Leaving comments on the blog to help others and myself

Hi, I wanted to set this blog up to help others and to show my face and not be some faceless person behind a website. Firstly you are fine to leave a comment, all comments are subject to moderation and may not appear for a day or two. The reason for the comments will be to just say a few words and let others know how you feel, also to be there for others and build a little support. Last but not least you can ask me a question. As my main site grew I truly became swamped daily with people wanting help and it became impossible for me to answer people, as one email can lead to many others. I really don’t want the blog to go the same way where I cannot cope with questions. So all I ask is that you let others post and don’t spam the blog with questions. Also if a question has been asked before then I will have to leave it from the site. Also if you feel you have come through something that someone else is asking, please feel free to answer them, again if I think the reply is helpful I will moderate it as such.

I usually pop in a couple of times a week to moderate comments. Please don’t be offended if you have a question and it does not appear on the site. If I have loads waiting then I will have to chose which ones I feel will help not just the original poster, but also others.

So please do help me to keep this facility alive by not spamming the site so as others get a chance to ask something. Also please read through other answers to make sure the question has not been asked before. Try and use the blog as a place to support each other and let off some steam, even share your stories or spread some good news on your own recovery.


6 Responses to “Leaving comments on the blog to help others and myself”

  1. Rick82 Says:

    Hi Paul
    After purchasing your book i would just like to thank you. After struggling for so long thinking it was some terrible illness, thinking that i was going to die, you have reassured me opened a new door to where i want to go. Although im still on the road to recovery and from time to time have these ‘bad days’ the good feeling is back !!! Like someone say’s in your comments, it’s like a reassurance thing if you no its there when you need it, My anxiety no longer controls me i control anxiety!! Thank you so much. All the best.

  2. No More Anxiety Says:

    Hi Rick, Thank you for your comments, I am so glad the book has helped you and you are so, so, right that the reassurance is so important. I worried and obsessed about how I felt because more than anything I did not understand WHY I felt like I did!

    For me just accept the bad days and enjoy the good. I went from having no good days to good and bad days and that’s all I needed to know that something was changing, that I was making progress.

    Take care


  3. Carol. G Says:

    I’ve almost finished your book – its been inspirational and i’m trying to impliment changes (its hard work). I’ve read through your anxiety symptoms and you don’t list chest pain – does/has anyone else suffer this?

  4. kathleen waldron Says:

    I would just like to say a few things I have had anxiety for 40 years and doctors psychiatrists and people make me feel worser and more anxious I have no friends no family am unemployed on my own all day every day and can’t find anyone who doesn’t make me feel anxious and even worser about myself

  5. rambleman Says:

    Hi Paul, not been on here before but I would just like to say a little about me. I have had anxiety of and on for some years, you know it would go away in one form come back in another alot of it came from lack of understanding, so I came to the point were I learned all there was to learn and realised my anxiety was a dark tunnel only way out was through so I went through many times, but there were times when I wanted to run out but there was always a voice in the dark that kept me walking – that was your voice – your words.

    Sorry if that sounds cheesy ha but seriously man cheers, I no longer care anymore how I feel. How many people spend there whole life worrying about being diseased or some other thing happening and none of it happens – then you die of old age and your whole life has gone by.

    Sorry not me – I’ve got the business of life to get on with. God bless.

  6. rambleman Says:

    Hi everyone sorry if my spelling or grammar is wrong . I was brought up on a gypsy camp school was an after thought, but I built my own life best I could , I am a father of four happily married and strive everyday to be a good man. I have experienced this anxiety and come through the other end, I have seen many others suffer to , afraid of getting a disease having a heart attack losing there mind losing control and so on, and they have suffered for many years but guess what none of them have had any of these things happen NONE of them , what I’m trying to say is anxiety is not the danger you think it is . People have suffered years with this not died not gone insane this is all the proof we need. it s just a silly sensation of an old alarm system totally harmless. Please take peace in this and tell it to sod off it cant hurt you trust me I know.

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