it won’t win. So at present, irrational thought is the feeling I’m getting and its sometimes hard to shake, but I always do eventually. :-) This is something I am SO positive about. Leanne Diggins

  12. No More Anxiety Says:

    That’s good Leanne, yes it does test at times, but its always how you react. You may remember when you fought, cried, worried, all the things that made you fall deeper into the conditon, well look how far you have come in a short space of time, well done you….When you add a pic on FB it comes up on my page and you do look to have that smile back : )

    The beer is a bugger though for symptoms, it was for me at times, but we need a release and enjoyment. I found as long as I just got fresh and not stone drunk, I was far better.


  13. Leanne Says:

    Haa haa. Thats me just playing up in the photos! Yeah I am MUCH better and I think the alcohol consumption has to come down.

  14. Manuella Says:

    Hi guys!

    I would say that the most positive thing for me was going to The Cure’s concert this month…I felt the tension rise sometimes but made it through and it was worth it!

    The alcohol consumption is a funny thing, really…it makes me relax but the the morning after: Oh geez!

    And well done to all of you, getting better and following the path to recovery!

    Also, since this section’s about bits and bobs, would be nice to see some faces too…lol…I’m a curious person. What’s a FB? :S


  15. JoeyLowtown Says:

    I had a really good few days last week, never even thought of anxiety. Then today remembered Im meant to be anxious and tried myself with a few thoughts haha. Much less scary today, if they’re their still tomorrow, then so what!
    Biggest releases for me are going the gym, listening to BON JOVI (haha, dont laugh, loved them all my 22 years, so proper reminder of good times) and the best release of all is going the cinema, takes your mind off everything but the film and snuggle my girl (mind is free to pay her proper attention).
    Big anxious thought at the moment for me is far less scary than previous ones, but its stuff like “what if I can never manage to get a mortgage or have kids”, “what if I’ll be a bad dad cos im anxious” etc

  16. Shirley D. Says:

    Yes, Manuella – would be nice to see some faces to names!!!

    I have spent most of the weekend surfing those two big video/music websites and have managed to add the ‘songs’ to my favourites. Attended the Big Chill last year (just over the road from where I live) and enjoy chill out music so, the whole of the Honeyroot (can I mention that) tracks are now in my collection.
    I have eaten my fair share of Easter goodies too over the weekend (I missed out badly at Christmas) as no appetite during the festive period. Have an interview on Friday.
    Lots of positivitey – feel the vibes.

  17. No More Anxiety Says:

    Manuella I did put my pic up last month for a few days, you must have missed it : )

    The cure, I used to love them, well I still play an album of theirs, is it staring at the sea? I think that is what they call it, never even knew they still toured!

    Joey, glad to say that not only have certain things improved but you have changed your attitude a lot, this is important and takes a little time and grows with knowledge. Don’t know about Bon Jovi though…lol Rock is not my thing, don’t know what is really my collection is so varied.

    Shirley, what job interview have you on Friday? Let us know how you get on, that’s really good. Well I went to the libary today, just got back in fact and looked at some courses and activitys I could do. I work mostly from home but you miss meeting and socialising with people, so that’s the whole aim of it.

    Well theres a lot of positivity going around, keep it coming, you can never be to positive.


  18. steph Says:

    hey paul, everyone, im steph and am fairly new to this site, its a question for paul really i written to you couple of times on the other posts and have not heard back yet and ive noticed you have been on here couple of times recentley, just wondred how this blog works,do you stick to the most recent posts only or are the other posts read also? if anyone else knows id be greatfull if you could let me know thanks, this is a great blog by the way and have spoken to a couple of people already,think ill post some info on ‘bit about me’ blog to introduce myself!

  19. No More Anxiety Says:

    Steph a blog is not a question and answer place although I do advise from time to time. This place is the only place I can hang out and post advice, be myself and not be bombarded with questions and emails, there is no guarantee that a question or post will be answered, I don’t read everyone and yes the last post will get more attention than old ones. The main site has grown into somewhat of a monster with a hell of a lot of hits on a daily basis, with this comes hundreds of questions and trust me if you answer anyone you will receive another 20 emails, it just becomes impossible you would be emailing and answering questions 24 hours a day and I also do get busy with other things. Through no fault of their own everyone wants a piece of you and I have to draw the line somewhere as I don’t want it to get to the stage where I have to become a faceless person behind a site.

