Peoples stories wanted on their struggle or recovery from depersonalisation

Hi Everyone, O.K I have now given myself 6 months to get my new book on depersonalisation ready and out there. I have wanted to start this for ages but have just not had the time. I suffered very badly with this condition and I am now fully recovered. I want to tell my story and also what brought my own recovery, my ideas, beliefs and loads of other things that will hopefully help people. This subject is very popular, if I do a post or a page on my site on the subject then it gets hit upon far more than anything else.

I also notice how little information there is on this subject, it is almost ignored apart from the odd forum. Far more people suffer from this condition that people realise so I may even consider setting up another site, totally dedicated to the subject. Anyway I am looking for people’s stories to add to the book. I will only add your first name to protect your privacy. It does not matter if you are in recovery or not. I am interested in just adding your story, when this started, what you think may have caused it, where you are at the minute with it. I will then edit it and send you it back for you to go through and make sure you are happy with it. Of course then I will send you a free copy of the book when it is ready.

Anyway totally your choice, if anyone is interested then please let me know below or contact me through my site and we can take it from there.

Regards Paul

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  1. Paul McGowan Says:

    Hi Paul ,
    I have suffered from various degrees of anxiety for the past 15 years , I am now 38 and for the last 3 years have experienced , what i now , know to be called depersonalisation !!! i am more than happy to contribute to anything you do , as i have taken much inspiration and hope from your first book , which i believe has put me on the right track for the first time in 15 years , so much so , i am going to suggest that anyone going to my local GP with anxiety should be given the link to your web site ! instead of a prescription for the pharmicist !
    Paul .

  2. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Paul thanks for your comments on the site and the book, I am truly glad you have found it helpful and more than anything welcome to my blog. Of course it would be great to have your story, as it is about deperonalisation, this is the part I would like to write about. I will email you in the next couple of days for your story and send you the book free as soon as it is finished. It may take a while as I want it to be just right and trust me writing a book was far harder than I ever imagined, it is hard work, but hopefully it will be wrth it and many people will benefit from it.

    I have now 4 people who have asked to put their story forward, I will take another couple and then leave it at that. Thanks to everyone for sharing your story and helping me with this.

    Stay positive


  3. Joey Lowtown Says:

    Hey Paul, I’ve commented on this page before and also you’ve helped me with obsessive thoughts on ‘the uncommon forum’. Ive suffered a lot of extreme depersonalisation until I learned what it was. It started 3 years ago when I suffered a 12mth long insomnia spell. Id LOVE to help wth your new book in anyway possible. I hope my experiences could help others as yours has helped me. Look forward to hearing from ya mate. Joe

  4. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Joey, That would be great, thanks a lot. Lets hope the book helps people understand far better. Until you post about a subject you don’t know how common it is or how many people require information. I remember 15 years ago when I first felt this way, I had no idea what was happening, I was pretty terrified. Unfortunatly there was no info on the internet in them days and it took me a long time to get answers. Even now there is little information out there, lets hope we can bring more awareness to the subject. I will email tomorrow and let you know more.

    Thanks Paul

  5. Frederic Floyd Says:

    Dear paul

    I know i post a bit much, but Id like to contribute to the book too.

    My experience started after a number of months spent in extreme stress, then depression, and then a doctor put me on an antidepressant. It started the day I went on the meds, but didnt end when i stopped them.

    I thought I had a form of psychosis, and couldnt help but think it was due to my past of smoking pot, even though i had been clean for over 6 months.

    No one could lay it out in front of me, and say ‘this feeling’ = anxiety. And more importantly, that i dont need to fight it away.

    Now Im taking flying lessons, and still feel weird, but I now know its not such a big handicap, and that it cant endanger me while Im flying.

  6. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Frederic, You don’t have any limits on posting on here. The main site has grown so much I can’t cope on there with emails, I have to stick to non delivery of books, comments on the site and all those type of things, I just don’t have the time to answer personal emails, as I am sure you will understand one always leads to many, many more, there are just not enough hours in the day. This is why I come and post on here from time to time, this is managable for me and I don’t want to be an invisible person behind a site, you post when you feel like it, we are now actually having others post good comments.

    I am just doing a book on depersonalisation, if you think you could add something to the book about this subject, then that would be great, I will email you very soon for details.

    Regards Paul

  7. No More Anxiety Says:

    Thank you to the five people who have asked to help with their own personal stories, I will now leave it at this and thank you all for helping me.


  8. Jeff Says:

    Hi Paul
    I would be happy to add my experiences to your book. I am in my mid forties and have suffered through so many of the anxiety symptoms you’ve spoken about since my early teens. The interesting thing is I’ve always suffered in silence. I run an successful business, have a beautiful wife and kids and travel all over the world. Until I read your book it’s almost as if I’ve led two lives. The depersonalisation aspect of my anxiety started only a couple of years ago and has clearly been the toughest anxiety issue I’ve faced. At this point it has really been a roller coaster with weeks of believing I’m past it only to have a passing thought throw me for a loop again. Your book has helped me tremendously understand why I feel this way and I would love to help you out based on my own experiences.
    Thanks again

  9. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Jeff, It would be great to add your story, one more is fine. If you could contact me through my site and I will get back to you with what I would like. Welcome also to my blog, good to see anyone new arrive.

