New Coffee Lounge – Off Topic Only


Well as promised here is the off topic lounge

I wanted to create this so people could chat about every day things and have a break from the subject of anxiety, I always feel it is very important to have a break. It will also give people the chance to get to know others and share things about themselves.

There is only one rule and that there is no anxiety talk/advice etc, all other posts should be used for this.

Rather than keep searching here for this part of the blog just place it in your favourites.

Kettle is on so settle in

400 Responses to “New Coffee Lounge – Off Topic Only”

  1. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Well I will go first and have a quick intro

    I am 42 years old and live in Yorkshire. I have a partner, but no children, although she has 2.

    Interests: Love rugby league, I go to at least 1 game a week and watch every game on the T.V, lost when it finishes :-)

    Other interests, I love spending time with friends and regularly go around to each others houses to watch football or meet up to play 5 a side, go to a quiz and share a few beers. I also love going out for meals, Italian top of the list. I also bowl indoors and outdoors and in the summer I am found on my bike or walking/running, I try and keep as fit as I can.

    I also build websites on the side, but can’t say I enjoy this, I spend more than enough time in front of the computer and would much rather be outdoors.

    That’s a bit about me to get things going


  2. Matt Says:

    Hi, my name is Matt. I am 31 years old, I have two children 10 and 2. I am recently divorced and live with my parents until I finish school, wow that sounds depressing as I write this, lol. Hey paul can this be used as a dating blog too? lol. Anyways, I enjoy video games, hanging with friends, basketball, reading books that spark my intellectual side. I also love to write fiction stories and am currently writing a novel, probably won’t be finished for another thirty years the rate i’m going.

    I like to watch tv shows like modern family and the office, for those of us in the u.s. that know what i’m talking about. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to be bored so I try to do learn new things and also enjoy the outside. Well, there ya go, just a little about me, if anyone wants to know more feel free to ask.

  3. Teresa Says:

    I’m 52 and live in Wales – I am married and have 2 grown up children and a grand daughter aged 2 . I spend lots of my time painting and I also do other crafts. I spend most days involved with this and family things. I enjoy going out everyday walking the family dogs. I used to write a lot too, mostly short stories and poetry but since taking up painting that has dropped off. I too, don’t like to be bored and find myself mostly being busy with looking for something to pull me in – I’m quite political although it’s more a case of being ‘socially aware’ that party politics.
    As I am writing this – although there never seems to be enough hours in a day – I think it’s time to add a few more things to my agenda, so i’m going to be looking for some fresh outlets, so hopefully 2012 will see some new things included in my ‘cv’ lol. ps I’m not keen on coffee Paul but a Guiness or a cup of tea yes please.

  4. jackie Says:

    brings in a packet of HobNobs :)

    Hellooo I’m Jackie and am in last year of my 30s! Where did they go? lol I live in sunny Jersey in the Channel Islands and even though France is only 15 miles away, have only been once on a school trip when I was 11! (must do something about that!)

    I have two wonderful children, boy and girl who are 15 and 6 years old.
    Interests are reading, being with friends and family, gardening, swimming and walking. There are loads of lovely scenic walks to go on over here and have recently read about some moonlight walks which I would love to do soon.

    Fave telly programmes are of course Corrie and Eastenders :) but love all the reality crap too lol and I do like a good documentary.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Jackie… I am so totally jealous of where you live. What an amazing place. I was able to spend two weeks in Switzerland, France, and Italy last year and I can honestly say you should travel the 15 miles every chance you get. I live in the middle of the U.S., three hours due south of Chicago, surrounded by corn and industry. It can be boring, but there are great people here.

    I, too, am in the last year of my thirties, recently divorced after 16 yrs. I am a director for an agency that serves adults with disabilities, but I’m trained and certified as a high school English teacher. I am a musician and I play in several bands. Here is a link to one of my band’s soundcloud pages where you can stream our music: … I am a horrible anglo-phile, though, and have been obsessing over the last Verve record (Verve 4). It’s pretty depressing and details a nasty break up… so maybe it’s not the BEST thing for me right now, but I love it. I read voraciously and run alot. I practice yoga and I’m vegetarian. That about sums it up.

    Matt, where do you live? We could go out and meet girls… I’ll be your wing man.

  6. Jerry Says:

    My Name is Jerry, I am 29 years old and live in very sunny San Diego California. I have two sons, 5 and 2 and have been married for 7 years. I currently work full time in the health care industry and also go to school full time attempting a degree in Nursing.

    As far as interest, I love watching comedies, love photography and playing the guitar. I must say, I also love wrestling with my sons and eating home made brownies with my wife. I also love discussing theology and reading a good book.

    I’ve lived in the USA all my life but hope to travel abroad one day and see the glorious world we’ve been graciously planted on.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Hey Everyone,
    My name is Lisa , I am 29 live in Ontario,Canada. I share a home with my partner Lucas.We have a beautiful cat named Wasser who pretty much owns us. :) I also have a very touchy parrot named Krammer who dislikes borderline hates Lucas with a fiery passion ( will go into more detail about this later ).
    I love animals and have years of experience caring for them. I love the outdoors and in the summer like to ride my bike and go to parks and places where there are a lot of trees and wildlife esp birds. I really like camping too. I enjoy reading and can burn through books fairly quickly. Favourite tv shows, Top gear UK !!, The big bang theory, Discovery channel and anything on the comedy network.I love art as well, sadly I haven’t painted in several years now, but aim to pick up my brush again. I love music I like to dance I also enjoy XBOX kinnect games. Socializing is my thing I really like meeting new people and conversing. I really like observing people too( in a non creepy way lol )
    Anyways.. I could go on and on and on… Im a big talker!
    ITS GREAT to meet everyone.

  8. DCYL Says:

    Hi All – it’s been a while since I’ve been here so might as well do the introduction here and then post on the main blog! I’ll leave my name and location off (personal preference for privacy) but I am located in the Western United States. :)

    I am 37 years old and single. I am a big fan of sports, primarily basketball. I spent a great deal of time involved in many aspects of the sport (fan, player, coach, official). On the side, I have recently decided to be more serious with my photography so trying to learn some of the more technical aspects of taking good pictures.

    I watch a lot of stuff from sci-fi movies to comedies to stuff on the Food Network. As long as the stuff is entertaining, I’m all good. I’m sure I can go on but this is a good enough intro. :)

  9. Sydney Carton Says:

    Hello all – My name is Sydney (its not really, I pinched it from ‘A Tale of Two Cities’) but I do live in Cheshire. I am 65 and so please no loud music in here. Married with two daughters who in turn are married each with two children. Hobbies include playing golf badly and table tennis reasonably. More later perhaps when the room has warmed up a little

  10. Rachel A Says:

    Hello everyone.

    I’m 26 and married with no kids (yet!) although I class my two dogs as my babies! Boo is a 3 year old Border Terrier X and Cedric is a 2 year old black pug. I love them to bits and love nothing more than going out on long walks to beach with them and my husband.

    I live in a little coastal town outside Newcastle upon Tyne called North Shields, its right by the sea and I love it

    I work for the BBC helping to deliver the Switchover Help Scheme to elderly and disabled people in the UK. I work in complaints so it can be stressfull but it keeps me busy and I have some great work collegues so we always have a bit of a laugh.

    Intrests wise, I would say reading is my biggest passion – I love books and can’t stop buying them – my house is only small and they’re taking over!

    I enjoy going to the cinema, out for meals and going to see bands. TV wise at the minute I’m loving Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

    It’s so nice to meet people on here from allover the world :-)


  11. jackie Says:

    Hi everyone :)

    Rachel, I love reading too and got a Kobo Touch E-Reader for Christmas, it is brilliant!! Can get any book you want, anytime you want and I’m actually reading more than I was before lol

  12. Helen Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m Helen, I live my with partner Ian and my cat George, we live in Sale near Manchester. Have loads of interests, i love learning new things and am getting into the history of England at the moment. I love excercise and am currently pushing myself at the gym so i can run longer and longer distances. I like the challenge it gives me and I feel great when I have managed to keep going even when I want to give up!!
    Outside of work I volunteer at a theatre, I have acted a few times but prefer being back stage crew where you get involved with the whole production, it’s great fun and you are learning all the time.
    This lounge is a great idea, it is so nice to hear from people all over the world!

  13. Ian Says:

    Hi there.

    I’m Ian, 42, a librarian. Married, no kids. From NZ originally but in the UK for 10 years now, haven’t been back in that time, don’t really miss it. I enjoy cycling and have just got into running (after being quite cynical of it for some reason for a while) and loving it, even in the cold, dark and damp of winter – so surely it must get better as thing brighten and warm up (?). Love swimming too – thought don’t get the impression that I am ‘sporty’ in any way – certainly not in a Kiwi way (don’t like rugby or cricket, I don’t really follow any sport really). Last couple of summers have been exploring where to swim in the sea and rivers close(ish) to me. Loved fresh water (river) swimming as a kid back in NZ so happy to have discovered some places in Wales, not too far away.

    Love good cinema, luckily my partner works at a library supporting supporting a culture and meda programme so ample chance for accessing this. Also love music, mainly experimental, improv, noise etc. – not your standard fare.

    Great idea this.


  14. LYNDA DEVON Says:

    Hi all – nice to meet you.

    I’m Lynda, live in Watford, Herts. with my husband David. I’m a very energetic 63 year old, have a son & daughter, both married with 2 children each so i’m a very busy grandma. I work 3 days a week as PA to the Manager of a double glazing company (no, we are not the ones who phone you just as you sit down for dinner!).

    I enjoy reading, walking and we’ve both recently discovered the joy of cruising and have been on 4 so far – just love it.

    Like watching Corrie – all the storylines have humour which East Enders lacks and am currently enjoying Call the Midwife on a Sunday evening.

    Well, that’s me!

  15. natalie Says:

    hi guys,

    must say this is a new way of communicating with everyone, love it !!!! my name is natalie i am 43, married to scott and have two very enegetic boys ethan and callum, aged 7 and 6…yes i was very busy lol x live in nottm england and work part time at a finance company. i love going to the gym, meeting up with friends and anything to do with my boys :) x enjoy watching movies esp comedies my latest fav is the inbetweeners which unless your british you might not know what i am talking about, but well worth a look.
    its really interesting to finally get to know everyone, think i might pop here again for biscuits and tea.. ( as don’t like coffee unless it has some form of alcohol in it ) :) xxxx

  16. Steveo Says:

    Great idea Paul.

    Some of these locations are making me feel cold… California :-) I’m in the UK and from the midlands. Will fill the rest in later, time to get another beer out of the fridge :-)

  17. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Teresa Guiness is fine, one of my faves to. Hope Teresa does not mind me saying, but she is a very good painter, I have seen her work, very talented.

    Jackie I am also a reality T.V fan for my sins :-) I think they are like marmite, you love them or hate them. I have never been to Jersey, but I have heard it is lovely. I went down to do some voluntary work in the Isle of Whight 2 years ago and I find it odd but great that people actually said hello to you in the street and also left their doors open when they were out, it was like stepping back 50 years.

    We seem to have a few from the States here , amazing that people can be around the blog for years yet you know nothing about them or where they come from.

    Well my partner is visiting family over the weekend and left me on my own, which led me to meet up with friends and have more than I should do and it is a Sunday hangover day for me, rare I get drunk these days so when I do I suffer.

    I am also doing a tour of different retreats in the summer for 2 months in the Devon/Cornwall area, it’s like a working holiday and I will be visiting 6 different places, it is something I did many years ago and I have always wanted to do it again, you meet so many new people and have loads of different experiences, never been one to lay on a beach, so it is perfect for me.

    Ian good job we have a librarian in the room with all the lovers of books here. That is one thing I missed out, I love reading and can’t have a bath without a book, I only come out when the water gets cold ! True crime is my favourite and autobiographys, not one for fiction.

    TV faves is again crime and documentrys with a few comedys like Black adder, Fawlty Towers, Fools and horses etc

    Right who has eaten all the biscuits?

  18. ginger797 Says:

    Yay so im the very first AUSSIE to post:):) im female and live in melbourne australia, its beautiful here ive never traveled overseas but would love to one day….ive got three kids 11,10,9,two girls and a boy.
    i also have a two year old chihuahua named poppy who is just like a child too lol,im 32 i love reality tv especially the real housewives shows and i love anything where its weight loss themed real people batteling weight issues, i dont drink alcohole but love to keep fit and have lots of fun with my kids…it was 38 here today so we spent all day at the out door pool beautiful:)

  19. DCYL Says:

    So Paul, when you say you build websites, do you build websites for businesses? Just out of curiosity, how do you build your sites? Hand code, or using Dreamweaver or other tools like that? I’ve hand coded my personal sites (basic HTML, not advanced) in my younger days. Don’t do it as much these days though my work is technology based. :)

  20. DCYL Says:

    I forgot to note that it’s good to see a lot of States folks here too! I have to admit that it takes time to fully understand some of the “Queen’s English” by the Brits here. Fortunately, my boss is from the UK so it makes it a little easier.

  21. Teresa Says:

    Gosh Paul you were up early or were you going to bed late!!! lol. Your tour of Devon and cornwall sounds fab – you know it is my favourite place and very inspirational too.
    Sounds like we are a very globally mixed bunch on here and all with very intersting lives – a lot of very healthy people going to the gym and running and quite a few creatives. Like the idea of theatre work Helen, tell us more – sounds fun.
    Lynda – yes i like Call the midwife, too. Had read the book which is not my normal type of book but could not put it down.
    Jeff ‘wing man ‘ for Matt lol – maybe a long taxi ride home?
    Ok time to get moving, Sunday or not – ducks waiting in the park for their breakfast.

  22. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Teresa I had a cider sleep, which means I fall straight to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night and am wide awake ! Yes the visit of Cornwall last year had me wanting to go back, I am finishing in Penzanze, so that’s a new place for me.

    DC I use a program that is easy to use and also Dreamweaver, I work alongside someone also, as my real skills are SEO, marketing sites and getting them high in google etc. I really hate building these days and tend to just do it for myself, people I know or people who pass someone on to me.

  23. Rachel A Says:

    Jackie – I am tempted to get an eReader like a Kindle but I love books so much! I guess it would solve my storage issues though.

    It’s lovely to read about everyone on here, seems like we all have common interests like working out, walking our dogs and reading.


  24. Teresa Says:

    Yes dog walking top of my list too Rachel.
    Rough morning Paul, lol – hope you had a good fried breakfast to mop it all up. Penzance is fab – I did a moonlit flit down there when I was very young! Worked down there for a short while – plenty of scrumpy round those shore too. Fabulous art galleries – and if you go to Penzanze you must go to Mousehole – only a few miles further down, some lovely galleries round there too.

  25. Ian Says:

    @Paul – I feel a bit of a fraud, being a librarian, as I read very little, never have done. Even so I decided a couple of years ago to get with with Proust’s – In Search of Lost Time, the 6 volumes of which I finished last year. If I do read it’s mainly non-fiction.

    Forget to mention I live in a small village in South Gloucestershire, England.

    Just got back from a very, very cold cycle along the Bristol to Bath cycle route. At least the snow which was forecast didn’t arrive. I might think about a warm bath soon, think I’ll skill the run for today….

    Discovered proper cider lately, and have my own on the brew after borrowing a friends press back in autumn. Just picked up some more lovely stuff stored in old whiskey barrels on Saturday – it has a lovely warm whiskey hint to it. Very rarely drink to excess I hasten to add.

  26. elaine Says:


  27. Teresa Says:

    Another dog walker Elaine! And another cider drinking cycler Ian, lol.

  28. Lucy Says:

    Hi everyone I’m Lucy. I live in Essex and I’m 23. I work for a big law firm in London. I think this is a great idea, I love hearing more about everyone! I love reading too.. can anyone recommend a good chick lit for me to try? I need a new book! Also love a good crime story! I also enjoy walking and watching Deal Or No Deal (sad I know)! does anyone have snow yet?? X

  29. LYNDA DEVON Says:

    We had so many wonderful holidays in Devon & Cornwall in our caravan when the kids were young – such freedom for them & we met so many nice people. Paul – your holiday in different retreats sounds great & very interesting.
    Ginger – all right for you in the glorious weather you are having – it’s freezing in this part of the world!
    Teresa – i’ve also read the Call the Midwife book, really enjoyed it.
    Have had all my family over today for lunch -13 adults and 4 children. Am just recovering! Looked like a bomb had hit the place by the time they went home, but wouldn’t change it for the world. That’s the pleasure about grandchildren – you can hand them back at the end of the day!

    Hope you all have a good week

    All the best

  30. LYNDA DEVON Says:

    Lucy – i’ve just finished The Wedding Girl by Sophie Kinsella, so can recommend that if you’ve not already read it.

    Ian hope you don’t ache too much tomorrow after your long cold bike ride- you could always have some of your cider to warm up!

  31. Teresa Says:

    sounds like a busy day – hope you put your feet up to watch the midwife, lol

  32. Lisa Says:

    Lucy: We have snow, although we haven’t gotten hit that badly this year. We only had a couple of weeks of really cold temperatures. Some great books to check out: The red tent by : Anita diamant , The time travellers wife, and one of my favs Beyond the sky and the earth by Jamie Zeppa it’s a memoir/travel such a wonderful book.

  33. Rebecca Says:

    I bring some chocolate fingers (dairy milk of course) to the lounge :)
    Hey i’m Rebecca, I currently work and live in Devon. I love exploring the outdoors when i’m off work, doing abit of walking along devon’s finest beaches, reading, socialising with friends I have made here. I love cooking at times and I can easily finish off a whole tub of icecream to myself. I do exercise alot including spinning, swimming and rock climbing. I am a registered nurse which I love, i work very hard and I have just been offered a new job 9-5 so very very excited :) There is no Snow down here, it’s going to be a a cold cold week though. Ian i know a good glass of cider when i try one, I am from Herefordshire originally :) That’s really great brewing ur own. I too need to start reading more, I tend to read half a book then put it down for a few months then forget what i have read, annoying habit. :)

  34. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Rebecca I am coming to Devon in the summer on retreats and finishing off with a holiday. Any suggestions of nice towns/place to stay/visit. I tend to like quiter places, but not too quiet, harbours/by the beach, with a lot to do around the area.

  35. jackie Says:

    Hi everyone, brings in some hot choc as its freezing out there today!!

    Paul, its the same down here, everyone is really friendly and I’ve often left the doors unlocked many a time, but just through forgetfulness lol

    As the Island is only 9 miles by 5 you can get a bit bored of the same places all the time but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be in the Summer on the lovely beaches :) I see there are a few from Nottingham here. My hubby’s from there, St Anns, and we go over fairly often to see the family. I love it over there as it is such a difference to here. I love the hustle and bustle of the city and soooo much more for the kids to do. Hopefully going over for Easter if we can find some flights for under £600!!!! Yup getting off the rock is quite difficult sometimes.

    Our summer holidays over the last 3 years have always been to Weymouth and staying at Haven Caravan Parks. Love that too but has got a bit samey so thinking of going somewhere a little different this year. :)

  36. ShellH Says:

    Hi everyone I’m Shell. I’m 33 married with a 2 year old daughter and live in Staffordshire. Most of my free time is spent paying and running around with my little girl. Funny that once you have kids you don’t have to make so many excuses to be a big kid yourself again!!

    Just on my lunch breaks so thought I would pop in for a cuppa and a rich tea x

  37. Anthony Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Anthony, I’ve been visiting the blog for the past few months, but this is my first post. I’m in my early 30s, from Alberta, Canada. I’m married with two daughters, one is almost 4 and the other is 4 months. Most of my free time is spent with the family, but hobbies do include snowboarding, hockey, cars, and golf.

    Nice to meet you all!

  38. Helen Says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Theatre work is great fun indeed. I have done some very strange things in my time there. I was in a play called The Vagina Monologues and had to make four orgasm noises on stage! I have been a 16 year old girl who attends a boarding school in the 1930’s, a play called Children’s Hour and in March I will be a young girl again in the Arthur Miller play The Crucible; all about witchtrials and the consequences of children who lie. It’s quite a compliment really to play these young girls as I am 36.
    The best thing though is working backstage as a team, you help to create and run a whole production and when the audience is happy and receptive it is the best feeling, all the hard work has paid off.
    I would recommend anyone to get involved with theatre or anything in the community that is fun, it’s fab x x

  39. Ian Says:

    Sleet this morning, don’t think we’ll get anything decent, which given the last two winters is perhaps a good thing.