    This blog is run in a way that things don’t become out of control for me and I am able to hang around. I answer when I feel it is needed and also advise from time to time, so if you do post something and it is not answered then please don’t be offended. I will leave this reply and your question up so I know you have it and then will have to delete as I want this post to stick with the positive theme.

    Take care


  20. Shirley D. Says:

    My job interview is office based. I hope I get it – depends how many are in for it. Fingers crossed.
    Shirley D

  21. steph Says:

    Ok thanks paul, just wanted to make sure was getting the whole blog thing! i recieved your book this morning so i will get stuck into that tonight, i find your info really makes sense and am starting to see changes slowly but surely! Everyones posts on here are really positive and inspirational,and are of great help! thanks take care.

  22. Leanne Says:

    Hey Steph – The book will really help you, its easy to read and I keep mine with me most of the time. X

  23. No More Anxiety Says:

    Steph if I could give eveyone one to one help I would as trust me I know what an awful lonely place it can be when you have little information, I suffered and got worse for 10 years without the correct advice, in fact most of it I had to figure out myself. This is why I run the main site, wrote a book and have this blog where people can support each other, I don’t want people to suffer like I did, trust me I was as bad as anyone that has ever got in touch with me, I could not even function.

    I have really tried to be different from everyone else out there and hopefully I have acheived this and people are improving a lot. I don’t make false promises and i have faith in what I say, so do read the book and hang around here and I am sure you will learn so much.

    Take care


  24. Shirley D. Says:

    I just want to say what a friendly bunch everyone is on this website. I was corresponding by e mail with another lady and we discovered we are in the same city (just about 2 miles apart) we have only met up once so far but she knows i’m here and I know she’s there. We are still in contact by e mail and I look forward to my next visit with her. I have just read Lee’s comment on ‘Recovery can take time’ blog (March 27th). What a pleasant guy. Just as my new found e mail friends are too – it’s because we all have something in common.
    I stumbled upon this website at a very desperate time and swear that it is the most concrete thing that has helped me to get better. I can’t praise the simplicity (not being derogeratory) of Paul’s book enough – so many times explanations have left me detached and deflated. This book is the bible.
    Funny how I have found the support of others on this site more supportive than my family even, just the odd line, just the odd bit of advice and hey ho! in a very short space of time I am well and truly on the road to recovery – because everyone understands.
    Keep up the good work, supporting each other.
    Shirley D

  25. steph Says:

    Hey paul, i really appreciate the way you run the site as its unlike any of the others and its the one that i can relate to 100%. For the last four days i have slept right through and havent waken with the dreaded feeling! which is a big step as i wasnt sleeping and i was waking feeling awful every day! I have felt much calmer also, i went to the pictures with my daughter, neice and sister other day and there was a point where i had an overwhelming feeling of panic but i just let it be and eventually it passed. I just keep telling myself its too much adrenalin! I have also started your book which is like reading about myself! Im hoping to keep up this positivity and i will be sticking around for a while!! Thanks Paul.

  26. steph Says:

    Hi leanne, Yeah ive started the book, iv also been reading a lot on the site which helps a lot! I read your post about your night out and the same thing happens to me, i used to go out once or twice a month (single mum!!) and i used to make the most of it drinking to the early hours and suffering really badly the next day, and since the anxiety has come back i have been put off by the thought of going out as it makes symptoms worse, sort of been too scared(how daft!). When really i shouldnt avoid it just take it easy when i do go out! and if i do feel a little more anxious just reassure myself its only anxiety! Im getting the hang of this,haha! Plus you feel sort of left out when all your friends are out and are fine the next day (jammy gets) so im going to try and join in more! hope your good today, are you from uk? x

  27. Tarmo Says:

    Shirley wrote about meeting a fellow sufferer and it made me realise that I have never talked to another DP-person face to face. It might be very interesting and beneficial to meet with someone who has had the same experiences but I’m from Finland and I don’t have any contacts to Finnish DP-people. Maybe I’ll start a dp-group someday when I’m a bit wiser about the subject, we’ll see. When I was at my worst I really would have needed one myself.

