Anxiety and the support we are suppose to receive

Well I was not going to post until Monday, but I received an email today that really brought home the lack of support there is out there for sufferers of anxiety. The email was from a mental health worker assigned to help people with anxiety and panic issues, this is her actual job. The letter stated she had looked at my site and found a great deal of insight and would like to know if I could tell her more and advise on how she could split things up to make it work for a 6 week course in helping patients, this is the time each one is allotted.

I found this incredible, someone who is paid and supposedly trained in helping people with anxiety, has no real clue and has had to surf the web and then ask me. No wonder people get worse and not better when they seek help. I will of course reply to her as I would not like to see these people get told a load of mumbo jumbo that will just not help.

I understand that anxiety and recovery from it really is a subject in itself, but training and paying people to give advice on something they know so little about makes me so angry. Its like taking your car to the vets for a service, its just not going to help and you are seeing the wrong person. The real trouble comes though when the person puts so much trust in this person, they receive little help and advice and then falsely believe they will never get better, who can help them now!

Well I will sign off with that thought.

Have a great weekend


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  1. Amy Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Sadly this doesn’t surprise me. As we all know there is a woeful lack of genuinely helpful advice/support and awareness of anxiety out there. I’m trying to get some help to deal with some other issues at the moment. I’m in a fairly good position, because I can pay and I currently live in a city. Yet, tracking down a therapist with the appropriate skills who is actively taking on new clients is near impossible. I even have a psychologist friend trying to find someone for me, and he’s having no luck! It almost makes me want to retrain!


  2. No More Anxiety Says:

    Yes incredible Amy, although like you it does not surprise me. They go through collage, get a degree in mental health issues and have no actual first hand experience in the field. They have to cover so much they end up an expert on very little. As I have stated before I have had 2 doctors get in touch asking for help, the very people who we first go to for help. No wonder there is such a lack of people out there that can truly help, there is no one to actually train them in the first place. I know and am in touch with 3 people I totally respect on the subject and they all went through it themselves. I always say this is the best education anyone can have and the only way you truly know what people are going through.


  3. Frederic Floyd Says:

    Can you please write a post about how sufferers see anxiety symptoms as the enemy?

    There was a nice post in the last blog about this, which really tweaked a good nerve in me.

    It gave me a bit of a new attitude towards symptoms which I feel so much hatred towards (yes, acceptance is not coming easy to me, Im trying to force myself to accept things i find unbearable) But Ive lost that attitude again…


  4. No More Anxiety Says:

    I remember this post and yes of course I will Frederic, I will make it my next post. I also think it would be helpful. Don’t torture yourself with acceptance if you struggle with this concept. Just see anxiety as a friend, don’t create a monstor out of it, anyway I will cover it in my next post.


  5. Frank Says:

    Hey Paul

    I’m glad to see that the community here is interactive and very supportive. I was wondering if, maybe after you’ve addressed Frederic’s post, if you could maybe do a post about muscle twitching. I’ve already realized that it is just an offshoot of anxiety and mainly the stress levels in my life but there are times where i am slow or stubborn to realize this sooner. The symptom doesn’t bother me as much as it did earlier, but back then for me it was probably my biggest obstacle in recovery. It took me a while for me to realize that anxiety and muscle twitching are linked and earlier I thought it was an irregular heartbeat or some other chest or heart problem since the twitching often occurred at a rate faster than a normal heart beat. Anyways thanks for your time in reading and considering.

  6. No More Anxiety Says:

    Yes no problem, My next post will be on Sunday regarding what Frank asked me to post, just a little busy at the moment. If I do dissapear for a few days, this is the reason, but I will always come back. Also as you say it is nice to see people helping each other also.


  7. Jess Says:

    Hello, I think you make a really valid point about the lack of resources to cope with the despair anxiety creates. I recently went to see my GP who is referring me to a counsellor, and agreed to put me on the adult waiting list as I am 17 but will probably be 18 by the time someone is available to see me. I’m a bit worried about getting contradictory advice though, I’m not sure how to cope with trying to listen to two different resources?

    Jess x

  8. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Jess, On the problem of two different resources. I always say to people, if it feels right then go with it. I used to see people that waffled on and taught me nothing, I knew they were not helping and moved on. It is like when you read a book or information on a site and it really makes sense and you can relate to it, then go with it. I was pretty good at reading a book on anxiety and making my own jusdgement within the first few pages if it was just medical mumbo jumbo by someone who had not been through it or if it was good, helpful information.

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