    Shamed into (re) starting a book I’ve been carrying around, but not reading, for some months (Proust – Jean Santeuil).

    Add my bit into the current Devon (and Corwall) love. North Devon is where my partner’s family are from and our favourite part of England (and of course good beaches!)

  40. Teresa Says:

    Helen – thanks for that, I really need to add something ‘community’ wise into my agenda and once the spirit feels into it I quite fancy that, sounds fun, especially the backstage bit. you seem to have performed quite a few and diverse parts, lol.

  41. Rebecca Says:

    Bringing a cup of coffee (decaf as after 4pm) and some more chocolate fingers:)
    Hey paul, that’s great that your heading down South, there are so many lovely places to visit in Devon, I have lived here 2 years now and i am always finding new places to visit. Have you been to Dartmoor? Really beautiful place with some amazing walks. Friends came to visit me last summer and i took them to a pretty seaside village called beer(south-east), we hired a small engine boat and went exploring, there is no harbour there, boats are winched up the beach and fresh fish are sold near by. If you visit beer you might aswell stop off at Lyme Regis, this is an unspoiled seaside resort with a cobb harbour, this is in the south west of Dorset but worth a visit. I have plans this summer to do some more exploring with friends, I feel very previleged living here. I hope you have fun planning your hols :)

  42. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Thanks Rebecca I will add them to my list of places to visit. I am currently still adding retreats to my list and have found one in Dorset to. It was suppose to be a tour of the country but as most were down that way it makes sense to just travel around that area and you wont find a nicer part of the country. It is also a chance to keep of the cider and get back to full fitness again.

    Talking of that it’s time to get my coat on and go walking, as cold as it is out there BRRRRrrrrrrrrr

  43. Raj Says:

    Hi Everyone, My name is Raj from Toronto Canada. I’ve been married for 6 years, no kids. I love traveling and martial arts. I’m a business development manager in the security industry. I enjoy working out which reminds me I have to get back on track with that lol. I hope everyone is enjoying 2012 and it’s a pleasure to meet you all.

  44. Sydney Carton Says:


    Are you doing a charity run this year. I heard a rumour (probably via yourself) that you were and so I’ve started putting spare 5ps in a jar

  45. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    No Sydney I was going to do one but not for charity, you have been more than generous in the past and trust me both anxietycare and anxietyuk were very grateful and it helped so many people.

    But you can only ask people so many times and any in the future will just be for fun and fitness, times are too hard to keep asking people to dip in their pockets.

    Just looking forward to my retreats now in the summer which should be around 10 weeks and some new places. I will keep updating twitter and the blog and have someone here to look after everything else.

    Do you go away in the summer?

  46. Sydney Carton Says:

    Paul :

    We may be a bit preoccupied this particular Summer. My son-in-law is at present training for the priesthood (Cof E) and he and family will be returning from the North East to Cheshire to take up a deacon/curatepost in July. There is a house allocated and much will have to be done to make it habitable. Short term we are off for a Spring break at Boroughbridge (Ripon/Thirsk area).

    Should anyone know this area and could recommend walks or visits to places of interest feel free to share them in the lounge

  47. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Everyone

    Great idea Paul and its really nice to read and hear other sides to people and what they enjoy

    I’m 27 and live in Essex with my partner and Cat. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, badminton, massages, yoga and meditation, cycling, films, dancing, fresh air walks and wildlife. I made myself sound fit, but I just do activities I enjoy not for fitness sake. I love cats. I work as a Careers Adviser and enjoy my job most of the time. I am close to my family and I love music, mainly indie, rock, pop anything on XFM on the radio mainly. I love Larry David’s curb your enthusiasm and the office when it first aired BBC. The amercian series Dexter is also brilliant.

  48. Debbie Says:

    Hiya im Debbie im the big 50, i live in Portsmouth and am married to Dom and have 3 grown up children and a beautiful grand-daughter.
    I love craft i am always making things, im mad on shabby chic, i love painting my pine furniture white with the old look, I also make celebration cakes including wedding cakes. (this has been put on hold as having a new kitchen fitted, very exciting, not for my husband who is doing it!)
    I love the country side and enjoy walking my dogs and having a cuppa and a bit of cake in tearooms! Probably why im always on a diet! Oh and i like swimming. Theres not alot on tele i like at the moment i have enjoyed The Midwife and i have a thing for deal or no deal and The Chase…sad i know.

  49. Jennifer Says:

    Paul – Just wondered what these retreats are that you have mentioned? Sounds nice

  50. Steveo Says:

    So who’s got snow then. We’ve got a couple of inches and my young daughter loved it being pulled on the sledge :-)

  51. Sydney Carton Says:

    Alas just pouring rain in Cheshire, Steveo – hope it doesn’t freeze

  52. Sydney Carton Says:

    It did !

  53. Jennifer Says:

    Its lovely and snowy here in Essex. Hope work is closed tomorrow :). Going to go out for a walk later and try to convince my partner to go down a hill on a tray!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and cosy day

    x x

  54. Rebecca Says:

    No snow here in Devon, spending my Sunday trying to do a teaching and assessing assignment- it is so boring!! Really need some motivation. A friend of mine said he would treat me to Waggamamas (Japanese food)after completion, if that won’t get me motivated nothing will.
    My feet and hands are consistently cold, may need to purchase some thicker socks :) Just rejoined the gym so hoping my blood supply will improve..
    Hope everyone is good :)

  55. sinead Says:

    hey everyone!
    im sinead, im 23 i live in ireland and i am a final year dental student (i know i know dentists are horrible :-P, i just cant help it i love teeth :) ) , just passed my finals woo hoo and find out this week where my job for next year will be :)

    i love my family to pieces come from a typical big irish one so love cooking food having big long dinners with lovely wine and beers and having the craic!-just realised theres people from all over the world on this page so that doesnt mean anything dodgy-it just means having fun!

    i love reading swimming travelling noticed “ginger” is an aussie- i was in australia during the summer and i LOVED it!i’ll be back there in 2 years no doubt just as soon as i get the money together, what a fantastic beautiful vast country cant wait to visit it again, youre so lucky!

    i love spending time with friends and am a pub more than a club kinda gal.i am currently single but theres potential with a lovely vet im seeing at the minute so we’ll see…watch this space, ill keep yous updated…:)

    this is a great idea i love getting to know new people which is half the reason i love travelling so much

    no snow here yet but its cold!typical student house though its always cold :)

  56. sinead Says:

    oh one more thing im terrible at sports and hate exercising BUT am determined to get fit-keep the ol ticker in check-just wondered what people like doing to keep fit?fun suggestions much appreciated :) has anybody tried this new dance aerobics thing zumba by any chance??it looks like it could be fun!maybe ill nab a suggestion/someone elses hobbie and give it a go…me exercising is a hilarious sight to see though…:D

  57. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Paul – Just wondered what these retreats are that you have mentioned? Sounds nice

    Jennifer there are many different ones that I am visiting, mainly for a week at a time, some you work part time as part of your accomadation, which keeps you busy and keeps costs down. Others you just stay for a week and are allowed to get involved in the community which maybe walks they go on, things they organise to do or just chill out in a libary or meditation room. If you google ‘retreat holidays uk’ you will find many and it will give you a better idea, a lot of it though is just going back to basics and mixing with new people etc.

    Sinead I got my partner Zumba for xmas and she loves it and a fun way to get fit. I have always said with excerise you have to do something you like otherwise you will just pack it in. I love cycling and playing squash so I try to do these more than anything else but do add in the odd run, it is not my favourite but you feel brilliant afterwards.

  58. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Sinead, I have tried zumba before it is alot of fun but you have to be prepared to move those hips lol! My favourite workout is spinning, sitting on a bike and cycling to music, it really does keep the ‘ticker in check’. It is rather knackering though but worth it in the end. Body attack/ body combat are good fun aswell if you like dance :) I tend to do quite alot of walking in Devon but i must buy a bike especially as i now can’t park my car at work and am sick of getting tickets on my car :(
    Paul it is so true about needing to do something you enjoy, it is just a case of finding that thing :)

  59. Sinead Says:

    Ok gonna try zumba,go back to pilates and start swimming again cos I love it-especially love sneaking some spa time too after I’ve done my few lengths :-) I’m going to see a play tomorrow night-very excited love going to the theatre :-) I’ll let you’s know how it goes.Rebecca I tried spin and all my friends love it but I’m really stubborn-when the instructor shouts at me to up the resistance on my bike or to pedal faster I just get fed up and say nah I’m alright thanks and give up 😉

  60. angela Says:

    hi my name is angela, i live in birmingham im 42 years young :) i have been married for almost 14 years, i have 3 children 2 of my own and 1 with my husband. i started to suffer with anxiety a few years back after a break down. i am slowly on the mend and am starting to feel alive.
    i work voluntary for the british heart foundation and have done for over a year now.i helps with my confidence and talking to people. i enjoy walking, talking on my facebook playing on my youngest xbox with him haha…
    im currently in training for a 26 mile walk called “the ridgewalk” im a bit apprehensive, there is no way i would have ever done anything like this a few years ago.. I totally understand what you mean paul about just getting on with it so to speak…

  61. Melissa Says:

    Hello from sunny Kansas City!

    My name is Melissa, and I am 34. I have a great husband, and two cute kids (boy-3 and girl-5), we have a dog too (Otis, the nanny).
    I am a nurse, and also in school studying to become a Registered Aromatherapist. I love learning, reading, camping, photography, and being active.
    I have often dreamed of the freedom of running. I ignored it for may years, but then finally figured that my body was trying to tell me something. So, I started this past fall. I have done two races (including one with my daughter). It felt so good that I decided to recruit others to run a 1/2 marathon with me in January at Disney. To go one step further, I started a blog to encourage others to get out their with their families and run!
    I am glad to meet all of you. Have a great day!

  62. Melissa Says:


    I LOVE ZUMBA! I do it at least once a week. It is such a fun class, I know you will love it.

    Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

  63. Jennifer Says:

    Hi everyone, are people starting to forget this blog is here already? :)

    I am off work sick for the first time in months and months with a monster cold so am feeling a bit bored with daytime TV

    Thought I would share the music im loving at the moment, in case anyone feels like listening to something new, Ben Howard, Band of Skulls, Black Keys and Maverick Sabre. All thier albums are good in my opinion.

    PAUL – dealyed response, but wondered what types of retreats are they, working retreats, like a little commune or total relaxation retreats?

    Hope everyone is ok and enjoying the nicer weather, for those in the UK

  64. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Yes seems like everyone introduced themselves and then left

    Time to stoke the fire up and pop the kettle on

    Jennifer they are mixed retreats, some working full time, some part time and some none at all. I am going for about 12 weeks and will post any pics on twitter for those that follow me. Really looking forward to it as working from home can become very stale and you don’t get to meet anyone but the postman :-)

  65. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Paul

    Yes, I think everyone had their cuppa and left. I liked your visual of popping the kettle on and light the fire, it made me feel all snug and homely. I am all settled on the sofa in my cosy front room ready for a lzy night of tv.

    Yes working from home must be lonely. I would really like to write a paper for a PHD one day,but would have to accept that I would be on my own in a room for a year or two and put on lots of weight through being next to the kitchen and procrastinating.

    12 weeks of retreat, wow that is a proper break. Good for you, I have always wanted to secretly run away live in a commune type place. What is your experience of these retreats? do you go alone or with your partner? I have been considering a intro young person’s Buddhist weekend retreat as I have been attempting to practice for years, but find the idea of a whole weekend daunting.

    Can’t you not post the pictures on here, or will I have to take that leap and join twitter?

    p.s The Homeland series that is on channel 4 TV at the moment is really good

  66. Ian Says:

    Hi there, I do pop in occassionally but indeed seems to have gone quite. Talking about what I like doing made me want to go out and do some of them!

    Jennifer – what is your degree and hence your PHD interest?

    I’m also fascinated by your retreats Paul, not sure it’s something I’d be into. I do find it amusing as I live in a small rural village, and tend to go on holiday in small rural villages to ‘get away’ . Not sure how much further ‘away’ I can get!

    I joined twitter solely for Paul’s tweets and had resisted up until then. I don’t even own a mobile phone, and despite my work entailing this sort of technology can’t much embrace it myself.

  67. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Jennifer says:

    12 weeks of retreat, wow that is a proper break. Good for you, I have always wanted to secretly run away live in a commune type place. What is your experience of these retreats? do you go alone or with your partner? I have been considering a intro young person’s Buddhist weekend retreat as I have been attempting to practice for years, but find the idea of a whole weekend daunting.

    Can’t you not post the pictures on here, or will I have to take that leap and join twitter?

    I have that secret urge to Jennifer I have always been a hippy type person at heart and love the simple things in life and the idea of a fire and guitar on a beach stimulates me more than a night on the town.

    One actually is a silent type budda place and they have you up at 6:30 ! I am just trying this though and it is only a week. I am just trying to get as many experiences as possible.

    I am going on my own, it is a one off maybe next year a month if I enjoy it. My partner is pretty laid back and said if you want to do it then go ahead as long as I take her on a two week holiday at the end :-)

  68. Evelyn Says:

    Hello everyone .. im Evelyn

    Im from LOS ANGELES California :)ill IM MARRIED with 2u children. I work as a manager at a jewelry store.. I love walking,yoga, but I would like to do something giving on my time off like to donate to charitys or so!. Im planning to go back to school :)ill sorry I forgot to mention im 29:) nice to meet u all

  69. Matt Says:

    I wanted to add that I am in school to pursue a degree in Social Work, still have a little ways to go but I have been working in the mental health field for over ten years and have seen everything, so I enjoy helping others. I believe that’s the best feeling in the world is helping other people and contributing to making a difference. Right now, hooked on a star wars online game that is addictive, and I also love watching the tv show “The Walking Dead”. I mean, how awesome is that to have an actual show about people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse! I sometimes imagine what I would do in that situation, but i’d probably be a clint eastwood style zombie killer, young clint not old clint, blasting zombies everywhere. I even tried to name my two year old clint, but my wife hated it. Oh well, maybe next time.

  70. Doreen Says:

    Hello – I think I may be the oldest person posting on here but so what. I live in Leeds and am just recently retired. I have 3 grandsons. Eldest is 16 and doing GCSE’s. The middle one is 12 and about to join the school for Birmingham Royal Ballet. It means leaving home so he will be greatly missed but what an opportunity!!
    The little one is 3 in June but as he has Down Syndrome, a tracheostomy and is fed through his tummy his actual age is irrelevant. He is a happy little boy and it is still amazing he is ‘here’ as he has had major heart surgery with more to come. I belong to a book group, am chair of the local arts festival and love going to a local drama group for the over 50’s. Am run down with a recurring virus just now but hope to be out and about more each day.

  71. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Doreen you are only 20 miles away from me

    What sort of books do you like?

    I never stop read and love crime and autobiographys, all non fiction really.

  72. Doreen Says:

    Hi Paul – I also meant to say that I belong to a national choir called ‘Rock Choir’ No singing skills needed and great fun. There are choirs that meet in Wakefield, Harrogate, Huddersfield to name but a few so if you fancy singing just go on their website. Or anyone else who reads this as there are choirs all over the country. Regarding books – I am more of a fiction person myself but the book group has led me to books I would not otherwise have read, such as crime. Kindle is my new toy as I can download books very cheaply so even if they are not so good, not much money wasted. Been a bonus whilst I have been unwell.
    I have a son and a daughter both of whom live close by. She is the mother of the 3 boys.

  73. DCYL Says:

    I actually haven’t forgotten about it but dropping back in. Evelyn – nice to know a fellow Californian (I’m up in Northern CA). I think there was another lady that posted in the main blogs that was from CA too.

    In any case, no big plans this weekend. I’m going to do my weekly basketball thing and maybe meet some friends afterward. Sunday, I might be house hunting and relax. :)

    How about other folks?

  74. Doreen Says:

    Hi DCYL. You Americans may be interested (or not) in my weekend treat which was to see Joan Baez at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. In my opinion her voice was better than when she was young – deeper and richer. The hall was packed and not just with oldies like me.

  75. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    I have never really been interested in a kindle, just something about reading a book for me and not a device. I like the feel of the book etc.

    Also Doreen I am the most useless singer ever, seriously nobody wants to be put through that !

  76. Doreen Says:

    I know just what you mean about holding a real book. And ones with complex plots don’t lend themselves to being read on a Kindle as just flipping back to remind yourself of something is much harder. However, as a quick way of getting a good read when at home it is perfect.
    Being able to sing is not at all essential for Rock Choir. Somehow it just happens when in a group. Singing is another form of exercise from which many people who are feeling ‘down’ have benefitted. I may put something on other blog as that may be a more appropriate place

  77. DCYL Says:


    I remember Joan Baez’s name though not particularly familiar with her. I’m a child of the 1980’s so you can say I grew up with pop and even New Wave music from the UK. :)

    Also to comment on e-books, I wasn’t a fan. However, the ease of getting some books forced me into using my iPhone to download some books though I haven’t gone back to them recently. Have to be vague a bit as to keep this lounge off topic……:)

  78. Jennifer Says:

    Paul says:
    I have that secret urge to Jennifer I have always been a hippy type person at heart and love the simple things in life and the idea of a fire and guitar on a beach stimulates me more than a night on the town.

    One actually is a silent type budda place and they have you up at 6:30 ! I am just trying this though and it is only a week.

    Me too, mucking around in a group, playing music, chatting and relaxing is how I was brought up, so a fire, guitar and a beach sounds perfect to me too. I read once about a modern non religious commune is Gloucester in the Guardian and kept the article in case I did want to join them one day :)
    Where is the Buddha type retreat if you don’t mind me asking and you posting the website? just curious.

    IAN- Thanks for your reply last month,not sure if you will ever see this now, as I have only just seen your post. Everyone disappeared on here so didn’t expect another reply. My degree included reading Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Studies and Psychoanalysis – rolled into one degree. My dissertation in which I very proudly and surprisingly got a 1st for was about dance and youth cultures. Would love to do a PHD in something related to youth studies, therapy, mental health or people’s habits and addictions.
    I think my dream would be to work for the Psychologies Magazine, writing short articles about various everyday psychological and cultural issues. Wow thats the first time I have really said that out loud. Thanks for prompting those self indulgent thoughts.

    Do you have a degree?


  79. Ian Says:

    Jennifer –

    yes I’ve a degree in Physical Anthropology (majored in, at that time in NZ you could put all sorts of things in your degree, which I did, from German to art history!), completely useless as a means of making money, but that’s not why I went to University (I’ll cut short rant on effect of £9k fees on University programmes/culture now in the UK…). That’s I guess why I ended up a librarian – qoute from Phillip Larkin I like to repeat, is that a librarian is what you do when you failed to do all the things you wanted to do and avoided all the things you don’t want to do! Also have a masters in librarianship. Can’t imagine going back to study now, but who knows.

    An observation that I have is that ‘alternative’, hippy or whatever culture in the UK seems very hidden. Back in NZ people doing their own thing was just part of mainstream thinking, which makes it look more prevelant. Here it is much less part of the obvious culture, I’m not sure it is any less prevelant, just less obvious (now?), which is a great shame. Bring back the hippies. In the past I’ve always thought of myself as punk/industrial or whatever, but as I get older have realised that I definately belong more to the back to nature hippy camp, and realistically have always done. Still scathing of many of the tedious parts of that area though (won’t go into which for fear of offending anyone!).

    Hope this picks back up again here.


  80. Ian Says:

    Ok I’ll chat to myself then.

    Random stuff.

    100km Audax bike ride in the weekend, forecast great and looking forward to it. I’ve done these before, but not for a while, longest was a 300k. Good fun except I am rubbish at following directions so tend to follow other riders which is fine as long as you have one, when I lose them I am horribly lost and have to retrace. Doing it with a friend who I suspect will be equally useless following instructions. I even polished my bike bell last weekend.

    Can’t wait for swimming in the sea to start.

    Listening to Emptyset 12″ of minmal techno recorded in unfinished wooden mansion (Woodchester) just up the road from me. Will go there sometime soon.