  28. Shirley D. Says:

    I’ll bet there are people around you somewhere and you just don’t know. It was a weird experience meeting up with a fellow sufferer because you expect a label to be pinned to them somewhere. But no, interestingly neither of us looked anything different to normal. In fact, we didn’t really talk about each others problems – just mainly about our respective families so to me that was once again the start of the healing process, we hardly touched on the ‘subject’ at all. Probably we had already made a silent pact with each other and both knew what the other suffered from so didn’t need to talk about it.

  29. No More Anxiety Says:

    I have met many sufferers over the years and we all seem to think everyone knows or we stand out, I find it very hard to tell if chatting with someone who still suffers, the odd give away but mainly something I remember doing, lack of eye contact…etc

    There will be people you know who suffer yet keep it quiet, people you work with, people you pass everyday in the street. I visit two other forums completley away from the subject and once people find out what I am involved in they always seem to know someone who suffers.

    I am going to hpefully raise some money for an anxiety charity that has done bits for me in the past, they struggle for support and I would like to do a sponsered walk or something like that and invite anyone else who would like to take part. Some time in the future hopefully.

  30. Leanne Says:

    Yup I’m from London – and have lots of pals. The next day after drinking I have a really bad time. I have the fear all day long. But come 5pm (funnily enough when the hang over goes) I’m ok. It all makes sense to me now. So I just watch it when I go out – until I’m better. I really do feel like I’m being tested but I am happy to say I am smashing through each one with flying colours some take longer than others. Most days when I come out of my flat to go to work, the floor moves (or seems to) and now when it happens I actually laugh to myself. Its really predictable. I do feel like saying “well come on then! Whats next?”

  31. Leanne Says:

    I’ll join in on the sponsored walk!

  32. Paul McGowan Says:

    Yeah sponsored walk followed by a marathon drinking session , who’s up for that ?? Have a good weekend everyone !

  33. No More Anxiety Says:

    Most days when I come out of my flat to go to work, the floor moves (or seems to) and now when it happens I actually laugh to myself. Its really predictable. I do feel like saying “well come on then! Whats next?”

    Funny you should say that Leanne, I got to the point when I used to laugh at symptoms and say, is that it then, again a total change of attitude.

    I have thought about the walk, I hope to sort something out for next year, anyone at all is welcome.

    Yep have a good weekend everyone. A new post that people may find interesting will be up on Monday, just another way of putting something across.


  34. steph Says:

    Hi everyone, im pleased to say i have been feeling tons better, all though had couple glasses of vino last night and can feel the dread lurking, im shrugging it off though! just wanted to know if that still happens to you paul and is it to be expected if weve suffered anxiety? any how not letting that pesky thing ruin my day, hope you are all well and im interested in the sponsered walk to its good idea. have good weekend!


  35. Lucy Says:

    Dear all, it is so nice to read this website- it really does give me strength. I have suffered anxiety for about 7 years- but only realised I wasn’t totally mad about 3 years ago when I finally began to understand! I’ve recently come off antidepressants, moved cities, jobs etc and I think it might have been too much at once. The dread has unfortunately returned & the last month has been hell. I am a little lost at the moment- I thougt I had beaten this. I love my job so much but I worry I won’t be able to cope and that terrify’s me. I found this website and reading everyones stories that they are coping and beating this makes me feel better and not as alone. I apologise as I know this is meant to be a positive blog! Luc X

  36. Rick Says:

    Hi all
    Sponsored walk sounds good paul, Be good to put faces to names…… just out of curiossity is your FB public, if not no worries just was looking through and couldn’t find you. Faces and names thing lol…. Rick
    Lucy stick with it, you will soon find the right road. It amazing how far i have come and never thought i would :)
    i was thinking the other day the old sunshine seems to be out a little more now and feels like its upped my mood :)

