Anxiety, how do I stop it?

This question I get asked very often. ‘Paul how do I stop my anxiety’ Well again this is unfortuntely why they stay in the cycle. They spend all their time trying to rid themselves of how they feel. I wrote in my book that this is like having a broken leg and hitting it each day with a hammer. Well it is never going to heal. This is the same with anxiety.

If you read my story on my main site you will see that I suffered for 10 years, was I unlucky? Did I take longer to recover than others? No its because I spent all my days trying to rid myself of how I felt. I also spent everyday fighting, trying to control my symptoms. All day worrying about them, going around and around in my mind each day trying to find the answers out of this hell, only to hit one brick wall after another.

The truth is recovery is all about ‘Not doing’ anything about it. I feel one of the major flaws of people who write books, therapists etc is that they tell you to ‘Take breathing exercises’ , ‘To imagine your on a beach’ ‘To count to 10’ . This in my opinion is all wrong. I don’t want to go around thinking I have to do this or that. I recovered because I let my body get on with feeling awful, uncomfortable. I finally stopped worrying each day, going around in circles and getting nowhere. I stopped fighting how I felt. This was so important to my own recovery. To do this I had to have an understanding of why I felt like did, again this is why knowledge is so important.

So the message is to step out of your own way and give up the daily battle with yourself, surrender yourself to how you feel and you may find a peace you never knew existed.

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3 Responses to “Anxiety, how do I stop it?”

  1. Kashawn Says:

    Paul, I have been reading your information since july and I have been making progress.

    I know this for sure: Anxiety is a fire that NEEDS to burn. Its our job not to add fuel to it with worrying about how we feel. The only way to stop the fire is to live with the feelings and not pay them attention as Paul says.

    I hope the simplicity of this comment can help others understand.

    Thanks Again Paul.

  2. carole Says:

    hi only just found your site, have been suffering with acute anxiety for many years would really like to rid myself of this awful problem once and for all. bit confused when you say let it live alongside you. would find that impossible when trying to get a breath of air, i do find that taking a anti depressant does take the edge off the anxiety. does anyone find if they have a bad day for whatever reason, then the following day they feel even worse. for example having an argument thinking you have done really well to stand up to that other person then the following day feel awful shaky, breathless etc

  3. Paul Says:

    I have just found this site having suffered my first panic attack just before Xmas. (Im in my fifties ) this is also the first time I have ever left a post on a website as well !!. I am seeing the doctor shortly to do blood tests but i know they wil all come back negative because panic disorder is exactly what it was. I have been under absolute heaps of stress and living such a muti faceted chaotic lifestyle (rushing around all over) its a wonder it didnt happen sooner.The syptoms and the way I felt were classic. I thought I was dying and skidded off to the ECG machine and overnight bloods etc. Neednt have bothered really. Whilst the attacks are frightening at first this site has helped me understand to comabt that fear and to have in place some kind of coping strategy. Obviously it would be better if they had never happened but they have. I cant let it ruin my life.

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