    Can’t be doing with Kindles. Fine if people want to use them, but I am pretty stuck with physical objects (books, LPs, cassettes even!), something about something real, something with it’s own history. This does of course mean that my house if full to the brim, espeically as the library me and my partner work at has been having a big weeding programme and a large part of the withdrawn stock has ended up in our place!

    Take care all (if there is anyone there)


  81. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Ian

    I am here. Good to find out about you. Anthropology sounds interesting, I would have loved to study the isolated cultures type stuff, like the Tribe stuff with Bruce Parry, but that may just be a typical lay persons interpretation of what they think anthropology is :)

    I like the idea of being a librarian, but was told my voice was too loud. Do you enjoy it? thats the main thing, never mind what the sayings are :)
    Interesting what you said about NZ and the hippie culture, Where do you live now, in the UK?
    I think we should set up our own ‘Hippie commune’ on here, spreading love and peace.

    I can’t be doing with KINDLES either, you lose the feel and smell of a book, which is part of why I love reading. You can’t visit someone’s house and look through their kindle in the same way that you can browse through bookcases and chat about book.

    Quick update

    I have decided tonight that I am going to run the Race for Life for Cancer Research in a couple of months. Did it the year before last and was impressed that I did it in 30 minutes as I didn’t prepare and thought I was not very fit.

    I went swimming after work today in an outdoor pool and it was lovely…ahh to win the lottery and buy my own pool :)

  82. Ian Says:

    Physical anthropology is more archaeology (which I didn’t do any of – no stone structures in NZ prehistory so looking at holes in which wooden posts once sat isn’t that rivetting) and biological anthroplogy which is human origins/evolution/migration etc which interest/ed/s me far more. I did do the social antropology side as well, which is what you describe and I guess I tend to look at (modern) things through that lens without really knowing about it.

    I love being a librarian – that quote is both positive and negative. It’s a relatively easy life really.

    I live just outside Bristol in a small village (if ever you’re passing….).

    Yes, yes to spreading love and peace! I’m not being (that) sarcastic either We sure have got away from the important things in life.

    Go for the race for life. I’ll sponsor you. I hardly ever train for anything (not that I really do ‘competition’ at all), sometimes I suffer for it but what the heck. Another modern ‘thing’ is that everyone has to be perfect at everything, do all the training, have all the clothes, read all the books etc. (I blame the internet – 15 years ago you just went out and did stuff).I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – YES to outdoor swimming.

    Must off so it doesn’t seem like I spend my life here.

  83. Jo Says:

    Hi, I’m Jo. I’m 59 and live in Lincolnshire. I am married with one 33 year old son. I love animals and have one dog and one cat. My interesets are card making, jewellery making, painting, in fact anything craft related. I also enjoy taking photos of nauture etc. Nothing else to say really.

  84. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo

    We have friends in Lincolnshire at a place called Saltfleetby. Do you know it? We really like Louth being foodies and it is great for good fresh local stuff. To be honest though, I prefer Yorkshire as the countryside appeals more – the Dales and the North York moors are wonderful. Are you the same ‘Jo’ as I have had some exchanges with on the other forum?

  85. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Hi Jennifer you ask

    Where is the Buddha type retreat if you don’t mind me asking and you posting the website? just curious

    Here it is

  86. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, yes that’s me. I have heard of Saltfleetby but don’t know it. I too love the country side more than where I live here on the coast. Yorkshire is one of our favourite places for holidays, along with derbyshire, my home county.

  87. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo – Saltfleetby is about 7 miles East of Louth quite near to the coast. I cannot remember the name of the nearest bit of coast to them but we walk on a big beach. We have also been to a seal sanctuary not too far away. We have in the past done some nice walking on the Wolds – at first I thought Lincolnshire was all flat but glad to have discovered some ups and downs. Not walking much at the moment due to a poorly knee but then as my daughter reminds me I am ‘getting on’.
    Paul – if ever you are over in Leeds and fancy a coffee with a much older woman do let me know.

  88. Jo Says:

    Doreen we go walking in the wolds when the weather is nice!There are some very nice walks around here but it does mean a car journey to get to them. There is a big beach and seal sanctuary both at Mablethorpe and Skegness so it could have been either of those.

  89. Doreen Says:

    I think the seal sanctuary is called Donna Nook. Hope you manage some walking this weekend weather permitting. It has been glorious here today but as I have a bad knee I just pottering down to the woods at the bottom of the road. Although we live only 2 miles from the city centre we have protected woods and little lake a few yards away. The swans and ducks are very over fed being the school holidays

  90. Jo Says:

    Doreen I have heard of Donna Nook but not actually been there. Not done too much walking, it has been quite cold here. I am quite happy to walk in the field and wooded area nearby and on the beach on a nice day. Our dog just loves water and so looks forward to her afternoon paddles.I don’t do long walks now, I just get too tired. My husband likes to go further so sometimes takes himself off into the wolds. Have a nice Easter.

  91. Lindsey Says:

    Hi Paul!

    I have had anxiety ever since I was really young about health problems. My anxiety and stress levels had built up so high that I came in the depersonalization state. I was terrified, wondering what was wrong with me. It was extremely scary. I researched everything, went to psychologists, but NOTHING worked. I feel it was a miracle when I stumbled on your site, I of course bought your book. :) A light bulb popped in my head when I read that you have you love and accept your anxiety for it to go away. No one had ever told me that. Pills just teach the body to baby it and in no way shape or form do people learn how to live with anxiety by taking pills. Honestly, i believe it makes it worse! I got off the pills when I found your book, and I began starting to heal my mind. At first it was hard, but Paul I have to tell you my feeling of pain in my mind and stomach has flourished. I am now beginning to feel like the huge black cloud has lifted off my shoulders and I am seeing the little bit of light. Of course my anxiety won’t heal overnight because I made myself so stressed out and built up for about 8 years. My relationship was almost ruined when anxiety and stress took over my life. I feel like a more lovable person now, I feel I don’t blame my problems on my boyfriend anymore. I beleived for the longest time that he would leave me for being like this, but he loves me so much that he wouldn’t give up. When I see how much he cares about me, It hits me in my mind that i shouldn’t be treating myself like this, and I need to start living life.
    Your book has helped me greatly realizing the truth that I have longed for.
    Thank you so much.
    I know it won’t be a straight clean road to recovery, there will be bumps, but I definately won’t turn them into cliffs anymore.


  92. Doreen Says:

    Hi Lindsey – good to read your story but perhaps best to post it on the main blog. This is a chatty ‘coffee lounge’ where people exchange messages that are not about anxiety.

  93. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, I keep forgetting to come over here. I did ask Paul if he could make the coffee lounge more easily accessible, but I don’t know if that is possible. It is nice to have somewhere to chat about things other than anxiety.
    I see you live in Leeds. When I was taxi driving a couple of years ago I had to bring some people there. It’s a good job one of the other drivers lent me his sat nav, because I hadn’t a clue where to go :) Mind you I got stuck in a motorway ‘loop’ coming back as I didn’t know how to re program the sat nav.

  94. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo – yes it is a pity people don’t use this more. Yes, the inner ring road is a bit of a nightmare for people who don’t know Leeds. Lovely weather here today albeit rather cold in the wind. Having my gall bladder removed on Tuesday eek. So may be missing posting for a day or two

  95. Jo Says:

    I think people forget this is here Doreen, it’s a bit tricky to find, if you’ve not been on a while.
    Not an easy thing for you to have to go through on Tuesday, with everything else, but I’m sure you will be fine. Take it easy when you get home again, and will look forward to hearing from you when you feel up to it. x

  96. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo – whereabouts are you staying in York? Have you got plans about what to do? A visit to Betty’s coffee house is a must albeit expensive. The railway museum is fabulous for those who like that sort of thing. Bring warm clothes unless we are in a heat wave as York can be quite cold because of the river.

  97. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, we are in the Premiere Inn on Blossom street North. Haven’t really made any plans yet, just looked at a few ideas. Ben might like the railway museum, but it’s not my cup of tea. I think we’ve been there many years ago when James was little. Betty’s has got mixed reviews on the internet, we will have to decide when we get there.

  98. Jo Says:

    Hi James. I am sorry you have suffered so much. If you would like support, go to the main blog on the May post, that is where everyone shares their worries. This post is where we come to be anxiety free for a little while. You will be welcomed over there.

  99. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo – been past the hotel where you are staying a couple of times in last few days going to see my sister in York hospital. It is very convenient for all the sights. Maybe a trip on the tourist bus might help you decide what you would like to go back and see in more detail. I was at college there many years ago (mature student) and always thought how lucky I was to be in such a lovely place.

  100. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, sorry to hear you are not feeling so well today. it is bound to take it out of you, such an operation. You just take it easy.
    Yes a bus tour would be nice I think, if the weather is good. I have mixed feelings about the trip as I did with London. It is an early train – 8.10am and I’m usually having a bad time at that hour. But I am looking forward to it too.
    What did you do in college? I often wish I had done something more with my life. x

  101. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo – I had a pretty bad ‘do’ following my mother’s death in 1985 and had to give up work. Did some really good courses especially for women which made me decide to apply to college where I studies English and Social Studies, just for the experience really. The college was called ‘Ripon and St John’ and is on Lord Mayors Walk right near a section of the wall. It is now part of University of Leeds. I thought I was a very mature student at 39 but that seems young now.

  102. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, I can relate to that. I think my Mum’s death last September is what has triggered this off. I was ok dealing with the worry of her in hospital for all those months, and the funeral, but about a month later all the anxiety stuff kicked in.
    Good for you for going to college. I left school at 15 and wanted to work with animals but it never happened really. I did a couple of stints on a farm, and boarding kennels, but they didn’t last. Then it was factory and shop work, and then life sort of got in the way! Not too long ago I discovered I could paint, mostly animal portraits, nothing spectacular, but I enjoyed. Lately though I have lost all interest. I’m hoping it will come back in time.

  103. Charlotte Says:

    Hey Jo, I’m into painting too, and photography. Like you I have lost all interest in that at the moment, but when you lose the fire, you lose the passion.
    What I’ve done is replaced those things with physical activities that dont need much thinking about like walking,reading and gardening atm. I have always loved clothes, which is one of my interests I have retained. Having nice things to wear seems to give me confidence and feel a bit better.
    My cat Alfie is currently curled up next to me as we speak actually, watching the one show.
    I think it’s going to be nice this weekend, does anyone have plans?

  104. Doreen Says:

    My son aged 41 has invited all his family round for brunch on Sunday – that is his dad and I and his sister, her partner and 3 their sons. The middle grandson is back from his ballet school for the weekend so looking forward to seeing him.
    Still VERY uncomfortable following my gall bladder removal – more so than when it was 1st done, so being very gentle on myself.
    The weather here has been a mixture of heavy rain and wonderful cloudy blue skies. Tomorrow looks a good forecast so maybe get out for a short walk. I am more comfy up right than sitting hunched up in chairs.

  105. Charlotte Says:

    Doreen, sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned with the family. Brunch sounds nice an easy, not too much work like a roast dinner! Sorry to hear about the gall bladder op, hopefully you’ll have your feet up and being well looked after. Ballet school sounds really interesting, I have always been fascinated by ballet, and soothing to watch.
    We had similar weather here too today, and I hear tomorrow will be much nicer. I’ll be going for a walk too and meet up with a friend.

  106. Jo Says:

    Good morning Doreen and Charlotte. How is the lad getting on a ballet school Doreen? Sounds like you are in for a lovely time at the weekend.Hope the pain soon wears off for you, but as Charlotte says, get your feet up and be a bit pampered. x
    Charlotte, I sometimes take my camera when we go walking, mostly it is photos of the dog playing in the sea I get though! The weather here has been changeable, but it feels a bit cool this morning. Shower for me next, then dog walking. x

  107. Charlotte Says:

    Hi Jo, you’re up early! I have awoke to beautiful sunshine this morning. Good idea about taking the camera with you. Mine is a big ol clunky thing as I used to be semi-pro, but I will deffo think about taking my standard smaller camera. I must admit I have been tempted to ask the neighbour if I can walk his dog lol. Hope your doing well Doreen and looking forward to the get together x

  108. Jo Says:

    Hi Charlotte, I am always awake around 5am(thinking) but try not to get up till about 6.30. I think the time on here is an hour out though!What sort of photography did you do? My husband used to be a freelance photographer but has been out of it for some years now. I don’t work now either. I have worked since leaving school, except for when my son was growing up. But I had to give up up after the car crash that set off the depression. When I recovered I did a stint as a taxi driver but gave that up as it was too much hassle.( My son is a taxi driver). I’m afraid jobs are hard to come by around here, especially at our ages. I am 59 and my husband is 64. I am sure your neighbour’s dog would enjoy a walk and it would be company for you. I have afreind’s dog on my knee at the moment, we are looking after her for the day. x

  109. Debbie Says:

    Hey on here at last!
    I’m Debbie, im the big 50 , im married and have got 3 daughters and a beautiful grand daughter aged 2, 3 cats and 2 dogs, oh and a hamster.
    I have lots of hobbies, all craft but mainly I make cute mice and teddies in cute outfits, I also make wedding cakes and celebration cakes.
    I don’t work at the moment due to anxiety blip but hoping to go back at some point.
    I live in Portsmouth but would love to move to the country which we may do when my last daughter has left home….could be a while!
    I would love to lose weight and be able to jog (bladder not too good) I’ve always wanted to jog I don’t know why! x

  110. Jo Says:

    Glad you got here Debbie. I am in Lincolnshire, on the coast but I have always wanted to live in the country too. I don’t want a big house but I would like a garden to potter in and space for animals that need rescuing. We have had one or two waifs here over the years, including two baby squirrels which I reared and released back to the wild. I’m 59, married and have one son, still living at home, and one dog and one cat.

  111. Charlotte Says:

    Debbie you’re not too far from me :) sounds like you’re very creative. I would love to move to the country too, though I do spend lots of time walking in the woods and countryside, it would be better to have it on my doorstep. Hoping one day to meet the man of my dreams and start a family in a little cottage hah x

  112. Jo Says:

    Charlotte, you have plenty of time for that to happen. We all seem to have the same dream of living in the country. I think that if our lives are not what we would wish, then that could contribute to the anxiety stuff. I guess we have to try and accept our lives as they are if we can’t change them. I find that hard though as I don’t like where I live right now, but there is nothing I can do about it.
    Debbie – have you heard of the Do Crafts website? You can chat to other crafters on there and put your work in your own gallery to show others what you have made.

  113. Charlotte Says:

    Jo, I wish I had more faith when everyone says I have plenty of time lol. I think I worry that as a woman I don’t really have that long to have babies, and as you get older it gets so hard to meet someone that hasnt been snapped up, and is perfect for you. I would totally agree that alot of my issues stem from what I think should be happening in my life, and not actually accepting it as it is, which in turn brings on this anx n depo more. Mayb we all need to work on accepting things more, it seems to get rid of all worries! (easier said then done).

  114. Jo Says:

    Well Charlotte my son is 33 and he isn’t settled with anyone yet either. I was the other way when I was young. I always said I wasn’t getting married and definitely not having children :)
    It will happen, or it won’t, so best not to worry about it.It’s like trying to get out of this condition, the more you try the harder it is. You will meet someone when you least expect it.
    Done a bit of pottering about in the back this morning. We have a tiny yard, but I am doing my best to fill it with greenery. Soon be time to take our dog (Meg) for her afternoon walk. Sadly the sun has gone now and it looks quiye breezy so it will probably be cold on the beach. Hope you are having a good day. x

  115. Doreen Says:

    Which beach are you nearest to Jo?

    It has got very windy up here today but the weather forecast isn’t too bad for York over next few days. Bit chilly though so bring your thermals. The river will be high as we have had loads of rain here over the last few weeks. There is a big wheel near the station which looks brill but you wouldn’t catch me going on it on a windy day. Are you getting the East Coast train from Newark or is there another service up to York?

  116. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen. I’m in Skegness! The train is to Grantham at 8.10 in the morning. That and the wait for the main line train is the longest part of the journey. You wouldn’t catch me on the wheel in non windy weather :)I’m not keen on heights like that, I have tried abseiling though, down a quarry and I enjoyed that. Are you in York then, cos I thought you were in Leeds?

  117. Doreen Says:

    No, I am in Leeds but I saw that the weather in York is much like the weather here over the next few days. Blimey – abseiling is not my cup of tea. Mind you, I used to think I would never go on a cable car but as it was the only way to get to the top of Table Mountain I made myself do it a couple of years ago.
    My grandson is doing very well at his ballet school and really loving it.

  118. Jo Says:

    The highest cable car I have been in was the one at Matlock, in Derbyshire. Table Mountain? Is that Africa?. I always wanted to go on Safari when I was a teenager :)
    I used to have tap and ballet lessons when I was little (Aeons ago). I bet your grandson is having a wonderful time, I wish him every succes.

  119. Charlotte Says:

    Jo, you were just like my nan :) She said she didn’t want to get married or have children and she did! I think I need to adpot more of a don’t care attitude, I think men sense out the women who want the commited stuff and stay well clear lol.
    To be honest i’m more keen to get over the boy and start being happier within myself more than anything! But hey, like you say, all in good time.
    I love tiny gardens full of greenery, there’s actually lots you can do like hanging baskets and small tubs with lil tadpoles. Less maintenence too.
    Enjoy your walk with Meg, the wind picked up here a bit too. I have just come back from a bike ride with Dad and absoultely exhausted ha-he has more energy then me! x

  120. Jo Says:

    Yes Charlotte I think that is the right attitude. My son is like that. he had a girlfriend and they moved in together but it didn’t work out so he came back home, and now he doesn’t care whether he gets married or not. He is not bitter, just relaxed about it. We have had a water tub in the greenery and a frog has come back a couple of years to it, although it only small. Now we are in the process of designing something bigger, if we ever get round to it.
    Enjoyed the walk with Meg but it was a bit windy and made walking in the sand even harder, and I was ready for a sit down when I got home.

  121. Charlotte Says:

    Jo, I’m sorry to hear your son had to move out and come back home. Men do always seem to be a bit more head strong with break ups and it’s good to hear he’s relaxed about his future and getting on with life.
    That’s sweet the frog keeps coming back, I would love to have a barrell like that in our garden. Nature always gives me good fuzzy feelings.
    They say walking in the sand is a good workout! I think with anx n depo we seem to get tired alot quicker, I know I do. Hope you’re getting on okay in York x

  122. Jo Says:

    Hi Charlotte. My son is very laid back about most things, despite having suffered depression himself a few years ago. He can’t be serious about anything! He knows about anxiety too and when I asked how he copes with it he said ‘I just ignore it’ Wish I could.
    We had a nice time in York and walked and walked. Went right round the walls, and down the river as well as exporling the city. I am ready for a rest now! x

  123. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo – what did you like best about York? I think you had reasonable weather, hopefully. Where did you eat out? Did you go into the Minster? looking forward to hearing about it

  124. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen. To be honest there was no best bit, I was just glad I had made it there and was feeling ok. We had main evening meals in the premier inn restaurant and snacks wherever we were at the time :) We decided against Betty’s,it was too expensive! I felt the quilt museum was a bit pricey for what was in there considering we went into the castle museum for about the same price and there was a lot more to see. I found a shop called The Viking Loom which I liked as it was full of sewing, beading and craft stuff. Although I would have enjoyed it more if my interest in things hadn’t been so low. Ben enjoyed the railway museum, but I was quite tired by the time we got in there and just let him wander around whilst I did a lot of sitting! The museum gardens was quite nice on Wednesday morning, it was very warm in the sun and was nice just to sit and soak it up. Seems abit strange being home again now.
    How are you getting on, hope you are feeling ok now after the op.x

  125. Doreen Says:

    Jo – glad to read on here and the main blog that you had an interesting time in York, even though understandably you would like to have felt more up beat. The Museum Gardens are very nice. I used to walk through them to get to college all those years ago. A couple of years back we saw a production of The Railway Children performed in the Railway museum. I nearly phoned the Premier Inn to leave a message saying ‘hello’ but didn’t know your surname of course. But was thinking about you.
    I am getting slowly better. Still got some unpleasant digestive symptoms but trying to be out and about as if they weren’t there. Much like the ‘live with anxiety’ process.