  37. No More Anxiety Says:

    No my facebook is not public Rick I’m afraid, its just somewhere I hang out with people I know through another forum and just have a laugh, it was their idea for me to join. A few of them recently met up in Vegas and they are doing another one in two years time which I’m hoping to go on. So its just for that, most, in fact all my friends that I hang out with socially don’t know what a computer is, so I have a virtual life and an outside life…. : )

    Yep a bit of sunshine at last, awful yesterday, when is this rain going to stop?

  38. candie Says:

    Its so nice to hear the positive things about our lifes instead of concentrating on the illness.

    Ok well here are mine:
    * I would deffinately say i am not as ill as i thought i was, infact reading some stories i would say my anxiety is mild.

    * I spent 4 years of my life not working, or in education. I have now took control and im getting some A levels to go to university. I am acheiving top grades despite this illness, after all i need to set myself up for a secure future for when im better.

    * I am sleeping really well.

    * I look forward to the future and the happiness it is going to bring.

    * The numbness of emotions is disapearing and i can finally feel the love i wanted to feel for my fiance. It is strange how now i have stopped grasping for it, it is all falling into place.

    * I have stopped all the; oh i will go on holiday when the anxiety gets better, oh i will get married once its gone, oh i will start having a life once im better….. sound familiar!

    * I dont doubt myself as much, i know i am a good person

    * I have become more assertive.

    * I am slowly learning to trust myself and my mind.

    * I no longer wish for bed time to come round so i can take my medication and rid myself of anxiety. Infact i am of to see my doctor on thursday to talk about being weened of them. I want to expose myself to the anxiety and let it be.

    Wow, its amazing how much more positive i feel when i think of how far i have come in such a short space of time.

    * The only negative thing i have experienced besides anxiety is i no longer have faith in the medical proffesion.

  39. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Candie and welcome to the blog. I love your list above and one thing I completely agree with is the need not to grasp things. A lot of people try to scramble back to who they were or force feelings, you have to let things come to you, nothing should be forced as you just end up fighting again.

    Great list, it does help to write some positives instead of concentrating on the negatives all the time.


  40. JoeyLowtown Says:

    I’ll be up for the walk, definately, was thinking of running a marathon once for MIND or something. But unfortunately I can’t run to the end of the road, despite being bery active!

  41. Tom Says:

    Hi, its been a long time since I have posted, although I do check the website out regularly.

    Just on a positive note, I feel so much better than 2 months ago when I first found this site and book. I’m not cured yet, and do have moments during the day where I feel I have got no where and must have missed something or that I should get medication. But generally much much better. I can actually get excited about things and can see myself happy. The most important piece of advice I can give is that don’t be deterred by set backs, because this is the hardest bit. I had 2 weeks of feeling like I was improving, followed by a week of hell, and so on and so on. But gradually you realise you are getting better. 2 steps forward, 1 step back (although sometimes if feels like 1.9 steps back). Also, don’t try to understand what makes you feel better or worse, it has no explaination. For example, one day I feel worse than ever, and wake up the next day and feel better than ever, once you experience this you wake-up to the fact there is no point thinking about the ups and downs.

    I would also recommend staying in employment, after a couple of weeks to compose yourself and learn coping skills, nothing stressful though. Earning money and meeting people is great, with money you can do nice things, holidays, look after yourself and stimulate your mind to new things.

    I would also be up for a sponsored walk, i live in Holland but i’ll fly over!

    Cheers Paul, keep going everyone!

  42. No More Anxiety Says:

    Thanks for that Tom and nice to see you again, I wondered where you had got to. Yes some great advice there and I would certainly agree with you on the set backs thing and don’t try waste energy trying to work things out. I also had brilliant days and then wham an awful day, but I did not let it bother me or try to work it out, it was all part of the process. Enjoy the good days and don’t get to down about the bad.