    Regards Paul

  10. Amanda Says:

    Thank you for this site. It’s truly been a life saver. I have started struggling once again with severe depersonalization since I became pregnant but I know now after reading this site that I’m truly okay, that I’m not crazy or losing my mind. I ‘m on meds but don’t use them as a crutch. They just help me somewhat. without them my thoughts are so jumbled I can barely function but with this site I am starting to see the light. That there is life after anxiety. It’s amazing. I’m going to be a mom soon and couldn’t be happier to finally start seeing my way through this all. I noticed you are writing a book about this. It’s my passion to help others with anxiety and if you still need someone to add thier story to it I would be more than happy to.

  11. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Amanda, Welcome to my blog, feel free to add your story, I will be in touch with my email address as the form only gives you 500 characters. Again if meds help you in a certain way, then that’s great, as long as they clam things to promote action then that’s fine. By the way I am really glad the site has helped you, I get many positive comments and that makes all the hard work worth it.


  12. Kim Ellis Says:

    Hi Paul

    I came across your website last September when I had just started taking prozac for the second time in my life to overcome stress related depression.

    My first feelings of depersonalisation/derealisation happend when I was 15 years old, my family and I had just moved house and on the first morning I woke feeling strange, not myself and thus had my first panic attack. I am now 47 and have suffered with these feelings on and off during these years. I have at times felt I was going mad, but I have never had these feelings explained or even realised that anyone else felt the same way. Reading your book, having been someone who had encountered these feelings, was a great relief, finally after all these years. I would be happy to share my story with you if you are still looking for participants.

    You have no idea how much comfort I have had from reading your book.

    Thank you

  13. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Kim, I am glad you have found comfort in the book, that is really nice to hear. I actually have enough story’s at the minute, but thank you so much for the offer and welcome to the blog, do feel free to post comments on any subjects now or in the future.


  14. Angie Says:

    Hi Paul, I am so glad that someone like you that has been through what I am going through had the desire and heart to help so many others with the condition with a site and book. God bless you! I am a 35 year old woman that has suffered with anxiety/panic for years now. I’m a proffesional working mom and I go through my busy days feeling like I am alone in all this. I have never discussed it with my family or friends. I have always felt like I just had to keep “it together” if you know what I mean. I cried the first time I read your site! I now know that I am doing the opposite of what I should really be doing. I too am trying to educate myself on the subject and have read many sites but none like yours (haven’t got the book yet, hope to soon). Depersonalisation for me has been tough to deal with. I fight it and feel like I get lost in it. Now I know that I am questioning and fighting too much. I know the road to recovery has to be paved with knowledge and understanding and for me more patience. I am so glad I found your site…I will keep you posted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
    Angie (hope I posted in the right place)

  15. No More Anxiety Says:

    Thank you for those comments Angie, by the sounds of it the book would help you so much as yes by trying to control the condition you are re-inventing it. Please take a good look around the blog and the site and you will learn so much.


  16. Kay Says:

    is there a book on depersonalisation from paul david i have the one called at last a life is there another???

  17. mc Says:

    Hi Paul-

    I’m not sure if this question has been addressed. I have been suffering with DP/anxiety/panic for 13 yrs now. It started when I was 22 yrs old- in college (yes, a lot of stuff was going on, found out bf had cheated on me, roommate and I no longer were friends and the most difficult part, found out my sister of 17 yrs old had cancer)

    I was not a big druggy at all but did try pot once. I flipped out while I was “high” and then NEVER felt the same after that. Can pot (weed) start the Dp cycle? why did it start it for me?

    Been on celexa for 9 yrs went off and had a BAD panic attack and DP is worse than event. When I was on the celexa the Dp was always humming in my ear, never went away fully. But now that I have been off the meds it’s been really bad. The reason why I went off the meds is because my husband and I want to start trying for a family. I have been freaking out for three months now becasue I can’t imagine being pregnant feeling like this and caring for a baby feeling like this. On .5mg of adavan everyday now, I do not want to take drugs while I’m pregnant so I’m waiting until I feel better- but have this pressure eating away at me because I will be 35 very soon….I’m just lost and not sure if we should just start trying now or wait a couple a month until I feel better. Looking for some advice.