  126. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, that was a nice thought to say hello. I was thinking about you whilst we were there too.I kept thinking how strange it would be if you were in York and we had passed each other in the street but didn’t know it!! Glad things are improving a bit for you, it is bound to take some time. After all it is not just a minor op you have had.
    We have been out with the dog and also done some shopping, but I’m having 5 minutes sit down now as I was feeling a bit dizzy. I want to have a walk to the craft shop soon,just around the corner, as it is a friends birthday next week and I need some inspiration for a gift. She is into crafts too.
    Take care. x

  127. Charlotte Says:

    Hi Jo, we’ve all been wondering how you have been getting on in York! It sounds like you made the best of it, so very well done. Do you feel better from your trip there at all, just to get away from home for a bit? I have been doing alot of walking too…every morning along the beach, or in the countryside. It makes you feel better in a way that your’re doing something good for yourself, even if you ‘feel’ no different.
    Your son has the right attitide regarding anxiety, this is what I feel I do on a daily basis now, I don’t give it half as much time as I used to, and try and be as productive as I can. Do you ever look at pintrest Jo? I get alot of creative inspiration off of there x

  128. Jo Says:

    Hi Charlotte. I didn’t really feel any different in York than I do at home but it made me realise I can get on with things and just let the anxiety be there. That part is getting easier, at least. Yes walking is good and the first thing we did when we arrived after getting food, was to walk the city walls, I felt I just needed that. We go out twice a day with Meggie , and usually walk to town most days for the shopping. I haven’t heard of pintrest before Charlotte, I will have to take a look. My interests are starting to trickle back a bit but I still find it difficult to sit alone in my craft room for any length of time, so I tend to end up with all sorts of stuff cluttering he front room :)
    What hobbies/interests do you have? x

  129. Debbie Says:

    Hi all, has anybody been to the Wye Valley in Wales? We are going the first week in July, we are staying in a cottage just me, hubby and our yorkie Ruby, it looks lovely, so just wondered if anyone had been and knew of some nice places close by, obviously dog friendly, we really want to chill out do some nice walks and pub lunches.
    I’ve decided to aim to lose a stone ( 1 of many to lose) but focusing on just one stone makes it achievable before we go, so tomorrow however I feel I’m out with Ruby for a nice walk round the pond for starters (there’s a loo there) then on and beyond!
    I will let you know how I do!

    jo I taught myself how to do the cakes, I get a bit stressed with the wedding cakes so have decided not to do any big ones, my niece is having a four tiered one next April which I’m doing as our present to them, but I’m sticking to the birthday cakes, my next one next Saturday is a man fishing with his bike, it’s a 60th one, I prefer them and quite enjoy the challenge of the modelling. x

  130. Debbie Says:

    Jo ive just been reading back on some old posts and see you mention Do Crafts no I didn’t know about it I will have a look thanks x

  131. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie, we have been to various parts of Wales, all very lovely. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding some nice places to walk, and have a really nice time. Before I lost my appetite I had started to lose weight by cutting out all chocolate and cakes, and adding an extra walk to my day, so you are doing right to go walking and by concentrating on 1 stone to start with.
    I think you have made the right decision with the cakes, there is no point in stressing yourself out more than need be.You must have a lot of patience with making the cakes. You should be proud of what you can do, while suffering so much. x

  132. Doreen Says:

    Wales is almost all lovely. We were on the Pembrokeshire coast last year and want to go to the Lleyn peninsula soon. Meanwhile we are off the Dusseldorf tomorrow. Husband is at a conference so I am going with him. This will be my 4th trip so know the town quite well. Plan to go by train one day to Bonn which is a beautiful small city, easy to walk round, so worth another visit.
    Weather forecast says 25 degrees so may even be able to sit by the Rhine and read a book with a cold beer in my hand. Downloaded one onto my Kindle just in case.
    By the way Jo, my trip up Table Mountain 2 years ago was in Cape Town. Another wonderful place. We were there again last November and that was when this latest anxiety was getting hold but still loved the place.

  133. Jo Says:

    Doreen, hope you have a wonderful time in Dusseldorf. You are doing really well. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. x

  134. Debbie Says:

    Wow hot today! I’ve had a lovely day with my grand- daughter, she’s only two so a bit of a paddy whacker at the moment, typical girl so independant!
    We have a large pond near to us and this morning when I took my dog round it I notice a swan family, so cute I love seeing them and the ducklings, the sun was shining on the water and it was so peaceful…lovely! Makes you realise you don’t appreciate things, or even notice things when your heads full of stuff.
    There’s a little wooded area Where there’s quite a few squirrels they run over to you to see if you have food, the grass had been cut so there was the lovely freshly cut grass smell, the only thing missing was a cup of tea and a bit of cake that would’ve made it even more perfect!

  135. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie, you are sounding happy! That’s good. It’s been hot here too. We have been to the garden centre, and just been across to the field with the dog. Later this evening my son is taking her swimming in the sea. There are squirrels in the wooded are near us. A few years ago I reared an orphan squirrel and the the following year another one came into my care. They are lovely little creatures, and it was a real priveledge having them in my home. They are both back in the wild now.

  136. Jo Says:

    Debbie, just a thought. If Paul would be willing to do it, maybe we could exchange email address through him. If you would like to of course. Don’t be afraid to say no if you don’t want to, I understand.x

  137. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Hi Everyone, I am so glad one or two of you are using this part of the blog, I think a break from the subject is really helpful and it’s great to get to know others and more about them. If you want to exchange email addresses that’s fine and I can pass anyones on. You are better not putting it on here otherwise you will get spammed terribly.

    If anyone is interested I am 3 weeks into my trip and everything going great, one or two funny tales, but overall v good. Weather boiling and I have a great suntan if nothing else

    Please continue to use this part and I will come here often and have a gossip, as long as us men are allowed :-)


  138. Jo Says:

    Hi Paul, glad to hear you are having a good time, and getting a tan. Don’t overdo the sun exposure though will you. It has been nice here for a day or two as well, and my dog has enjoyed cooling off in the sea. Of course Men are welcome, but I do think a lot of people forget the coffee lounge is here, or seem to have difficulty finding it. Hope everything carries on being great for you.

  139. Gary Lee Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    my name is Gary, im 44 and live in north east of england, i have been with my partner for 12 years we live on the coast which our 2 dogs alfie and tess love, we also have a lovebird jill, i have been in nursing for 24 years, my parner is also a nurse for the same amount of time, we love going to the beach, walks, but i am a bit of a t.v watcher and reading as well, i like to think im very happy go lucky, and for all ive had a horrible time this last year with anxiety/depression i know ill always be Gary, nice to say hello to you all.

  140. Debbie Says:

    o F Jo, would love to exchange emails that would be great! Lucky u with the squirrel, I wouldn’t want to let it go I’m a sucker for pets! We have Ruby she’s and a yorkie, very spoilt I must say, then there’s Harry he’s a long haired sausage dog he’s fifteen and deaf as a post, Milly and Molly eleven year old cats they are sisters, Dinky a black eight yr old cat, she’s very naughty and my poor Hammy hamster who sadly is on her way out, which will cause a lot of upset when it happens!
    I love my pets they r so loyal and very comforting on not so good days, Ruby is a bit of a traitor she dumps me when my husbands home, but it gives the cats a chance to get on my lap!
    We went to a little garden centre and brought some plants for the pots and hanging basket I like pottering early evening in the garden when it’s a bit cooler, I’m not very good in the heat, but I love the garden.
    I wonder how Doreen’s doing do u know how long shes away for? x

  141. Debbie Says:

    Jo don’t know where the Hi ya went on the above! x

  142. Jo Says:

    Ok Debbie, I will email Paul and let him know. I love my pets too, we only have meg the dog and Jiggy the cat though. As much as i loved having the squirells, they had to go back to the wild where they belonged. I raised a duckling once too and was sad to see him go, but a back yard is no place for a duck. Meggie is always curled up on the settee with me, and she sleeps on our bed. The only times she deserts me is when I’m being sick…she hates that.And when my son comes in from work…she loves him, and goes to spend time in his room.
    We went to B&Q yesterday and got some plants, it was buy one get one free.
    I can’t stand the heat either, but I do like to see the sun shinning.
    I don’t know how long Doreen is away for, it will be nice hearing all about her holiday when she gets back. x

  143. Jo Says:

    Hi Garry, sorry I missed your post earlier, wasn’t ignoring you. I’m 59 and live on the East coast in Lincolnshire. I’m married with one 33 year old son and have a dog and a cat. We also like walking on the beach, but I prefer the countryside really, although the dog loves going in the sea. You seem to have a good positive attitude and that will see you through. Nice to meet you.

  144. Debbie Says:

    Hi Jo how was ur weekend? Did u do anything exciting? Today we spent the day in the garden, my sister and husband came for a BBQ they live in Devon but had come to Portsmouth to a church event, my daughter came with my grand daughter Olivia she’s two, all I can say is thank god they have their own home! Terrible twos non stop paddys galore, makes u appreciate the peace!
    We have spent the last few weeks getting our garden nice with pots and hanging baskets and now it’s full of a sand pit, paddling pool, a water whatever and a hello kitty house! I do love them but I love it when they go home ( does that sound mean?)
    Anyway another week was thinking perhaps we could have an aim for the week, (I have put it on the anxiety blog to) mine is to go out everyday for a walk, what would yours be? Then we can see at the end of the week how we’ve done, what do u reckon? x

  145. Doreen Says:

    What lovely weather!! It wams very hot and humid in Dusseldorf so nice to be here with a bit of a breeze. I see to have done nothing but visit parks this last week. 2 in Dusseldorf (plus eating far too much yummy food) then 2 in Birmingham on Friday when we went to visit my grandson to take him out for tea from his ballet school. Felt really sad leaving him, he is such a dear. Then Saturday we went to a wonderful sculpture park up here near Wakefield. Today has been gardening and am now in bed with an aching back but pleased at the hard work today. Maybe taken a bit off the weight I gained whilst away.

  146. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, nice to see you back. Sounds like you have had a lovely time in Dusseldorf, and since you’ve been back. Hope your back is soon better. I have been suffering with aching in my back too, just about shoulder blade level, it just comes on every now and again, especially after walking. I’m sure you miss your grandson, but I bet he is having a wonderful time. x

    Hi Debbie, sounds like you had a nice weekend and with all that going on you managed to feel more normal. I don’t have grandchildren but I am sure I would feel the same as you if I did. I get fed up with the noise from the kids that play in front of our house, and next doors kids bouncing up and down on the trampoline which is on wooden decking. I have answered about the aim idea on the other blog. x

  147. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo – I was reading your earlier entry above about the squirrels. Mixed feelings as we find them a real pain in our garden. They eat the bird food but we have now made the containers impossible for them to reach. Also they dug up all my newly planted bulbs a couple of years ago. I was told that if you catch a grey squirrel you are supposed to get it humanely killed ( eek I hear you say) as they are considered vermin. Having said that when we did ‘catch’ one we hadn’t the heart to get rid of it so we just let it go again. However, they don’t visit our garden as often as they did so maybe word has got out. We also have some protected woods at the bottom of the road, despite being only 2 miles from the city centre, which are wonderful. Our houses are built in what were the grounds of a large house many years ago and the woods are all that is left. There is a small lake which is a joy with swans, ducks, moorhens. They are very well fed as all the local children, including our smallest grandson go armed with bread. If there is an email exchange could I join in?

  148. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, yes I was going to ask if you wanted to exchange emails when you got back.
    I had heard that about squirrels (just the greys I think), but it’s not the their fault they are here is it? They are just trying to live their lives like the rest of us. I love all animals and believe we are here to protect them. Your wood sounds lovely, with all the wild life there.
    There seems to be a growing tendency these days to do away with all things natural, but I think that would be a very sad world.
    Oh well, the dreaded shopping awaits, talk again later x

  149. Debbie Says:

    Hi Gary nice to hear from u, I had to smile at the name of your lovebird! U sound a animal lover there’s quite a few of us on here!
    I’m just off for a walk with my very spoilt yorkie Ruby before it gets too hot, the pond near us has a lot of ducklings at the moment they r very fascinating to watch so lovely.
    So, what do u like watching on tele? I read or do my craft bits as there’s not much on the tele I like, my husband watches swamp people and deadliest catch amongst other things I do like houses under the hammer in the mornings, I love seeing the houses after the work I would’ve loved to have done something like that.
    Oh well cuppa finished so off for my walk!

  150. Doreen Says:

    Hi Debbie and Jo – I guess we have to wait for Paul to get back for the email addresses to be forwarded. Sadly the weather here seems on the change. I met a friend for coffee this morning in our largest park (Roundhay) and we sat on the terrace looking over the massive swathe of grass and trees. We said that if the weather was better England would be the loveliest place to holiday.

  151. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen. Been on the beach this afternoon but it was too hot for me, although Meggie enjoyed the sea. You are right about England, there are some very beautiful places to visit, even in the autumn. I prefer the cooler weather. Paul said he was happy to forward email addresses and he is going to come on here again so he will know we want to do it, although I have emailed him. We can wait till he’s had his holiday.

  152. kelly Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Managed to find this so will introduce myself.
    some of you will have seen me on the main blog.

    I am Kelly, 24 have a partner matt who I’ve been with for 3 years in July and we have a gorgeous 15 month old son called Theo. We live in south Wales.

    My interests are/were driving, photography, psychology, singing, programmes like lie to me, criminal minds etc. Love spending time with family.

  153. Gary Says:

    good morning everyone, another night shift done, off to bed soon as last night tonight for this week, thank goodness its a bit cooler as its awful trying to sleep during the day in hot weather!!
    Debbie – pleased you liked jills name, we had another lovebird you see jack but he passed away 3 years ago but jill is still going strong she is a noisy little critter but we love her, alfie is our yorkie and he is my baby and like ruby he is really spoilt but that is what they are there for and tess we have had for 5 months now she is a cross spanial/terrier she was my mams dog but due to her ill health we have taken her on full time now, a big shock for alfie!! he tolarates her and they do get on but he misses having one one love as we have to share it with tess now but he is my baby and i love him dearly but tess is loved too!! well off to bed i go, everyone have a lovely day, gary x

  154. kelly Says:

    I can’t be any lower than what I am right now. Everything is falling apart

  155. Doreen Says:

    Just a reminder that this page is for chatting about stuff other than anxiety.

  156. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen,just chilling out this afternoon. My son is finding all the old computer games he used to play, on his ipad. Keeps showing them to me and saying ‘remember this one?’ There is one which is an arcade game called House of the dead, which we used to play in one of the arcades on the sea front! Yes I was that daft, and it’s not that long ago either. It’s dull here today and threatened rain earlier, but didn’t in the end.

  157. mm16 Says:

    hi , found the coffee lounnge , my names michelle , i am 48 married with two gorgeous daughters , age 25 and 23 , they dont live at home , got their own places with partners . i live in the same town as paul , huddersfield , yorkshire . i am animal mad , have 3 westies , and a cockateil. bit of a rush at the moment but will pop in here again when ive a bit more time , love to you all xx

  158. kelly Says:

    Sorry posted on wrong bit

  159. Debbie Says:

    Hi all hope everyone’s had a good day, weathers turning but hasn’t rained yet here we could do with it. I had a cuppa with two friends this morn then been making another ballerina mouse, just going to start knitting the wrap over cardi, I go to my daughters tonight we have a girlie night every tues evening, it’s nice.
    I agree Doreen England does have some lovely places but it is the weather isn’t it? x

  160. Jo Says:

    Hi Michelle and Debbie. Glad to see you here Michelle, it is good to leave the anxiety behind for a while.
    Debbie hope you enjoy your evening. You have some patience making the mouses, and the knitting.I would love to knit clothes but I just haven’t the patience. I have seen a pattern I like for a cropped cardigan but I know I would never get it done.

  161. Doreen Says:

    Hi Michelle – Think Paul Lives in Wakefield. I live in Leeds so not too far away. Isn’t the weather lovely up here at the moment? We went to the Sculpture park on Saturday and it was fabulous.

  162. mm16 Says:

    hi doreen , oh is it wakefield he lives , yes we are all quiete near each other :-) the weather has been gorgeous , definetley lifts us a bit . love leeds for the shopping doreen xx

  163. Jo Says:

    Morning all, just had a nice walk up the beach, but it was very hot. We had rain in the night and thought it was going to continue. If it cools later I think there will be thunder. Meggie enjoyed herself, we met up with friends and their dogs, 8 in all, so she had lots of playmates. And she got a paddle too.
    Just having a cuppa, then dreaded shopping to do. See you all later. Have a good day. x

  164. mm16 Says:

    hi jo, meggie is a good dog , my boy westie ellis would of started trouble if there was so many dogs , then wouldnt i have panicked lol thats all i need . i think its because i have 3 and thats a gang , he protects the 2 girls . sun shining here . have a lovely day jo . i still keep thinking about you going to london and york , amazing xx

  165. Doreen Says:

    Sun shining here at the moment but weather forecast predicts it will come to an end about lunch time. In fact it is clouding over now so must get the washing in. I am going over to Harrogate this afternoon to help my sister who had a hip replacement a few weeks ago. Think she is dreading going outside so am going to accompany her to the library. It is a lovely bus journey from here to Harrogate, so weather permitting I will be able to see up Wharfedale if I go on the top of the bus. Can’t join in all the animal conversations as we don’t have any pets. Well done to those of you who are ‘crafty’ people. That’s not me either. Did have a go at ”rag rugging’ a while back and made a nice brooch but haven’t done any since. Then tonight have some folks coming round for a meeting about our arts festival which happens in early September. So quite a busy day.

  166. mm16 Says:

    have a lovely time with your sister doreen :-) x

  167. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen and Michelle. Meggie has always been used to being with other dogs, we’ve always walked with at least two others. I used to be involved with a dog rescue charity,and we often walked with the man who ran the charity, with his own dogs. in fact that is where she came from. She was in rescue at just 6 weeks old! x
    Hope you have a lovely day with your sister Doreen. We love Wharfedale, we stayed at Grassington in our caravan one time, and we used to do lots of walks. Sadly the caravan succumbed to age and the rain a couple of years ago. I used to show school children rag rugging when I worked at Church Farm Museum some years ago. Never actually made anything,though. I keep toying with the idea of buying myself a weaving loom! I used to be into all that sort of stuff.
    Have a good meeting tonight. x

  168. Jo Says:

    Michelle, I was in a bit of a daze in London and York, but I keep remembering things about the trip. My son was very good at keeping me distracted from first thing to getting back to the travel lodge late at night, on the London trip. And of course my husband got me through York. x

  169. mm16 Says:

    hi jo , it inspires me that you did them trips :-) i have just got back from town shopping , then going to daughters tonight , enjoy rest of your day jo x and everyone else

  170. Jo Says:

    Michelle, I am glad I give you a bit of inspiration. Have just had a toddle down to the craft shop and bought a couple of things. I have me eye on a large die cutting machine but it is VERY expensive. One of those things you want but not necessarily need :)
    Well done on your shopping and have a good evening. x

  171. kelly Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Tonight I had a choice. My sister wanted me to go have a drink and a takeaway with her and my cousin. I was going to go. Drinking seems to be my outlet lately. I decided against it finally, realising that I don’t feel any better going up there or any less anxious than I do in my own home so im sat right now in a kebab and pizza place waiting for a pizza for me and my partner and maybe watch a film.

  172. Jo Says:

    Morning all. Just been for a walk with hubby and dog, but it’s drizzling so didn’t go far. Going to see if I can get a bit of tidying up done in my craft room next.I have made three cards just lately which is good for me cos I haven’t touched anything crafty for quite a while. x

  173. kelly Says:

    hi all,

    Right now I am out taking my brother and sister shopping. Got my little one with me too. I done the drive, just sitting in car listening to music waiting for them while the little man has a nap xx

  174. kelly Says:

    Is there anywhere to post pics on here?

  175. Jo Says:

    No Kelly, this isn’t a forum in that sense.

  176. kelly Says:

    Okey doke.

  177. Gary Says:

    hi everyone,
    i had a great nite with my best friend at the theatre it was a 80’s night, i have come home and my lovely partner and dogs are here and for tonight i feel really happy, lets see what tomorrow brings

  178. Jo Says:

    Hi Gary, that’s great. I always feel better in the evenings, and I love it when we are all at home together. That’s my husband, son, dog and cat. My dog Meg cuddles up close to me on the settee with her head on my legs, she is a real comfort. Hope the happy feeling carries on.