    The walk is a total go as far as I am an concerned. I want to set it up properly and raise as much as we can, there are a few charitys that try and bring awareness but struggle with money that I would really like to help. There has been some interest, so hopefully we can get a few people to join us.


  43. Edward Says:

    Great to see such positive posts! Paul you really have touched and changed peoples lives. Thank you.

    Well I have started my motor racing season now and have just returned after winning. This is a hobby of mine and is a summer/autumn thing March to October. After being ill (again) since New Year I am finally much improved but I am quick to add not better. Even when I immerse my self in my hobby I can still have what I call flashbacks and like others say, a voice inside says “don’t forget you have anxiety” this sometimes leaves me fighting but im getting really good at just saying I don’t care. This is me for the time being and one day I will be back to normal.

    Im not rushing recovery and as Paul says, don’t rush it.

    So enjoy a part of everyday and build on it.

    I better polish my walking boots then…


  44. No More Anxiety Says:

    Edward it would great to have you come along on the walk, I would like to keep it to people who post on this blog. It would be good to meet everyone and put a face to the name. That’s really good news about winning the motor racing, really well done, if you have some pics pass them on to me, it would be great to take a look.

    All you say above happened to me, the ‘Don’t forget you have anxiety’ is just a habit, a cloud hovering if you like, when we have thought of little else for a while is it any wonder. But you have a wonderful attitude and as you say let recovery come to you without demanding anything, don’t go searching for it or try to scramble your way there, you will just end up fighting again.


  45. Amy Says:

    Dear all,

    My tips:

    Knitting! Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it really helpful to have something creative to do, that requires a high level of concentration and focus and results in a sense of achievement. Same applies to cooking a new recipe, or starting a photo journal.

    Work to understand your anxiety better, not what it’s telling you, but how it works and why. I’ve started to view my anxiety as a kind of emotional (rather than physical) nervous tic. It’s a ‘habit’, if you like, that can be broken in exactly the same way as you might tackle biting your nails or picking your nose. 😉

    Be kind to yourself. Read inspiring or uplifting books, listen to music. Plan your day (if you’re not working); ‘structure’ helps to limit the opportunities you have to sit about dwelling on your anxiety.

    I’m sure there are other things, but just can’t trawl them from my mind at the moment!

    Overall, I’m doing really well. Starting to feel in control of this thing and considerably more emotionally/psychologically robust. Keep positive everyone!!

  46. JoeyLowtown Says:

    I went to Alton Towers today with a group of friends. Fantastic time, I’ve always been a scaredy cat, but I went on EVERYTHING. It was great, forgot myself for a few hours. Had a great laugh with friends! Had a bit of a wobble with some negative thoughts on the journey home, probably just through adrenaline and tiredness. Stupid fearing death thoughts, but what the heck eh?

  47. No More Anxiety Says:

    Yes Joey, what the heck, odd thoughts may come through habit and adrenalin, but yep who cares, thats the attitude.

  48. Jeff Says:

    Hi All
    This is the first time I’ve been back to the blog in a while and I’m glad I did. For all of you out there who still have doubt about ever being your old self. I need to tell you it happened to me and it will happen to you. I’ve have gotten to the point where I feel like my old self! Yes I still have occasional out of the blue “anxiety days” but they are few and far between. Mainly what happened (thanks to this site) is my anxiety went from consuming thoughts to passing thoughts. Yes they are still there but who cares, life goes on. My motto became live in the present and enjoy the moment.
    Thank you all who continue to post

  49. Shirley D. Says:

    Today, I have cried, I went for my interview on Friday and really felt at home with the Boss, she just said it was an informal chat (perfect I thought) to see if we could get on, I felt it went well. She said she would let the successful applicant know probably at the beginning of the week – here we are on Wednesday and still I don’t know. Informal the chat may have been – but it’s the waiting!!! I do hope they hurry and let me know.
    Then I go up to Amy’s blog “Knitting” and just those words make me laugh out loud.
    What a funny day! But no anxiety!!!
    Was hoping to let you all know that I was back employed – but still no news on that front I’m afraid.
    Could tell you some funny stories about my experience’s in the Charity shop (voluntary work), but might be politically incorrect – though really all this is to show that I am still improving and have got my sense of humour back.