  18. Hayley H Says:

    Hello Paul, I would absolutly love to contribute to your book, I am 21 years old and I have been suffering from this terrifying symptom for just over two months. It came on with a click of a finger and although I know I am a worrier I would never say it affected my life on bit! so when this scary feeling came on it knocked me for 6! I became so withdrawn, I had no emotion and couldn’t function in my normal daily activities. Finding your book at last a life was like a lifeline to me and I cant thank you enough, I am not fully recovered but with your book I know longer fear this feeling and some of my emotions have come back :) I admit I still worry maybe this feeling will never go and that really scares me but then I remember and my family remind me (they have been amazing!) that this is me for now… not for ever. Thank you Paul for getting me on the road to recovery. I really feel a book written by yourself on this subject would help thousands of us with this horrible feeling of unreality xxxx

  19. leonie Says:

    hi paul,
    your website has been a lifesaver. believe it or not i am a student in occupational therapy and i have severe panic including the most frightening of symtoms the DP. after studying anxiety and how to treat it i still got my anxiety and even though i understood the condition it didnt make the feelings any less real or scary. however your site has really made it a lot easier to understand and accept. i have a son and when i experience DP i feel like im not in control of situations and therefore i feel i am putting my son at risk. this i know now is my worrying thought which is feeding my anxiety. thank you so much. i will advise future clients experiencing anxiety to read your site and get your book.
    thanks a million xxxx

  20. Isaac Says:

    Hello Paul

    I am writing because i just came across this page for the first time. I am afraid that i have never read any of your works but the people here seem too like them. But the main thing is that i would like too tell my story for your book.

    I am 17 years old and just over 3 years ago after having a history of occasional panic attacks and anxiety bouts i began suffering from depersonalization dissorder after smoking cannabis for the first time, just the once. I have too say the past 3 years have been so scary and confusing. It is nice too see that other people have experienced the same thing for it reminds me that i am not the only one.
    I am willing too give you a story as in detail as i can about my experiences suffering from depersonalization for the past 3 years for i feel desperately that other people can be helped from feeling like i do now.

    All the best


  21. Amy Says:

    Good afternoon, Paul. I am a teenage female, 16 years of age. I discovered depersonalization disorder a few months back, and only now realising to have had it for a good 2 years. I feel like it has robbed me of a home. Most of the time I feel like I don’t really have a safe emotional outlet to rely on. Heck, do I even remember how to convey my feelings correctly? I don’t remember the last time I’ve truly felt alive. In my honest opinion, I think I was a spunky girl…one who used to know right from wrong, one who always looked over, cared for others, one who always loved her hobbies, friends, and family with enthusiasm. Now she is isomeone who did not look at another in the eye, someone who lost all joy in creating music or writing fantasies. She is someone without opinion because she seems to always question what she does. Sometimes I think, isn’t it weird that everyone is so enthusiastic? Why am I the only one left apathetic? Where is life? Is that where all the children are? Is it a well hidden deep within me? Will I, can I find it?
    I’m one who’s tired of looking at dejected faces when they see you looking indifferent, I’m tired of not making sense, I’m tired. I wish to have me back. I literally feel like a zombie. I’m only 16….

  22. robin Says:

    Hey guys,

    My problem seems a bit different..after my dad’s death i’ve beeen hospitalized once after a severe anxiety attack (palpitaions,dizzeness,headaches etc.)which led to worries and fears of going insane. I also suffered from depersonalization and derealization which led to obsessive self observation. The DP has now vanished however, i still feel as if i’m constantly observing and double checking my thoughts and speech before i do or say something..its habitual now..anyone experienced the same?

  23. DJ Says:

    Hey guys,..

    My name is DJ, and I’m in the worst postion of my life.. I have read Paul’s book.. And I want so bad to be able to just face it.. But my problem seems to be a little more intense. I have suffered from depersonilasation for four years.. I have been having anxiety attacks for the past year, almost EVERYDAY. When i say anxiety attacks I mean out of nowhere everything suddenly becomes VERY real, like I jumped from a cartoon to a sitcom.. It has gotten so bad to where i am homebound.. I can’t even look in the mirror because I’m not aware of who I am!! I am deathly scared and all I want is to get better.. I don’t care if it takes 10 years for me to get better… I just want to be better.. Paul if you’re reading this please email me, I need your help so bad.. My email is
    Please please someone help…

  24. isha Says:

    i am 18 years old and i have been suffering from depersonalization disorder since i was very young. i have been taking psychatric help since i was 13. i did not know i was suffering from dp disorder until recently. these thoughts really disturbed me and i used to think that i was a person without a soul. even when i spoke it felt like it wasnt me who was speaking. after a few years of struggle things had become better and i hadn’t felt this way until lately when i had a panic attack in the middle of the night. i had exams the next day but i had to ditch all my exams because of this problem of mine. i have my class 12 board exams coming up but i just cannot study. i am just so very consumed by this feeling i just feel like i am nothing, i have no body,no soul. i am just so lost. i feel like i wont rest in peace even after i die. i am taking medicines but they dont seem to be doing any good. i need help…..

    – Isha, Get reading this blog [Rich].

  25. Georgi Says:

    Hi Paul,
    Can you tell me where I can find your book for depersonalization.

    I bought your one…At least a life…

    Need your help because for the second time in my life burn out and now have again all anxiety symptoms, panic attacks and that DP?DR feelings from 18 months.
    First time was 12 years ago….recovered somehow for 3-4 years…now again ..because of too much work and stress…really tired and depressed to walk again through this road.

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