  179. mm16 Says:

    hi jo , my daudgter goes on holiday next weel , so i am having her dog at my houe . That will be my 3 westies and her sringer spaniel … fun times . Lets hope i require a load of energy by next week :-) So nice to hear you had a great time gary . love to all of you x

  180. mm16 Says:

    gosh i will have to start checking my spelling and punctuations before posting :-)

  181. mm16 Says:

    My goodness people , if you manage to read my last post ( with all the spelling mistakes ) well done :-)

  182. Jo Says:

    Hi Michelle, You should see my typing before I check ii. I have to go back and correct all the time. Had a nice afternoon. Took Meggie to the beach and it’s always good to see her enjoy herself there. She found a bit of rope to play with and was in and out of the sea all the time. Her tail wags so much it makes her waggle when she walks.
    I did a bit of crafting too, and spent ages getting the hang of folding paper squares to make a 3d paper doll. Going to try to get that finished now.
    Not seen much of Dorren and Debbie….where are you girls ?

  183. Doreen Says:

    Had a fun day despite the cold wet weather. Daughter, her partner and their youngest who has Down Syndrome came round for a while. The little one is doing very well – he has a tracheostomy which is being remove next week after 2 years. He has just got the idea of crawling – Down children are often very delayed with walking so he has been shuffling on his bottom for the last year. He grinned hugely as we clapped his success. Meanwhile various other people came and went. We are getting quotes for solar panels so their was a procession of sales reps. No wonder my biscuit tin was empty. Then out for a meal to Brasserie Blanc whilst the early bird menu was still available. Yum, yum.

  184. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen. Sounds like you have had a busy time then. Hope all goes well for the little lad when he has the tracheostomy removed.
    My front room is in such a mess now with all my crafting stuff scattered around, I have really got to make an effort to clear it up today. It looked like it was going to be a sunny day earlier but not so sure now! Nothing planned for the weekend but I think tthere are various celebration events going on in town. Not my cup of tea so will stay away. x

  185. kelly Says:

    Be interesting to all have a meet up one day?

  186. Jo Says:

    Could be a bit of a problem Kelly, as we are scattered all over :)

  187. kelly Says:

    I know jo that’s the trouble, it would be deciding where wouldn’t it x

  188. Debbie Says:

    What’s everyone been up to? Have you been to any street parties? My daughter Jen had one at her house it was nice, not too many people and the kiddies are lovely to watch, today we are going to a friends garden party the weather is looking a bit dodgy I keep changing my clothes! I made a quiche to take and a bottle of wine, even though I don’t drink wine!
    Did anyone see the programme with Prince Charles looking back at slide shows, it was so lovely I thought, to see the Queen being ‘normal’, I often wondered what she was thinking, like I don’t feel like going out or If at the coronation she thought I don’t want to be Queen! Something I guess we will never know! I do like them all the only one I’m not so keen is Princess Anne she’s got such a sour face! Umm off with my head for saying that! x

  189. Debbie Says:

    Jo, let us know how Meg is wont you, my yorkie gets that bile it’s a very bright yellow she seems to have spells of it. Hopefully Meg will be ok at least till wednesday emergency vet bills you don’t want that for sure! x

  190. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie, we’ve just had dinner, nothing special mind you. The sun is shining at present but it keeps going dull too.Didn’t see that programme but watched some of the pageant on the river, and the horses last night. Wish I had known that was on before hand, we missed some of it. I must say the queen looked happier watching the horses than she did on the river. Watching that made me want to visit the horse sanctuary, just out of town. I love horses, and actually learned to ride whilst getting over PND.
    Meg has had a little bit of dinner, I wasn’t going to give her any but she was looking for it, and we will only take her a short walk later. I expect she has picked something up from all the dead things that seem to be on the beach just lately. She will go sniffing before we can stop her.Hope you have a lovely time this afternoon.

  191. Debbie Says:

    Hi Jo glad Meg seems better, you saying about the beach I remember our sausage dog Harry he rolled in foxes poo on the once, did it stink we had to get home in the car with him, I’ve never smelt anything like it!
    A lot of people find horses soothing, I have a friend who loves horses and she said she finds just being near them calming.
    Well the garden party was good, the house is very old and has lovely grounds, I’m very jealous my daughter threatened to squat there! We stayed nearly 3 hours and left just as it started to spit, so that’s our socialising done now.
    I have two cakes for this weekend had all intentions of making the toppers well in advance but as usual I haven’t, one is a princess with 3 turrets so looks like a castle, very girly and the other is a shoe and a handbag, so to make all that I need to pull my finger out.
    You know that Do Craft site, well I had a very dodgy message from someone, they actually emailed me, strange said they wanted to be my partner?? Then put love and loads of kisses, I deleted it.
    I’m going to get my daughter to put some pics on there of my mice so you will be able to see them.
    Have a good evening x

  192. Jo Says:

    Debbie, that message from DoCraft wasn’t from them. Even some members have had them. it’s a scam, you did right deleting it. Have you joined? I will look forward to seeing your mice.
    Glad you enjoyed your garden party. We were on holiday in Derbyshire and the cottage we stayed in was lovely and set in gorgeous grounds. ooh I would have loved to live there.
    You have some baking to do to keep you busy then, you are so clever to do them. Just getting tea ready now. Take care. x

  193. Doreen Says:

    Lots of nice things this weekend despite the weather. We have been to a birthday party, out for lunch with friends, played cards in front of the fire with our son when it was pouring down outside, visited a lovely old manor house and had a roast dinner at my daughter’s. Not in that order by the way. Oh yes and went to a garden centre. Nothing Royal at all.
    Sadly however, my brother in law died yesterday. His wife (my sister) died just 5 months ago so my nieces and nephew are a bit battered at the moment.

  194. Jo Says:

    Doreen, I am so sorry to hear your sad news, you really are going through it just lately. Those poor girls must be devastated.

    It sounds like you have had a nice time before that happened. Simple pleasures can be the best, can’t they? I have spent most of my time trying to sort out my craft stuff and tidy the room I use for crafting in. I have made some cardboard ‘trays’ and covered them with wallpaper, to keep all my card and papers in. Of course I made a mess making them :) I admit to resting a lot too because I seem to get tired easily. I think that is possibly because I haven’t been eating well for so long. Although I have started eating a bit better now, I am still losing weight, which seems a bit odd.
    Not been out yet but it looks a bit dull through the window. Still, Meggie will want her walk so I’d best get organised. Take care. x

  195. Debbie Says:

    Hi all well it’s raining here in Portsmouth I find it amazing how much traffic there is going towards the seafront, shame as I hear there’s a lot going on down there.
    Jo.. I’m jealous at your making cardboard trays, I love snipping and creating! I’m just spent the afternoon trying to remember how I made a princess out of icing before, why is it you can never do it the same!
    I’m off round my daughters I go every tues evening we watch a film sometimes with face masks on, tonight her friend is coming as she wants to see my mice got the feeling I’m going to be making another one!
    How is Meg today? x

  196. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie, raining here too, and me and Meg are cuddled up under a patchwork throw I made. I call it the magic blanket because it seems to comfort both of us. I cover her with it when she is scared of thunder or fireworks. The trays are nothing special Debbie, just A4 size and about 2″ deep. I am sure your mice, cakes and cake toppers take more making. Hope you have had fun at your daughters. x

  197. Debbie Says:

    Hi Jo I hope you managed to eat something when you went for a meal, what did you have?
    Your patchwork throw sounds very comfy I cuddle up with Ruby our yorkie on the settee, dogs are so loving arnt they and they seem to know when you need a cuddle, I couldn’t be without my two although Harry doesn’t like cuddles now he’s old he just sleeps all day, he’s deaf as a post bless him.
    We watched The Notebook round my daughters have you seen it? We have watched it quite a few times, this time was the first time I haven’t cried, which is surprising as I’m feeling a bit emotional as my hamster is dying, she is old but has a large lump on her side, but she’s still eating, my daughter has taken her round hers as I get so upset when I see her, I can’t seem to cope at all with animals dying, I get a pic of them in my head and constantly think of them, people say for gods sake it’s only a hamster, but I just can’t help it, I think it’s cos they look so pathetic and helpless.
    I hope the morning is a better one for you x

  198. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie. Well I only had chips and a couple of slices of garlic bread (we went to an Italian restaurant) but it was nice and it is always enjoyable when the three of us go out together.
    I hate it when people say things like ‘it’s only a hamster’ or dog, or cat. It’s a life coming to an end and that is sad and very upsetting. God know how I’ll cope when it’s Meggie’s turn. I can’t even think about it.
    I have never watched The Notebook, so I don’t know what it’s about.
    It is very cloudy here, and looks like rain so best put the rain coats on when we go out. Meggie has one too for when it rains hard. Have a good day. x

  199. Doreen Says:

    When is it going to be summer? Nice at the moment but rain threatening again. Had planned to go walking with a friend but maybe will have to just meet for lunch instead. The walking would have been good for my waistline – the lunch certainly won’t be. Spent quality time with the grandson who is at ballet school yesterday. His little brother with Downs and multiple other problems is having a couple of days in hospital. There was an attempt to remove his trachy tube but he couldn’t manage without it. The baller dancer is on half term so we went to the cinema together like old times. He has spent many days with us in the past whilst his baby brother has been ill – sometimes not knowing if he will survive.

  200. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, that’s nice for you to spend time with your grandson, I know how you miss him. What a shame for the little lad that he couldn’t have his tube removed.It must be such a worry for you and his family.
    It is fine here at present, but that could change. We had a downpour and thunder here last evening. Poor Meggie was terrified,she gets in such a state, I worry she will have heart failure.
    have a nice lunch with your friend. x

  201. Debbie Says:

    Well where is our summer? So depressing all this rain and wind it makes it so dark and gloomy, although I suppose we need it to boost the water levels.
    I’m busy doing two cakes one a princess castle and the other a shoe and handbag, I do a bit then have a cuppa and sit down in front of the tele for a bit so it’s quite nice.
    Doreen what a worry you have with your little grandson, couldn’t be nice for him or is he a happy chappie children don’t seem to look react to things as we do. How old is your grandson who is at the ballet school, it’s nice you get to spend some time with him as its half term, it always seems to rain when the kids are off school doesn’t it?
    I think when the weathers like this it’s a quilt over you on the settee watching a corny film, or get all your craft bits out!
    Jo I take it Meg is ok now? Glad to hear you had some cornflakes!
    Well must crack on with these cakes they are going tomorrow! x

  202. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie, more rain here but no thunder yet, thank goodness. Meggie seems ok now, and her appetite seems to have returned too.
    Hope you got your cakes done, I bet they are beautiful. I can’t bake. James used to say we could send my bread baps to the troops to use as weapons :)
    Your suggestions are good ones Debbie, and I have both, craft stuff and quilt!
    If you are a member of Do Crafts, you will be able to see my cards and paintings in my gallery – look for Squim.
    Going to have to get up and see to tea now.Take care. x

  203. Doreen Says:

    Thanks Jo and Debbie. The little one does just accept what comes and is on the whole a cheery little boy. It is his 3rd birthday on Monday and given that the odds were against him reaching that day the fact that he still needs to help of a trachy tube seems fairly manageable. He is no longer attached to a ventilator as he was from being 6 months to just a few months ago but just needs the support of that extra airway in his neck when he is asleep. Daytime he is fine with it taped over.
    The ballet boy is 12. His ballet school (Royal Ballet) is in Birmingham and as we live in Leeds we get to see him more often than if he had gone to the one in London.
    Glad you 2 are still being crafty with cakes, cards etc. Enjoy your quilt times in this miserable weather

  204. Debbie Says:

    Well yet another horrible day it’s really windy here I’m wondering how I will deliver a princess castle cake with turrets without losing the lot, you always get one cake that doesn’t go right, we were watching tele last night when we heard something drop it was two turrets they had collapsed! Omg I had to make some more and hope they dry, I did them the same as ever so I don’t know why, I’ve spent half the night worrying over them.
    Well I’m off to do my bit for the church and give it a spruce perhaps have a quiet prayer about my turrets! x

  205. Debbie Says:

    Jo just looked at your cards they are lovely. Is that you in the pic in London feeding the pigeons? Meg looks lovely so faithful looking, it’s so nice to actually see a pic of who you chat to on here, sometimes I think it’s a shame not to live closer especially when you have the same interests. My friends arnt crafty at all, I do have one that makes cakes (the posh one), I often wish I had someone to have an afternoon of crafts with, how nice would that be over a cuppa and a slice of cake (home made of course).
    Did you do the paintings they were very good? x

  206. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen and Debbie.. Doreen children seem to be more accepting don’t they, wish I could be like that now.I can imagine what a lovely time your grandson is having at ballet school, and it is good you can get to see him occasionally.
    Yes debbie that’s me with the pigeons. I had a packet of quavers (the only thing I’d had to eat that day) but only ate half the pack so the pigeons got the rest. I think Meggie is beautiful, she is a lab cross. The paintings are all mine and I will be happy when I feel like taking it up again.I like doing the dogs best. I don’t have any crafty friends here either, but a few on Do Crafts, but it’s not quite the same is it? We did you to Pontypool for our hols one year and met Les from Do Crafts, she is lovely. Have you got an avatar name on there yet, and have you put your mice on?

  207. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo – Hope this makes you smile. My husband is currently putting together a little car we have bought for the youngest grandchild’s 3rd birthday which is on Monday. As you know he has problems so is unable to walk yet. Therefore the family are getting a mobility car next week. However as my husband always makes birthday cards he is going to do one of the little one driving his toy car to Birmingham to visit his older brother with his parents sitting in the back. And some comment about what a great mobility car they have got.
    Weather bit better here today so we are going to help out at a fun day organised by a group to which we belong. It is the Friends group who look after the woods at the bottom of our road. Fingers crossed the dratted rain stays away for today

  208. Jo Says:

    Aw Doreen that is so lovely, it will be a brilliant card. I do hope the weather stays nice for you, and you can enjoy a nice day. It has been very bad for some hasn’t it? It was wet and quite windy here last night, but it has been dry so far this morning. I think it is cold though, but that could be just me.
    I have been in my craft room a bit this morning, just finishing off a couple of cards. Just wondering what we are going to have for lunch now

  209. Jo Says:

    Where’s that Paul anyway? Thought he was going to keep popping on here. I bet you are having too good a time eh Paul? :)

  210. Debbie Says:

    Hi all, just having a cuppa so thought I’d pop on here.
    Doreen I thought u were off to Italy? I have always wanted to go to Tuscany, hopefully I will one day.
    The weathers Okish here the winds dropped but it keeps spitting, we are off to have a look in Next, love it!
    I’m recovering after the whole cake episode, two cakes for the same day is a bit much for me especially when they are fiddley ones.
    Jo I’ve got to get my daughter to put my pics on the Do Craft website cos I don’t know how to do it! Is it really for cards though?
    Well my dogs are scooting around as they have had a bath and look like drowned rats! Hopefully they will smell a bit better!
    Have a good day x

  211. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie, no the site is not just for cards. People put anything on that they have made, or as you have seen on my gallery photos of anything. Let me know what name you are on as, or I won’t be able to find you. Also you can send each other private messages, so you don’t have to post on the forum if you don’t want to.
    Sunny here now which is good, it helps the mood! My Meggie is snoozing on the settee after her walk, she does a lot of snoozing in between walks, but then I suppose there isn’t much else for her to do.She hates baths though :)

  212. Debbie Says:

    Jo. Megs life sounds pretty good to me, two walks a day, grub and cuddles and a snooze on the settee with a patchwork blanket sounds bliss to me!
    I’ve just been on the Do crafts sight to try and see if I can put my pics on I haven’t a clue so will get them on there we’d evening when my daughter comes round.
    I’m going to start ‘eating healthily’ from tomorrow, will go for a swim and a few more walks with Ruby I’m determined…..again!
    Well, my hubby Dom likes the footie, so I’m going to re-do the ballerina cardigan I’ve done for my mouse, I keep looking at it as its not really right but I’ve been trying to ignore it but I can’t so I’m going to knit another one.
    Don’t you think the tele is rubbish, we don’t watch any of the soaps so at the moment there’s nothing interesting, good job I have lots of hobbies I don’t mind Dom having what he wants on cos I can find lots to do.
    We are off to The Wye Valley beginning of July going mon-fri nothing too much as I love my home, we are taking Ruby so feel a bit better having her with us although she doesn’t like the car, we are staying in a cottage I’m looking forward to it, it will just be walking and having pub grub, it will be the first time really that it’s just the two of us, no daughters in tow, how nice! x

  213. Shirley Dalley Says:

    My name is Shirley, I am a returning visitor to this site and was intrigued when I saw others talking about ‘The Coffee lounge’ I did a search in the search box and hey ho – here we go. I live in Hereford. Hereford is famous for the Bull and was once famous for it’s football team. It is near to Malvern – where Edward Elgar used to live. A beautiful area to live. I was married to John in 1981 – we had 2 children Doug and Elly – we divorced in 2000 ….. but the good news is that he has recently moved in with me and we are as happy as Larry. He lived up on the coast of Wales whilst I returned to my home in Herefordshire. Debbie you said you were coming to the Wye Valley in July? You will not be dissapointed. It is a very beautiful area. Visit Ross on Wye, Monmouth. Tintern – each a little gem. The Malvern Hills too – I hope the weather improves for you. I live not too far away from the area. Have just looked and realised your latest post on here is above me! you will not be short of a pub or two.

  214. Jo Says:

    Morning Debbie, Yes Meggie is a very spoiled girl…but she’s worth it. She actually gets three walks now it’s lighter in the evening. (She won’t go out in the dark) Ben takes her across to the field for a ball game around 8pm, very occasionally I go too, but i’m usually too tired.
    You are right about tv, everything is a repeat, I often complain there is nothing to watch that we haven’t already seen at least twice.
    We always take Meg on hols with us (except the London and York trips)and stay in cottages somewhere with lots of nice walking country.We have been all over the place, so many they get muddled in my head! Meg doesn’t like the car either, it is the one thing that spoils trips out with her, she bets so worked up if we go over a bump or anything.
    Well, best get my hair dried, then time for Meg’s walk. It is a bit dull but dry I think. x

  215. Jo Says:

    Hi Shirley, pleased to meet you.Will come back for a chat later, just off to take our dog for her walk. x

  216. Jo Says:

    Hi again Shirley, back home and relaxing now. I have to admit I do a lot of that :) I did make a small box to put a friends birthday card in though, so that was a little job done. That’s the trouble with home made cards that have a decoupaged effect, they get squashed in an ordinary envelope.
    It a bit damp here, not heavy rain, but it is cold with it. I like most crafts but unlike Debbie I am no good at knitting. I am hoping to get my interest in art going again soon too, I keep thinking about it, but that’s as far as it gets. Trouble is I have so much art and craft stuff in my craft room, and it’s all in a jumble as always, I just take a look and think ‘Oh I’ll sort it tomorrow’
    We have been to Ross on Wye and Hereford, you are right it is lovely around there. x

  217. Shirley Dalley Says:

    Jo, I made so many patchwork quilts when I was unemployed at 16. They appear all over the place on doors and beds in the family. Jumble sales was the place to go to get the materials, you could get a nice bundle of small patterned cottons for about 10p. It is all under the bed, plains and patterns. I also do Cross stitch – or did. Another hobby put on hold. My former partner built a website about jalopy racing. It is a tribute to people who started racing on grass tracks in the 1960’s. My Dad used to do it. I get pictures sent, crop them and then put them on the website. A winter thing really again. i enjoy my small garden though as it is rented (at £1 a week) I don’t want to spend too much money on it – as will probably have to leave it all behind if we move. I actually work in Hereford on a Reception for Social services, environmental health, sensory impairment. I certainly see the world through the eyes of the service user. Just three days a week but at 10 hours a day it is enough. At the moment I am covering holiday so will have done 50 hours by Friday. The time soon goes and the overtime will be handy. don’t have any pets but love cats and have recently enjoyed watching some doggy antics which i find highly amusing – especially the dog who goes to work with his master and sits in the front van passenger seat. Wouldn’t want a dog though.