  50. Sarah Says:

    *~*Silly little me*~*

    I just happend to stumble across Pauls website today as I was looking for some ‘answers’. I’m starting (ironically enough) a masters degree in Psychology in september, and really want to get fully to grips with my anxiety before then. I went through some very traumatic events in mylife and now want to help others deal with there hardship/problems by becoming a Child Psychologist.

    I’ve been suffering for years from depression and anxiety but have in the past 2 years started to really see results. I also got no help from doctors, who just seemed clueless. One doctor told me my feeling/symptoms where all just “a red heringe”.
    I’m in counselling now, Cognative therapy ( It works!) and it really is helping( only have 2 sessions left). But I still find I need answers.

    Your website answered many of my questions, and I thank you for that. I’ve qoated you in my notebook (so it is a constant reminder);” Avoid your fears and they begin to grow, move towards them and they dampen”. Very helpful little saying I will carry with me.

    Even though I know I am getting much better and stronger, I often concentrate on my breathing in a negative way. Like “Am I breathing right””Will I pass out if I don’t take a breath correctly” etc and I can’t seem to find the answer to help me overcome this. It is very annoying, does anyone els have this problem or something similar, and maybe has some advice?

    Oh, and honeyroot has lovely music! Very relaxing. Your website is great Paul, keep up the good work. ;o)
    Nice to read other people are going through the same crap I am, feel less alone now. :oP

    My god I waffle on don’t I. Sorry guys!
    Take care everyone,

  51. Angela Says:

    Hi everyone!I stumbled across this website yesterday, so I am very new to this!I feel so much better, because I now understand I’m not crazy!argh!that was really bugging me for ages. I love all the positive comments. I am very new to this and have only suffered for a few months due to too much stress in my life(I’m a student..yes we do have stress)I didn’t know what it was at first, but I really want to be well again soon..I still don’t think I have grasped this completely as it’s really worrying me at the moment that so many people seem to have this for years and that’s what I don’t want(I guess that’s the anxious thought that will keep it going right?)it is isn’t it!lol!argh!ok well I’ll just practice thought flooding then-so what if it continues(I don’t care)I can still do everything I want. It’s not so bad that I can’t do anything!I was actually feeling pretty fine a few weeks ago but then some horrible stuff happened which left me feeling really stressed out and anxious again. Oh yeah and I totally get the thing after having had a drink, hangovers are not good for feeling anxious. But you cannot let the feeling beat you and let you not have a good time. So I say just do everything that you would usualy do if you didn’t have anxiety and then the feeling will vanish in time..(have I got the right idea here?)I think I do!Someone tell me if I’m getting this wrong please, as this is literally my second day of fully learning about this whole thing!

    also, I play the guitar and I find that really relaxing. It’s a good idea (I think) to engage yourself in as many activities that make you happy!

    Also, I spent about two months trying to get rid of the feeling every single day and it was absolute hell..I couldn’t enjoy anything I did and I understand that’s the worst way to go about it. If you have a feeling you just have to feel it, and if you have a thought that distresses you then you have to let it in, in order to realise that nothing bad can happen to you. Am I right in saying so?I also read somewhere that this happens when people aren’t in touch with their emotions and over think things..I really want your book paul.

    sorry for rambling on, just some thoughts,and they’re all positive I think!


  52. Stephen Says:

    Hi, I stumbled across this website about a year ago after having an Anxiety attack whilst on holiday in Egypt, thank god I did as it saved me from slipping deeper into my anxiety cycle at that time. I’m currently Attending CBT for the past four months and it has helped as it allows me to talk to someone on a weekly basis, me like most have only told my partner what I went through so it’s nice to give my partner a break. My anxiety has lessened somewhat compared to a year ago but I still have many setback’s but, I’m dealing with them as they happen and it’s tough but the reward of dealing with them is greater. sometimes I actually get excited at the thought of recovery!

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