  218. Jo Says:

    Hi Shirley.I love dogs, all animals in fact. But dogs are a tie, that’s a fact. Especially one like our Meggie who is frightened of noises and so can’t go in kennels.She didn’t have a very good start as she was in rescue at six weeks and we got her at eight weeks.We take her with us on hols, we usually go on walking holidays anyway, and she does enjoy it, but not the journey, she’s not good in the car.We have a cat too (also a rescue) and they get on well together.
    I can sympathise with the long hours. When I did the taxi driver stint I was doing 10 hour shifts, It’s hard work.
    Just got back from the morning walk, we have a friends dog with us for a few hours whilst she takes her sister to the hospital.We went up the beach, onto the sea front then into town for the post office, and back across the field near us, so they have had a good walk. It was sunny and warm but with a cool breeze on the beach.Gone a bit dull again now though.

  219. Debbie Says:

    Hi all, I’m having a break from cleaning my lounge carpet! It’s amazing the colour of the water when you empty the tank! I think you dirty mare, it’s like dirty soup! Anyway it’s looking good now just have to wait for it to dry then when hoovered I shall be pleased I did it.
    Really windy here and a bit nippy, hoping we have all the rubbish weather before our holiday in July, as it’s just a walking holiday we need the good weather, but it’s nice to get away from the norm isn’t it, we haven’t been anywhere for seven years, so I’m looking forward to it. The forecast for the weekend is rain, so it will have to be a trip to a garden centre for a cuppa, no cake as on weight watchers, perhaps I could take a weight watchers cake and secretly scoff it I’m sure nobody will notice it will be gone in two mouthfuls!! x

  220. Debbie Says:

    Shirley. I’ve been looking up on places to visit when we go to The Wye Valley, I had seen the places you mentioned, so will deffo be going to them! I hope there will be somewhere with nice little shops, craft and shabby chic things I’m all into, we went to Shaftsbury they have some lovely little shops, I liked it there although there was only one public toilet in the car park, (I like to know where the loos are) so unless you went in somewhere for a drink or food it wasn’t very good, you would think they would have more loos as you get a lot of visitors, the Hovis advert lane was lovely but so steep, have you been at all?

  221. Shirley A.D. Says:

    Debbie, Ross is definitely the place to go if you want an abundance of nice individual shops, plenty of places to eat and drink – so lots of loos along the way. The place isn’t that big so you will be within a short distance of local amenities.
    John and I are off camping next week. To Dorset. I bought a very nice ‘retro’ tent from the Intranet at work. Looks like one of those from the film ‘Carry on camping’ a good old fashioned canvas tent. It has an inner tent that holds a blow up double bed. The curtains are so retro. So 70’s. Orange and Brown. We aired it at the weekend to make sure no naughty little mice had nibbled their way through the canvas. You have to stretch to reach to the roof – can’t stand having to crawl around or stoop. There is a small single bed section too which I try to set out for our ‘dressing room’. It all starts out so tidy haha. I want to go to Monkey World and walk with the Lima’s, I love orangs, some chimps are a bit scary. It is a monkey rescue centre. Have never been to Shaftesbury but Clovelly, Devon was a bit like that – very steep – I don’t do steep! I am level and downhill. It looks nice on the advert though. I love flying kites too – so I hope that there might be a bit of nice weather to go beaching and kite flying.

  222. Shirley A.D. Says:

    This Country is full of so many lovely place isn’t it? We are off to Malta in September, that is going to be our little bit of sunshine paradise.

  223. Doreen Says:

    Well, England does look grey compared to Italy, but the sun is trying to struggle through this morning. Hope it brightens up a bit more as we are going to my brother-in-law’s funeral today in Manchester. My sister died in January and he died exactly 5 months later. So much for his daughters and son to get their heads around.
    Ate too much (FAR too much) whilst we were away, so hope I can get into those trousers I planned to wear.

  224. Gary Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    well ive had a lovely weeks holiday in the lake district with my partner and the two dogs!! it is such a beautiful part of the country, saw lots but loved the peace and tranquility, England has such lovely places to go i know the bad weather can be a factor but i think you just have to make the most of it. but i must say its nice to be home another week off work now where we can just relax and do what we want, then back to work!! and start all over again but i bought a sign and it was so apt, the dogs own this house – but we pay the mortgage!! how true but we wouldnt have it any other way and im going to collect jill our lovebird tomorrow my friend has had her for a week and doesn’t want to give her back!! but ive missed her chirping so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow, take care everyone.

  225. Doreen Says:

    Hi Gary – don’t think we have met before although I have seen you ‘around’ on the other blog. So glad you had good holiday. We are hoping for a fairly decent English weather day as it is my youngest grandson’s birthday and it would be nice to at least have the french windows open even if it is too wet to be on the grass. he is 3 but as he has Down Syndrome plus a trachy tube and is fed through a tube in his side and had two major heart operations he is a more complicated little boy than many. Sure you will know that from your nursing work. Most of the young guests will have similar problems – either Downs, breathing problems or major heart issues or combinations of those. It has been a challenging 3 years for his family (and us). Also his oldest brother who is 16 has had very bad IBS for a year now and been home tutored. He has just finished his GCSE’s thank goodness but is going into hospital on Friday for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Hope you don’t mind me telling you all this but I was aware of yours and your partners professional backgrounds from you other posts. It feels more coffee room chat as it is an every day part of our lives. The middle grandson is a ballet student and we went down to Birmingham yesterday to fetch him home for his brother’s party. Drat – it has just started raining again. Love England like you – but sometimes the weather is a pain. When my daughter and her partner had a civil ceremony 4 years ago it rained all through June including the day of the ‘wedding’. Still a lovely event though and one we never thought would happen. Glad minds are more open these days.

  226. Gary Says:

    Hi Doreen,
    thankyou for your post bless him it sounds like your grandson has been through a lot, i work on intensive care so used to trachy e.t tubes and ventilated patients but work with adults not children been on itu for 14 years, lloyd is a charge nurse on orthopeadics has been for many years, he sounds like a little fighter and has been through a lot i hope he had a lovely birthday, i think it is great your grandson is a ballet student, it takes a lot of discipline and hard work, and birmingham is a lovely city holds lots of special memories for me as i started my nurse training in birmingham in the late 80’s, but the place has changed so much since i was there the city is totally re developed, im sure he will be fine down there sounds like he has a bright future ahead of him. ibs isnt a nice condition but hopefully with medication and review of his diet he may start to feel better in himself.
    lloyd and myself had our civil partnership on christmas eve 2005 it was a lovely day and our family and friends had a great time and eventually guests left to get ready for santa coming the next day!! i hold the day very special in my heart as does lloyd, at the end of the day doreen sexuality is irrelavent its being happy, we are what we are but im very happy in myself anyway lots of good support from good friends and family, it means a lot.
    you take care its raining up here in the north east too so i think most of us must have bad weather at the moment, lovely chatting to you.

  227. Jo Says:

    Morning all, just to say I am still around. The weather has been a bit wintry – very windy, wet and dull, but we are getting Meggie out as usual. We tend to stay in the wood and field when it’s windy though – not too pleasant getting sand blasted on the beach.
    Can’t really take in all the posts at the moment so won’t try and reply individually, but hope everyone has a good day. x

  228. Doreen Says:

    My youngest grandson’s birthday party was a lovely event. Had to borrow husband’s hanky when watching the little one joining in the entertainment. He goes to a weekly club for children with learning disabilities done by a wonderful couple who call themselves ‘Shebang’. They came to his house and did some of the activities for his party which he and all the other kids loved. Rained non stop but fortunately there was enough space indoors. The eldest grandson is feeling somewhat better now his GCSE’s are out of the way. The middle one (ballet dancer) was home for the weekend.
    Went to a couple of art exhibitions yesterday with my son and his (male) partner. Yes, both my children are gay!!. My daughter and her female partner are the parents of the 3 grandchildren. My daughter is the birth mum of the ballet dancer and the little one and her partner is the mum of the eldest (poorly) boy. There were only the 2 eldest when the ‘girls’ had their civil ceremony and the boys were very proud. Fortunately the part of Leeds where we live is very diverse so nobody stands out as different.
    Saw the film “The Angels Share’ last night. Would really recommend it for bringing a smile to your faces.

  229. Debbie Says:

    Morning all, well another week no sun at the moment hopefully it will appear sometime today!
    Doreen the title of that film sounds very interesting, I’ve never heard if it, is it on DVD or did you go to the cinema? Sounds like you all had a fun party!
    Well, I’ve not much on today, Clare and Olivia (my daughter and grand daughter) will be round this morning then I shall be off on my bike to Morrisons to do a little shop, so hoping it won’t rain.
    A lady I made a ballerina mouse for wondered if I can personalise it for her with the name Alice, so I’m going to make a ballet bag with her name stitched on it, or I have some small letter beads, I shall have a fiddle.
    Well cuppa finished so must get on! x

  230. Doreen Says:

    Glad to hear you are out and about being busy Debbie. Sun is shining here. It came out yesterday afternoon too and what a difference it made to everyone’s spirits.
    Thinking of suggesting that a friend and I meet for a coffee in a park.
    The film is on general release. It is directed by Ken Loach and is about a lad in Glasgow who is on the path to a life of crime when he becomes a dad and wants to change. Won’t say anymore in case you see it.

  231. Debbie Says:

    Ok thanks Doreen I will look out for it, I go to my daughter Jenna’s every Tuesday evening we have a DVD night, sometimes with face masks on so the film would be a good one for then
    The suns come out now, so going to take Ruby out for a walk (my yorkie) I have a sausage dog to but he’s 16, I show him his lead and he looks at me as if to say “yeah and” and goes back to sleep!
    I agree about the sun it does make you feel better, I open all the back doors onto the garden and it’s lovely to hear the birds and see the flowers and just potter, have a lovely day and enjoy your coffee in the park! x

  232. Doreen Says:

    Rain again – wasn’t it lovely to have some sun yesterday? We cut the lawn and did some tidying in the garden. Despite living practically in the inner city we have protected woods and a small lake at the bottom of the road and so I went to feed the birds on the lake. There are baby swans, coots, moorhens and ducks. Then went to Manchester in the evening to see a great play. So all in all, a very nice day.
    Will catch up with some housework today.

  233. Jo Says:

    Hello Doreen and Debbie. Rain here too this morning but I think it has stopped now, although it is still dull.Had a nice time at the Parrot Sanctuary the other day, it was really sunny and warm so that helped. The Parrots have all been rescued and live in big aviaries, in flocks like they should be. It’s not a huge place but they have a few Meercats, lemurs and tortoises too. There is a walk through area where the birds are free to land on you too. One sat eating a peanut on James’s shoulder then took the button off his epaulette. I did manage to get it back and have sew in on again.
    I have done a little bit of crafting, and trying to tidy up my craft room, but that is like the never ending story :)

  234. Doreen Says:

    My goodness what a dreadful day of weather. My husband was making business calls in the Midlands so went with him rather than stay in with rain and wind outside. Had a good read of the book we are doing for book group, lots of little sleeps so that was nice. Home much later than planned cos of the driving rain on the motorway so now making a meal for a friend who is staying the night. Husband gone off to meet ballet grandson from Huddersfield station. He is coming back with another couple of northern boys and one of the mums.
    Put the heating on now (how silly -it’s June 22nd).

  235. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen. We’ve just had a nice Autumn walk! Sunny but windy. The leaves rustling away in the tree tops, sounded like my favorite time of the year.
    I am thinking of starting another patchwork throw, so have ordered a special ruler, and will be waiting impatiently for that. Amendment to that, it has just arrived, I only ordered it the day before yesterday! Will have to start sorting out my fabric stash now.
    That will nice for you to see your Grandson Doreen. My James is off to London again on Monday, for another short break.

  236. Gary Says:

    Good morning everyone,
    well what is going on with the weather!! to be honest i don’t think we have had it as bad as some parts of the country but its not nice for june, well this is nearly our 2 weeks holiday over back to work next week, with the weather not being nice you are limited to what you can do, so it could be a day in think it could be a television day!! ive got lots of ironing to do so might have to get on with that, lets see what the day brings
    jo – i love patchwork throws if you start it enjoy
    doreen – have a lovely weekend with your grandson.
    one of my good friends from work is getting married later this year and he texted to say he is having a stag weekend in belfast, so i rang him and ive told him im going to go, ive been to dublin but not to belfast so it will be good but i am a bit nervous about going, once im there i will be o.k its just the build up now of going its not till november, but he is a good friend so im determined to go.
    have a good day everyone

  237. Debbie Says:

    Gary, how exciting going to Belfast i remember when stag does we’re just a trip round the local pubs! My son in law is always off to some country on them I think Ibiza is the next one, it’s all different now!
    Doreen, you have a busy weekend, hope you managed to achieve the most singers. You seem to get to see your grandson quite a bit so it doesn’t make it so bad for you does it?
    Jo, how lovely a patchwork throw, you are clever and patient to do one, I imagine they take a time to do, Im glad youve got the umph to get on with some craft bits, I’ve just finished my doll so will have to put her on the do craft website, Im thinking what to do next, will have to get my books out, I was thinking of doing some doorstops.
    We have just been down the seafront with Ruby and Harry its so windy, hubby and Ruby are now asleep on the settee, poor old Harry is snoring somewhere I can hear him but can’t see him.
    I’ve got two cakes for next week, so going to make the toppers for them, I’ve done a fisherman with his tent, but I’ve got a jaguar car to make so that will be fun, both men’s cakes I prefer pretty ones!
    Can’t believe it’s only two weeks till our little holiday, I’m looking forward to it just hope the weather is better! x

  238. Jo Says:

    Hi Gary, I think the throw will get done in dribs and drabs, as I tend to wander from one project to another. My Ben always likens me to a butterfly….never settling anywhere very long :) My front room is a bit of a mess just now with card making stuff everywhere so I really ought to get that cleared up first.
    I have made quite a few throws over the years, mostly for other people as gifts or for charity’s to sell. I made one for the air ambulance when they rescued me after our car crash.
    We have sun and wind here at the moment, and it is quite warm, so not complaining, but the clouds are building up a bit.
    Dublin is lovely isn’t it, we visited briefly a few years ago on our way to County Donegal. Good on you for making the decision to go to Belfast,I’m sure you will enjoy it.
    Have a lovely weekend. x

  239. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie. Yes the throws do take a while, it’s cutting up all the pieces that takes the time. Still it is a lot quicker these days with the roller cutters than with scissors.Mind you I did take a slice off the end of my thumb with one once! I think you are the patient one Debbie, making those cakes, and I can testify to how good they are folks, because I have seen photos!
    Meggie is also asleep on the settee just now,but she will be up around 2.30 for the beach walk!
    I am pleased you are looking forward to your holiday, it won’t be long now, two weeks will soon pass.Whatever the weather, just go with the intention of enjoying it. x

  240. kelly Says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Which part of Wales are you visiting? We live in the south. Went to pembrokeshire area last Jan before Theo was born and stayed in a lovely cottage for a long weekend x

  241. Jo Says:

    Well I got all 338 pieces cut and pressed for the throw yesterday. Seems crazy to cut fabric up into bits, then sew them all back together again :)
    The sewing up will take longer, as it will have to get done in smaller stages.
    Dull and damp here this morning and even Meggie hasn’t got up to go out yet, she is still snoozing on our bed. Better go and make the effort I suppose. x

  242. Debbie Says:

    Kelly, we are going to Brockweir Village it’s just over the bridge, all I know is it’s near the Wye Valley, we are staying in a cottage the village shop make their own bread, rolls etc that’s what I’m looking forward to, they sell all local produce and have a cafe with the shop which looks nice they say its the hub of the village. I’m really looking forward to it rain or shine it will be great to get away from the norm.
    Blimey Jo 338 pieces it does sound daft when you put it like that, cutting them out then sewing them together again! That will deffo keep your mind busy and off other things! Hopefully you find it relaxing.
    Well we went for a walk round the pond, one of the swans have 7 signets they are so fluffy you just want to cuddle them, the mum had them up on the grass quite a way from the pond I was worried she wouldn’t find her way back but she did, I missed seeing them plod back I bet they looked sweet.
    We went for a roast round my daughters which was lovely but the high light was my grand daughter doing her first wee on the potty, big excitement we all clapped so she sat back in it and squeezed another bit out! Bless her.
    Well the England game is BORING worse still that we have to suffer extra time! I’ve been trying to find somewhere local who does Mindfulness courses, I’ve been reading a book but find it confusing, but there isn’t anywhere which is a shame, I fancied giving it a go, I did a course through the mental health a few years ago but didn’t make the most of it, I wish I had now. x

  243. Doreen Says:

    Hi Debbie – Brockweir looks to be near some lovely places. Monmouth for instance and Abergavenney.
    My next door neighbour is a clinical psychologist and is very keen on mindfulness. She runs groups for in- patients.
    Hi Jo – do you collect fabric from other places – charity shops for instance to cut up and make the throw? Do you take orders?
    Hi Gary – Belfast is a great city, very interesting too if you do decide to go to the areas affected by the ‘troubles’ and read the murals either side of the peace wall. Not very peaceful, some of them. There is a very old pub in the middle of the city – cannot remember the name but everyone knows about it. The tiling is beautiful and you sit in booths.

  244. Doreen Says:

    Hi Gary – just remembered the pub is called the ‘Crown Bar’. It is opposite the Europa hotel.

  245. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, I usually have bits of fabric left over from other projects and all have been bought new. I have never taken orders for anything, and the only thing I have ever sold is one of my paintings, to a friend! I think the quilts would just be too expensive, the amount of time they take, plus the fabrics, backing, wadding and thread etc. Also I am not overly self confident that they would be good enough to sell :)

  246. Gary Says:

    Thanks doreen, i like old pubs so ill watch out for that one when i go, i think it will be a very interesting place to go, thanks for the information x

  247. Debbie Says:

    Well my grand daughter Olivia called me Nana for the first time today, in a very demanding, bossy way I might add, but it was lovely, I’ve been longing for her to say it, I will probably be wishing she hadn’t in a few days! She actually said love u Nana, I thought I was going to explode!
    I’ve had a busy day had my hair done, looked after Olivia and spent the rest of the evening making a jaguer car to go on the top of a cake for tomorrow.
    I did a mindfulness meditation this morning only for about 25minutes it was really good, I felt so calm and grounded after, so will keep it up, has anybody else tried it?

  248. Jo Says:

    That’s lovely Debbie. I can imagine how happy it made you.
    I read something about mindfulness somewhere but I haven’t really tried it, only half heartedly!
    Just had heavy rain, hailstones and thunder. The sky went really dark, and poor Meggie is still panting even though it has stopped now. It takes quite a while for her to calm down after thunder or fireworks.
    I haven’t done much today, so I really ought to go and do another quilt strip.

  249. kelly Says:


    Hope you have a nice time on your holiday. X

  250. Debbie Says:

    Hi all, well the suns out but it’s windy, I’ve read a few people had thunder but we haven’t here.
    I’ve had a really good week, busy with cakes so glad that’s it for a while with them, next one is in August a christening cake.
    I’m off to my daughters for a cuppa as they are off for a wk to Weymouth so won’t see my grand daughter, then home to have a good clean, my sister is coming for dinner they live in Devon so be nice to see them, my brother in law did a mindfulness course so I’m looking forward to chatting about that.

    Doreen… It sounds very sad for your little grandson, it must be hard work for your daughter, I’m sure you would be fine looking after him it’s a big responsibility though isn’t it? Its good your thinking about it first. Does your daughter get a break at all? Just wondered if there were special play schools or anything like that? It’s such a shame he’s unable to talk bless him, it’s such a lot for a 3year old to have had in his little life isn’t it?

    Well all for now have a lovely day everyone x

  251. Jo Says:

    Sunny then cloudy here but a bit windy,hard going on the beach. Just made a cheesecake so at least done something today. getting on with the quilt but will soon need to by some backing fabric. Got the wadding for it yesterday, which I ordered from the Cotton Patch, very fast service from them.Nothing else to report, hope everyone is getting by ok. x

  252. Debbie Says:

    Very windy here, the suns disappeared to now! I’m deciding what to do with myself I hate Sundays they always seem to make me sluggish and I tend to flop about which is annoying!
    Trouble is I haven’t a project on at the mo, so do I make another doll or mouse? I was thinking of making a bag.
    Did anyone watch the tennis last night 11 o’clock it finished, it was good although I’m not keen on Andy Murray I don’t know why there’s just something about him.
    Well I’ve got to get up and do something I’m getting on my own nerves flopping so bye for now x

  253. Doreen Says:

    Quiet this coffee shop isn’t it? Pity more people don’t pop in.
    Hi Debbie – hope you managed to find something to do yesterday.
    Hi Jo – loved the pictures you sent me of the quilts. You are a talented lady. Is the new one for somebody?
    We had a pretty strenuous day yesterday. We had decided to go for a decent length walk (6 miles now we are older) and invited our son and partner to join us. Being much younger they walked faster and we had to ask them not to wait for us to join them then set off again, as that gave us no rests. We then met a woman walking on her own who said that the route we were following was overgrown and the alternative was through fields of cows which scared her. So we joined up with her through cow fields and the route was at least a mile extra to the walk.
    Because of the detour we had to go through thick mud from all the rain and at one point I tried 4 different ways to get through. Aching legs by this time.We wished we had stuck to the over grown route. Good job I had a spare pair of socks in my rucksack. Then out came the sun and it all seemed worth it.
    Then Whitby for fish and chips and a final walk on the beach. We were on North Yorkshire Moors by the way. So got home about 9.30pm feeling very happily tired and relaxed.

  254. Debbie Says:

    Doreen how fit are you! Blimey you are so good you put me at shame! I would love to do some walks like that, but never know how to find them? Also I always need the loo so get worried about that it’s ok if it’s just a quick wee behind a bush but mines usually number twos!
    I did find a new project to do, a bag I put in handmade bags on the Internet and saw this lovely one, we went to a material shop but they didn’t really have anything suitable so will bike to a local shop today if the rain stops to see if they have anything.
    I don’t think the coffee lounge has taken off really, everyone likes the anxiety blog, it’s a shame cos it’s nice to get to know people away from anxiety.
    I’ve got to keep busy this week as my daughters are all away so I’m home alone, I was hoping it would be sunny so I could get out but it’s raining, I will be watching Wimbledon this afternoon though.
    Have a good day everyone x

  255. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen and Debbie. We used to walk a lot and have done the muddy fields and cows often enough! I get too tired now though. No the quilt isn’t for anyone Doreen, I just saw it in my book and wanted to have a go.
    Debbie that bag is beautiful, if you can get similar fabric it will be stunning.
    The site seems very quiet altogether just now doesn’t it, not just the coffee lounge. If people would bookmark it on their favourites they would probably use it more.

  256. claire Says:

    Hi Jo,
    thought it more relevant to post here,did your art show get rescheduled to a later time?
    I don’t have a TV anymore licence costs to much and there’s hardly anything good on most of the time!
    I listen to a lot of music and book read when i can concentrate!

  257. Jo Says:

    Hi Claire
    Yes they seemed to have pushed the art programme up from 4 till 5, to 4.30 till 5.30. although on the listings it was supposed to be on at 4. never mind it is on every day, and often repeated. There aren’t many programmes I like to watch really, and we often put classic FM on in the evening. Nearly everything on tv now is repeats anyway.
    I don’t do much really, a bit of sewing or card making and that’s about it.And Meg walking of course.

  258. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Back a week on Thursday and nice to see this part of the blog being used, I will contribute when back :-)

  259. Debbie Says:

    The tv is rubbish I don’t watch much either, my husband has it on for things he likes on the discovery channel, unless you like the soaps I think it’s a waste of time. I do like Wimbledon at the moment though but the rain keeps stopping play which is annoying.
    It’s another miserable day here, doesn’t help your mood, as I can’t drive I go everywhere on my bike so having a few days stuck in, I’ve just been for a cuppa with a friend that’s about it for today.
    Will start another little knitted bag, I was thinking of making some bits to do a craft table at Xmas maybe, so will have to get making!

  260. Jo Says:

    Hi Paul and Debbie. Just been up town with James, hoping to get some backing fabric for my quilt but this being Skegness……no luck. Back to the internet! It’s overcast here but dry and warmish, not a pleasant warm though if you know what I mean. Soon be time for another Meggie walk, probably to the beach.
    Debbie that bag is really lovely, you are a talented lady. Hope the weather soon clears up for you.

  261. Debbie Says:

    The suns been out on and off but its very muggy though but better than the rain.
    I’ve been very good and just eaten a bowl of fruit while watching Wimbledon, it’s not so interesting as I’m waiting for the Murray game, so I’m going to do my mindfulness CD, I’m really enjoying doing it but find it hard to make myself do it every day, which I know would benefit me.
    I’m enjoying weight watchers it’s surprising how many people go, I have a cuppa and it’s quite nice, I’ve always found socialising quite hard but everyone’s in the same boat there so you have things to talk about and everyone’s friendly, the woman who runs it is so loud and very confident,it does rub off on you, I felt un-enthusiastic when I got there but felt motivated when I left, so I suppose she’s a very good leader, not looking forward to going in two weeks after my holiday next week, where I’m going the village shop make their own bread etc, locally produce, cheese so it’s going to be hard, will have to do plenty of walking I think or just not eat when I get back for a few days!! Ha ha that would be the day! x

  262. Doreen Says:

    Debbie – it sounds a lovely place where you are going. Regarding the heart unit saga – this actually is not to do with saving money but having what are called centres of excellence following the Bristol scandal some years ago. It is considered better to have expert care in fewer units where doctors will get lots of patients and therefore they and medical students will be very practised.
    The rub for us is though that Leeds is exactly that sort of unit being in a huge conurbation will a population of over 5 million. But Newcastle has been chosen to stay open despite having far fewer patients and children’s services being on a split site whereas all the children’s services are on one site in Leeds. It makes no sense and we think that for some reason they were determined to keep Newcastle open despite all the evidence that Leeds is better.
    However, this is not the end. Appeals will be made and the battle will go on to get this over turned. Be we as a family would have liked not to have this additional stress.

  263. Debbie Says:

    Doreen Well all you can do is keep up the fight, although it sounds like they are determined they seem to do stupid things that nobody else can see the point of, also if people have been used to going there for treatment it’s horrible to have to go to a strange place, especially for children. Let’s hope you can get an appeal. x

  264. Gary Says:

    Hi Doreen,
    I really feel for you regarding the closure of the childrens services in Leeds i know how upset you must be about this, all i can say is if you do have to travel to Newcastle in the future i would be more than happy to meet up with you in the city centre for a coffee and a chat as it will feel strange being in a new city. but fingers crossed for the appeal.
    Take care
    Gary x

  265. Jo Says:

    Morning all, it’s raining! I think it has been for a few hours, I seem to have heard it every time I woke up through the night. No rush to be going out just yet. The quilt has come to a standstill at present, till I can get some fabric. Skegness is not the best of shopping areas i’m afraid, especially not for fabrics etc. Nothing else to report i’m afraid, jusr wanted to say hello. x

  266. Gary Says:

    Morning Jo,
    the weather here is awful too!! just got in from work quickly walked the dogs and im off to bed now and if it carries on like this im in no hurry to get up!!
    hope you have a settled day, Gary x

  267. Jo Says:

    Hi Gary, nice to hear from you. This weather is not very encouraging is it, and I hear we have warnings of more bad weather to come. We had best get up the beach and fill a few sand bags! Actually we are fairly lucky here as there are no rivers near us to overflow. We did get heavy rain one year that made the roads flood a bit, and the water in the back yard was almost at the step. Hope you have a good sleep. x

  268. Debbie Says:

    Hi all, raining here too, rubbish weather for July! Anyways I’ve got a busyish day, washed all my settee covers and throws yesterday so all that to put back on, loads of ironing boo hoo, my daughters are back from Weymouth later and the dog groomer is coming to spruce up Ruby, short back and sides, her pre holiday shampoo and cut! Might add it costs more than having mine done!
    Then I shall be watching Wimbledon, the Andy Murray game, I’m really looking forward to that, so that’s my day, does it sound boring?
    Hope you all have a good day!

  269. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie, no it doesn’t sound boring, it sounds busy. I don’t have much to do, there’s not really enough ironing to warrant getting the board out! Got a bit of shopping to do but Ben is busy renovating the flaking window panes in the bedroom so that will have to wait. My deep fat fryer died last night so need a new one, as well as a few supplies. It sounds wet out as the cars go by but can’t tell if it’s raining from here. I expect the roads are still wet from earlier anyway. Enjoy your Wimbledon. x

  270. Doreen Says:

    Thanks Gary for your message particularly as you are in the medical profession in that part of the world. It is not so much me who might be travelling north but my daughter and her partner. We don’t have any idea when the little one will have his next heart operation but we are pretty sure that we will be fighting to make sure it can happen here.
    We do really like Newcastle though. My eldest grandson’s (birth) dad lives there and my grandson would like to go to university there too. So we may be making visits to see him sometime in the future. We love the Sage, the Baltic, all the bridges over the river etc. I know some of them are technically in Gateshead but seem very connected to Newcastle to us outsiders.

  271. kelly Says:

    Hi all,

    Had a pretty busy day today. Had a guy come to fit new cuboard drawers at 8am this morning then went out shopping to Tesco and went to Clarks to get Theo new shoes. That’s the only place I can get them to fit him because his feet are so wide. Then took Theo to playgroup, my friend Kayleigh brought her 4 month old jayden along for the first time so that was nice and the time flew by. We were having a chat and a laugh with the team leader. After that come home had food etc then took Theo swimming with kayleigh and jayden and another friend. That was nice too, Theo loves the water. Come home sorted Theo for bed and now got tea on and just about to start new book 50 shades of grey. Looking forward to reading it. Hope its good.

    Another busy day tomorrow, hope weather is better than today I need it :-)

  272. Doreen Says:

    What a chaotic day. Supposed to be having solar panels fitted but the rain and thunder was so bad they couldn’t do them. Then their electrician found we had a very old and dodgy meter and wiring we contacted a local electrician as the one working for the solar company would not be allowed to do it. Our local guy said he couldn’t do it either and we should contact British Gas (who supply our electricity). They came and have arranged for the work to be done – this evening they said but no one came. Meanwhile I was cooking for a meal we were giving for an old friends 80th birthday – doors open, water being walked in and so on. Hope the meter etc is sorted soon as the panels cannot be fitted until it is and we have scaffolding all round the front of the house. Meal went well though and settling down with a nightcap before bed.

  273. Jo Says:

    Hi Kelly and Doreen, sounds like you’ve both had a day of it. Not much happening here. It started a nice sunny day, but is now raining again. Haven’t done much of anything, still looking for backing for the quilt. I was hoping to get a knitting pattern and yarn in town, but no luck. I’m not a knitter usually but I fancy having a go at a little cropped cardi I have seen in a mag, and it will be something to do when I don’t feel like sitting at the sewing machine.

  274. Debbie Says:

    Hi all, well it’s been absolutely pouring all day today, so haven’t felt like doing anything but did nip out for some new wool to make more bags, going to take it on our hols next week as I’ve got the feeling it’s going to rain!
    Watched the woman’s final at Wimbledon was hoping the Williams sister wouldn’t win as I get fed up with the same one winning but she did, so that was disappointing. Is it me or is the tele rubbish, everything is repeats or sport, all these films on at the cinema why can’t you get a descent film on the tele, tonight it’s Raiders of the lost Ark…again, it’s terrible.
    Oh dear I’m in a bit of a moany mood sorry! It’s the Bloomin weather making me miserable and cold! x

  275. Doreen Says:

    Debbie – Hope you really enjoy the cottage, the shop with the lovely food, the scenery and most of all, the change which somebody once said is as good as a rest

  276. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Back from my trip today

    Really enjoyed it but it was long anough and missed friends and family. Is anyone else going away this year?

  277. Jo Says:

    Hi Paul, glad you had a good time. We have nothing planned as I have been afraid of not being able to go. We are hoping to get the odd day out here and there locally though, country parks with the dog, that sort of thing. The weather hasn’t been very encouraging though so we haven’t been anywhere yet. Have you had much rain? We haven’t had as much as some places but it has been wet and dull most days, with just the odd sunny hour or two here and there.
    Hope Debbie has had a nice time in Wales this week.

  278. Debbie Says:

    Hi all we had a lovely time in Wales, Brockweir Village where we stayed was so nice the river Wye was amazing, our cottage was up a very steep lane it was surrounded in trees etc absolutely beautiful, loads of walks we followed a footpath down to the river right from the cottage through a field but where the ground was so wet we finally gave up when our feet disappeared in the slush, we had a good laugh, I hope nobody was watching, there was two horses watching us though I bet they were thinking stupid walkers! They came over to me so I got to stroke them they were lovely.
    We really enjoyed chilling shame the sun didn’t come out, we were lucky as it didn’t rain too much, it was just nice to get away first time in 7 years!
    I miss hearing the little streams that ran down the side of our cottage disappeared under the lane then back out further down, when we laid in bed you could hear it and an owl not something you get to hear in Portsmouth, more like cars and yobs!
    So all back to normal now, back on diet and food shopping! x

  279. Doreen Says:

    Just had a few days away in the New Forest. An area we really didn’t know so glad to be there exploring even though it rained all day on Saturday. I have this list of counties or places in England I want to see and have done nearly all of them now.
    The sun actually shone on Sunday and we decided to walk to a pub 5 miles away on the advice of our hosts at the B&B. It was a brilliant walk and quite easy compared to walking in Yorkshire. Our host had offered to come and collect us from the pub but we felt very relaxed about walking back via a different route. Much longer we found and boggier so our legs were like jelly when we got back. A gin and tonic did the trick though. Realised we had walked about 11 miles in total. Not bad for a 68 year old and a 66 year old. Been very active today promoting the demonstration against the closure of the Leeds Heart Surgery Unit. Rained for only half the day – wow

  280. Doreen Says:

    PS Children’s Heart Surgery unit by the way. Demonstration on Monday.

  281. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen and Debbie, so pleased you both enjoyed your time away. I loved the horses wandering around in the New Forest. I enjoyed our caravan holidays really, even though it was a pain emptying and filling water etc, and climbing over everything at night when making the ‘bunks’ up. It was cosy though and I always took craft stuff to do int he evenings.
    Just got wet on the Meggie walk but made it back before it really started coming down. Much more and the back yard would have been flooded.

  282. Doreen Says:

    Best news – no rain today. Maybe even be able to have tea in the garden.

  283. Doreen Says:

    Hi Paul – just been looking at your photos on Twitter. (have become a Tweeter myself but mainly to pass on stuff about the campaign to keep childrens heart surgery in Leeds). However, I thought that some of them were taken in the New Forest – am I right? And were they from your recent trip?

  284. Jo Says:

    Just had a look at your lovely photos Paul. Yes you must learn to smile! I am like that though, I just can’t smile for photos or I end up looking gormless with my eyes half closed. Nice to put a face to the name though. Bet you had a really good time. x

  285. Doreen Says:

    Hi Michelle – we had a really good ‘sing’ in Huddersfield last night at the town hall. It was packed (mainly friends and families). We took sandwiches in the end as it was a long evening.
    You have I have debated on here before about where Paul lives. Come to think of it, I don’t know where I got Wakefield from as he doesn’t say that anywhere. Anyway, he’s a Yorkshireman so that good enough.
    We like walking up beyond Huddersfield, particularly up to Marsden by the canal. We had a trip a few years ago through the tunnel to Lancashire – good heavens.
    Maybe when you are up to it we could meet for a coffee in Huddersfield. It is only 20 mins by train from Leeds.

  286. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, just jumping in. Hope you don’t mind. I have no idea where Paul lives but his contact address on the main page is Huddersfield.
    Glad you enjoyed your singing. x

  287. mm16 Says:

    Doreen , how do you do it , springs to mind .
    Yes thank you it would be lovely to meet for a coffee :-)
    I told my daughters you were singiing in huddersfield , and they said , you should of arranged to meet that lady . I am going to the “spa” next week , thats in linthwaite just the villiage below marsden. Saunas , ice rooms , aromatherapy ect , its gorgeous there .
    Thank you for letting me know how it went ,and have a lovely weekend xx

  288. mm16 Says:

    Jo , just tried to look at pauls photos , my silly computor wont let me see them , i can read the tweets , but not view images . I will look on daughters lap top later xx

  289. Michelle Says:

    I am just seeing if i can post as “michelle ” instead of mm16 xx

  290. Michelle Says:

    Yes i can thats good x

  291. Doreen Says:

    Know the spa. I remember when it was a disused mill and we were walking on the other side of the valley looking across. My husband said someone should do something with that place (Have you ever been to Salt’s Mill in Saltaire?). Anyway, now someone has. We had a fried staying a couple of years back who had booked herself a few days there as a treat so we took her over and had a look round. It looked lovely.
    I used to go to the Turkish in Harrogate years ago. Always felt great afterwards.
    I’ll ask Paul for your email address and then we can be in touch when you feel like meeting up.

  292. Doreen Says:

    My typing gets worse. We had a friend, not a fried staying.

  293. Jo Says:

    Hi Michelle and Doreen. Sounds good that you two will be able to meet up. I will be jealous :) Just a good job it wasn’t a fried friend Doreen:) .
    I didn’t know if I would be able to see the photos Michelle as I’m not on twitter, but I could. At least I know what Paul looks like now, but isn’t t funny how you get an idea of someone and then they aren’t how you imagine. x

  294. Michelle Says:

    Doreen , that will be lovely , we will meet up .
    No i have not been to “salts mill ” .Good that you know titanic spa .Sounds silly but do you know what does me good , the ice plunge pool .Seems to dampen the electric feelings in me :-)
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  295. Michelle Says:

    Jo , guess what ?
    I got to see the picture of paul , and guess who else i saw ?? Lovely doreen . I went on pauls twitter and a lady called doreen was tweeting him . it was our doreen . She looks a lovely lady .
    Yes jo , paul looked different than i expected , we do have an image we build up . What did i think he would look like THE WIZZARD OF OZ .
    Hope they dont mind me having a look at them , see old mr worry me ??
    Just going dog walking . Nice to put a face to the names xx

  296. Jo Says:

    Hi Michelle, I think I had a more ‘hippy’ image of Paul :)If we ever meet I bet we don’t look like we expect either. Of course they won’t mind you looking, that’s what they are there for. I have seen Doreen too, as I have her email address and she sent me photos, she does look a lovely person. If you want my email address, you can ask Paul for it. xx

  297. Doreen Says:

    Michelle and Jo -What nice messages you have been sending each other about me, I am very touched. I have asked Paul for your email address Michelle, but he has not responded yet. Do either of you do facebook?
    I would also say that Jo makes beautiful quilts – I have been lucky enough to see photos of those

  298. Jo Says:

    Doreen, no I don’t do face book or twitter I’m afraid. Thanks for the compliment about my quilts. Just going to the beach now , while the sun is out. x

  299. kelly Says:

    Hi all,

    The drink at local went good last night. Just been to my sisters today to give my nephew his birthday presents. He is 4 today and my other nephew will be 1 in four days so they are having a joint party tomorrow x

  300. Debbie Says:

    Omg how did you see the pic of Paul and Doreen let me know? x

  301. Debbie Says:

    Doreen found a pic of you, you look lovely just how I imagined, I can’t believe how far you walk your very fit, I used to love walking I used to go with my boss years ago he belonged to the Ramblers, I loved it especially as they stopped at lovely little pubs for ‘refreshments’, sadly he died years ago now he was lovely we were very close , he had a toy shop opposite to my house he had it for 46 years, I actually worked there part time then when he died I brought it, we lived in the flat above it was a brilliant 8 years, it was great fun! Sadly the supermarkets took over and we decided to sell up, just another chapter in my life all good fun! x

  302. Debbie Says:

    Well where is everyone?
    The suns out and it’s very hot already here in Portsmouth, I’m having a pamper me day today, I’m going to the gym then in the pool for a swim, sauna and then jacuzzi finish off in their coffee lounge to have a freshly squeezed orange juice and read my mag! How nice is that I’m looking forward to it!
    Tonight I go round my daughter Jenna’s for a DVD evening, we do it every tues, she puts her candles on and we watch a good film so I’m going to have a nice day!

    Come on everyone get off that anxiety blog and chat about normal stuff! Hobbies! What your up to! anything!

  303. Jo Says:

    Hi Debbie, I think people have a bit of difficulty finding the coffee lounge. I am in the front room where it is cool just now. I can’t do with the heat. I am surrounded by craft stuff, which I should really be getting on making cards with. Too lazy for Gyms and things! Our house guest Soffee (the dog) has pinched Meg’s place on the settee and Meg is not at all impressed. She will get her place back later though as Soffee goes home this afternoon and Tess (other doggie house guest) doesn’t get on the settee. Not sure if we will take them to the beach later, it gets so hot up there, may just stay under the trees.

  304. Michelle Z Says:

    Hey Jo – I finally found the coffee shop. I had to print off your directions and then found it. It’s not easy to fine. Oh well! I’m at work…all by my lonesome for the most part except when some of the other employees stop in. My boss is on vacation this week.

    I’m 57 years old and live in Michigan in the states. The weather has been very hot here this summer, but for the most part I don’t mind as we have a wonderful pool and air conditioning as well. I generally enjoy the warm weather more than winter, when we can get lots of snow. Yuck! I have a wonderful husband, two adult children, one stepdaughter (who is only 12), 4 lovely granchildren and a dog. My son is addicted to drugs and just went to another rehab yesterday. I’m sure that is a big part of what causes my anxiety & depression. That’s enough about me.

    Hope y’all have a great day (or night depending on where you are)!

  305. Jo Says:

    Hi Michelle – Yes I think most people have difficulty finding it. You are two years younger than me then. I am married with one 33 year old son,(still at home) a 7 year old dog and a 2year old cat. Well I think we still have a cat, but she’s been missing all day. I expect she’s sleeping in the sun somewhere, but it’s not like her to stay away all day.
    I prefer winter to summer, I don’t function well in the heat! I love autumn best though, the light and the colours are lovely.
    I am sorry to hear of your son’s difficulties and would say that is a real cause of anxiety and depresssion for you. I hope he finds some help at the rehab. Take care x

  306. Jo Says:

    Oh forgot to say, I live on the East coast of England,in Lincolnshire :)

  307. Debbie Says:

    Omg I know I shouldn’t moan but it’s tooooo hot for me! Housework is out I can’t bear doing the hoovering and getting sweaty!
    Bit cheesed off as went to weight watchers for my weigh in and had stayed the same, typical as I really kept to the diet this week, weighed everything no naughties and there you go didn’t lose, oh and the gym twice which was all fat burning not muscle building, so I thought of going in the co-op for a bag of jam doughnuts but I was very strong and didn’t! Does make you feel fedup tho!

  308. Michelle Z Says:

    Hang in there, Debbie! Don’t be discouraged. All of a sudden, the weight will drop as long as you keep on the way you are. Good job!! You should be proud!

  309. Jo Says:

    Debbie, losing weight is like that, sometimes you lose it sometimes not and don’t forget you may not have been wearing exactly the same clothes as last time. keep faith, you will get there.
    Weather is cooler here today, thank goodness. Dull and damp but it doesn’t bother me. Can’t even see the wind farm from the beach it is so misty. x

  310. Debbie Says:

    Lost half a pound whoop whoop! I know it’s not much but it’s a budge, having stayed the same for a week was very annoying! Jo I wear the same clothes every wk for the weigh in, they are the lightest possible don’t you worry! Ha ha I might have to leave off my undies next week!!
    Just trying to get the umph to tidy up and make a cake, I’ve just had a cuppa with a friend so don’t feel like doing anything now, but having family for lunch tomoro as its my daughters birthday so I don’t want them seeing I live like a slob!! x

  311. Jo Says:

    Debbie, anyone who comes to our house ‘takes us as they find us’ as my Mum used to say :) x

    Pat – It is good you can get out with your little dog and enjoy the countryside.It’s hard for people who haven’t gone through this to understand, it’s hard for US to understand. x

  312. Doreen Says:

    Hi Pat

    Perhaps you didn’t realise that you have just posted on the ‘coffee lounge’ which is the place where we don’t talk about anxiety. This is where you can tell us about other parts of your life. The place for the anxiety chat is on the other blog where Paul posts something each month. You will get more responses there as not many people ‘come to the coffee lounge’.

  313. Debbie Says:

    Well I’ve had a busy weekend, had everyone for lunch yesterday for my daughters birthday, it was nice all getting together but great when they all went home!
    Today I went to the gym again it’s getting a lot easier I’m not as red when I’ve finished but still very sweaty yuk, so I’m going to do an extra five minutes on everything, I’m really enjoying it, I used to go on my own and if I didn’t feel like it I could get away with not doing something but going with my hubby and daughter we encourage each other and you can’t skip anything! I do feel good after I’ve got home and showered and seem to have a bit more energy which is really good! Hope come Wednesday at weight watchers the scales will show how much I have worked, it’s all cardio I’m doing so all fat burning no muscle building yet, that’s all I need is heavy muscles!
    I shall sleep well tonight that’s for sure!

  314. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    Moved Pats post

    Well ill just pop in and say hello :-)

    This is so true Debbie and something I try and remember before I do some exercise “I do feel good after I’ve got home and showered and seem to have a bit more energy which is really good!”

    I am also really proud of myself as I have lost 2 stone in the last 3 months, it has taken hard work and cutting down on drink and food, but I got there and something I needed to do as it’s so easy to fall into bad habits. It has also given me the motivation to get really fit again and keep it off, so I have just entered another 10k run for the end of September.

    On another note I have been full of cold for 3 days, very rare I get them but it has ruined my weekend as I have not been able to do anything. All getting back to normal now though and hopefully get my running shoes back on today.

    Hope everyone is well 😉

  315. DCYL Says:

    Paul – all is well. Spent the day at a video game expo. I played a ton of old 1980s video games. It was a bit of a last minute thing so I went by myself.

    Side note: I think you’ve been buried by stuff but my posts at home have. Of been showing up. I presume my IP address may have been blocked. Can you check? I can post at work and phone so I figure my home ip is blocked. I can provide the ip to you if needed. Thanks!

  316. Jo Says:

    Debbie well done at the gym, that’s great news. I’m afraid the only exercise I do is walking! Never have liked the gym though.
    Hi Paul, nice to hear from you. Hope the cold is better now, they really drag you down don’t they? Well done on the weight loss, it’s not easy to do.

  317. Doreen Says:

    Hi Jo, Debbie, Michelle and Paul. Managed to get out and about this weekend despite the rain at times. We did a short but lovely walk yesterday from Pateley Bridge with the two younger grandsons and their parents. My daughter had bought a book of ‘walks to do with buggies’ (the little one is not walking despite being 3 cos of his Down Syndrome). It was the 1st proper walk they have all done since he was born so particularly rewarding. It rained heavily followed by bright sunshine so we dried out again. Tea and yummy cake in a cafe, followed by a meal here at my house. The little one Lyall was greatly amused by my antics when I threw things in the air and pretended to drop them. Sadly although we know he is laughing we cannot hear it as he has the trachy tube in place so air doesn’t go over his vocal chords. A good time was had by all though.

  318. kelly Says:

    Hi everyone

    Hope you are all well. Got a pretty busy day planned today. Will be popping up to my mum and dads shortly to pick up my passport then I have to get that copied and then have to go to our local police station to see a police officer to see if they will sign the copies for my id for the uni. After that, my local job centre for them to stamp forms then I have to go post them. So yeah pretty busy day ahead. I am successfully enrolled on the course now, just got to send these things off to sort out payment then I should be starting my first two modules in October!:-)

  319. Paul David (Admin) Says:

    “Paul – all is well. Spent the day at a video game expo. I played a ton of old 1980s video games”

    I am soooooo jealous as I grew up with all these games and spent hours on them


    Pass me on your ip and ill check but I have not blocked your ip address so it maybe another issue

    Yes Jo they do hang around, one more rest day watching olympics and I should be fine, still not 100%


  320. Jo Says:

    Hi Doreen, your walk sounds lovely, I’m sure we must have been to Pateley Bridge, it sounds familiar. I’m sure the little lad was having great fun watching your antics. We have just been doing the usual dog walking, either beach or field and wood depending on the weather,had alternate rain and sun. x

    Kelly, well done on getting on that course, you have a lot of studying to do now. How is your doggie getting on? x

    Paul, just take it easy, you can soon make yourself worse if you do too much too soon. x

  321. kelly Says:


    Thankyou. I know its a lot of study but im sure it will be worth it in the end. The dog is great thanks. A jack Russell aged 5 called Benji. He is so protective over me that if anyone even hugs me he starts barking at them haha xx

  322. kelly Says:


    So stressed now. Can’t get anybody to verify mine and theos birth certificate copies to send to the uni. Tried local police station and local magistrates but they won’t do it because they don’t know me. Not sure who I can get to do it now. School is closed for summer so can’t get a teacher to do it either. Argh lol

  323. Jo Says:

    How about your health visitor or doctor Kelly, or send the originals. Can’t think of anyone else. Glad to hear Benji is settling in ok. x

  324. Debbie Says:

    Feeling really lazy today! Got to get a move on and get some jobs done, looks like it going to rain just as I’ve put my washing out, it’s annoying when you strip the bed then someone pops round for a cuppa then they go and you have to make the bed again, the umph has definately gone!! Come back please got lots to do!!

  325. Debbie Says:

    Kelly yeah the doctors do it here but they do charge!

  326. kelly Says:

    Hi Debbie and Jo,

    All sorted now. I forgot a family friend has a daughter who is a police community support officer so just been to the station for her to do it. All sorted now and been posted :-) xx

  327. Jo Says:

    That’s good Kelly. Good luck with it, you are doing a good thing. x

  328. kelly Says:

    Thanks Jo,

    Really looking forward to starting it. :-)

  329. DCYL Says:

    Paul – tried deleting cookies in my browser and that did not help. My IP is: Can you delete this post after you look at it? :)

  330. DCYL Says:

    Paul (since I am not home, I can post)

    Yes, all the games you mentioned were at the expo. Out of the three you listed, I loved Defender BUT only when I played at home. To this day, I could never figure out how people played Defender (or Stargate) with the crazy controls! :)

    But my biggest love was for Galaga. Just couldn’t stop playing that game though I liked others like Robotron, Sinistar and others. :)

    Do you play games on your computers via emulators? I did that for a while. :)

  331. ginger797 Says:

    hi everyone:)
    the sun’s out todays here in australia for the first time in a few days its been freezing! so i have a list as long as my arm to get done at home today including putting the washing out in hopes it might dry:)… DEBBIE i see youve been going to the gym i was wondering if youve been doing any class’s im thinking of doing a pump class but im not really fit enough yet to stay the whole way through:/ ive just been going on the treadmill and doing some light weights my gym doesnt have a pool but does have a sauna which i havent used yet..well i had better get my butt off here and start on my cleaning list..

  332. Jo Says:

    Hi Ginger, we have it the other way today, it’s raining and cool. Well I feel cold actually but that’s probably just me. The only exercise I do is walking, either with our dog Meg, or to town, so I probably do about two to two and a half miles a day. At the moment Meg and I are snuggled up together on the settee but I really must get myself motivated to get up and do something.

  333. Pat K Says:

    Kelly, thamks so much for your support. As Paul has said, anxiety can be a lonely business. Even, I imagine if one has a partner, family etc., because, as you rightly say, it is only within oneself can progressbe made out of the suffering caused by GAD. I hope one (far off_) day to be able to help others, as so many of you generously do
    Am so glad to have found this site and Paul,s book. Am getting a new keyboard , with blocks of keys in different colours, so I shall hopefully make fewer typing errors..
    Love and best wishes to you and everyone. x

  334. Doreen Says:

    Hi Pat – perhaps you could use this page to tell us a bit more about yourself as suggested by Jo on the other blog. This is the page where we don’t talk about anxiety. It would be really nice to get to know you.

  335. Debbie Says:

    Hi ginger yes loving the gym I’m amazed as ive never been a gym type of person, at the moment I’m doing cardio to burn up calories and shift some fat, I’m feeling so much better. No I’m not doing any classes I like doing my own thing, if I was a bit fitter and younger I might’ve joined in some. I did do the aqua fit that was a laugh. I do love swimming but I don’t really lose weight at the speed I go, but it’s nice to do the gym then swim then I go for a go in the steam room and finish in the jacuzzi. With the gym I find it much better to have my ear phones in so I can listen and watch the tele screens or the music channel.
    I’ve replied about the mindfulness on the blog but have put about being referred on the NHS I didn’t realise you were in Australia! You ought to give it a go there’s lots of books with a CDs I have just got a new one it came today in the post so I’m dieting to have a go x

  336. Doreen Says:

    Hi Debbie – are you sure you meant that you are dieting to have a go with your new CD? I am sure it is not a prerequisite of mindfulness that you have to be slim!!

  337. Michelle Says:

    Debbie , is that you ?? im sure its another lady emerging :-) x

  338. Rachel A Says:

    Hi everyone!
    Haven’t posted on here since January, I had forgotten how to get to this bit but glad I have found it again. It’s nice to have a chat about ‘other things’ haha.
    What’s everyone been up to?
    I had a really good weekend, it was my sister’s birthday last week ad me, my husband and our two hounds surprised her by turning up on her doorstep on Friday evening! I don’t get to see her often as I live in the North East and she lives in the Midlands so it was lovely.
    She’s expecting her first baby this year, a little girl, and I felt it kicking! It was amazing.
    We went for a 5 mile walk along the canal, my little pug Cedric got so tired and hot we had to carry him most of the way.
    Has anyone been anywhere nice on holiday this year?

  339. Jo Says:

    Hi Rachel, nice to see someone on here again. My son and I spent two days in London in April, and Hubby and I went to York for two days in May.But no other hols planned.
    I bet poor little Cedric was hot and tired too, good job he is small enough to carry :) Our dog Meg is a lab cross and too big too carry although our son has been known to carry her the last few yards home when she has tired herself out in the sea.
    We had a nice canal walk at Cromford when we were on holiday the other year. Meg likes any water as long as it’s not in a bath! x

  340. Doreen Says:

    My god – my Dad was called Cedric!! Never thought I would hear him described as a ‘little pug’.
    We have had a few breaks this year, Italy for 4 days, New Forest for a weekend and tomorrow we are going down to Brighton – back on Monday.
    Hope the weather lasts. It is wonderful up here in Leeds at the moment apart from a deluge yesterday afternoon.

  341. Rachel A Says:

    Hi Jo and Doreen
    I was beginning to think nobody came on here anymore!
    I would love to go to York again, I live in Newcastle so it’s not even that far away and the drive down is lovely. I’ve only been once before but it was just a stop over for a couple of hours so didn’t really get a chance to see all the sights properly. Where would you recommend visiting Jo?
    I’m going down to London next month for a lunch at the BBC with work and we’re getting a tour of all the TV studios, I can’t wait!
    Aw Meg sounds lovely, I can imagine she would be quite heavy to carry though bless her!
    Doreen, hope you have a lovely time in Brighton. That’s another place I’d love to visit but have haven’t yet got round to! I hope the weather is nice for you. Up here in Newcastle we seem to have a nice, hazy sunny day and the next day it’s torrential rain! Yesterday was nice but I know today is forecast heavy rain again, wish it would make it’s mind up!
    Does Gary come on here any more? I noticed from a few of his posts that he lives in/near Newcastle.
    Anyway I’m off to work, another day in paradise haha.
    Catch up with you later, hope you both have good days :-)
    Take care
    Rachel xxxxxxx

  342. Jo Says:

    Hi Rachel, York was lovely although as I was suffering at the time, it was difficult to enjoy it properly. We mostly just wandered up and down the river and walked the walls, and around the city. We did visit the railway museum which is ok if you like trains. I wasn’t very ompressed with the quilt museum, the quilts were very nice but I felt it was overpriced. Museum gardens was very nice and peaceful. We only had two days so really just did a bit of general sightseeing. x

  343. Doreen Says:

    Hi Rachel – Brighton is a buzzy attractive place full of wonderful places to eat and great architecture. We had VERY hot weather and cooled off by going up onto the Downs yesterday and onto Beachy Head today. Wouldn’t want to live there as it is just too busy and more importantly too far away from the places I can get to much more easily from Leeds.

  344. Jeanine Says:

    Hello I’m 21 in 8 days, im a virgo,female from California, USA. This will be my first post since I’m not brave enough yet to post on the others.I enjoy hiking,exploring,fashion,nature,beauty, business, photograpy,colors.My dream is to have a business I enjoy and live a peace
    full life. I’m the youngest of three,I’m of Hispanic decent(speak Spanish and English) . Ive been in a relationship for 7 years.That’s a Lil bit about me:)

  345. Jeanine Says:

    to add to my last post,I thankfully found this website through a Guy on instagram,it would be really nice if you made one Paul since I don’t have a twitter:) Also if any of you have an instagram feel free to follow me @flowerdoll91191.

  346. Jeanine Says:

    it’s me again,I forgot to add that I noticed we all have loads in common such as nature,excercise,creativity,animals etc.wouldn’t it begreat if there was a place regardless of where we live,USA, u.k. etc. in all our countries were we could meet physically,get to know each othe and help each other like we do here,since its such a lonely place to be.just a thought.

  347. EDSI Says:

    Hi Im Mike. 36 years old and hav been visiting this site for 2 years. I live in the Philippines and have one son (4 years old) and daugther (3 years old). I am working as an IT consultant and loves playing table tennis and running as a sports.

  348. jakki Says:

    hi my names jakki im 45 years old with 2 daughters 24 and 19…currently not working but am being kept busy with my 3 dogs, chickens and guinea pigs,i also foster for a local dog rescue near to eastbourne east sussex…my hobbies are reading,cleaning(it has to be with my zoo) horseriding, and walking….soooooooooo lovely to “meet” you all xxx

  349. erica Says:

    Great to meet everyone.

  350. Christine Says:

    Hi All,

    I’m Christine, 35 from Liverpool! I’m married with the most wonderful, understanding Husband…I’m very blessed! No children, but my Dad has 9 children with the youngest being 7 so I’m surrounded by youngsters which is fab!
    I have a pretty great job, been to uni twice and have a lovely home!
    I love travelling, socialising and just generally being with people (when not feeling anxious! :) )

  351. Lucy Says:

    I think it’s good to realise we are people with lives beyond what has bought us together and refreshing to have new topics of conversation! I’m Lucy, 24 from Norwich and on my own with my little 5 year old who is my encouragement :) I couldn’t have been happier with life just me and her before all this came along so that’s where I want to get back to! What did you study at uni Christine? X

  352. Val Says:

    Hi everyone… name is Val..I am a young 70 yr old….a golfer…..extroverted and sociable and aiming to retrieve all those positive things. I have 4 grandchildren …have been single for many years(divorced) and usually very content ….going out for dinner,theatre etc. I have a small dog who is getting old but she still enjoys the off lead parks. What a shame we couldn’t really meet for a cappuccino ……come down under to Melbourne,Australia”…take care everyone and “float” on…..q

  353. Doreen Says:

    Will introduce myself again. Doreen, aged 67 (birthday on 1st Jan – eek). Married, living in Leeds near my son and his partner and my daughter and her partner. Daughter has 3 sons aged 18, 14 and 4. The 4 year old has multiple issues to cope with such as Down Syndrome and other physical stuff as he breathes through a tracheotomy. But happy little boy with hopefully a bright future. I enjoy being retired and am in various reading groups, a couple of choirs, and a drama group. Help Paul moderate this blog as he is both very busy with other stuff and maybe needs a break from being too much ‘on topic’.

  354. Christine Says:

    Hi All, lovely to meet you!

    Lucy – I was the same…couldn’t have been happier. I studied International Business with Italian the first time round and then Payroll Management the 2nd. Do you work? I’m sure your 5 year old keeps you very busy! :) xx

    Val -I love those things too…going out etc (not really the golf but my husband enjoys that), do you see your grandchildren a lot? xx

    Doreen – Sounds like you have a lovely family too…I’m sure your little grandson has a very bright future ahead! :) Seems like you’re a very busy person. Do you have anything nice planned for your Birthday? xx

  355. Val Says:

    So lovely to “chat” with everyone and be there for each other….just wish we were closer…..I do see my grandchildren a lot and hopefully will continue as I resume my old life !!! Amazing how we all seem to have been knocked for a sixer as they say by one thing or another…..for all you Pommies(spoken as a term of endearment !!) I am watching the Edinburgh tattoo…..have been to Edinburgh ……what a spectacle…..they seem to have jazzed it up a bit !!!are any of you on Facebook ??? Val ……stay strong

  356. Christine Says:

    Hi Val, I know it’s certainly knocked me for six…did you say your anxiety first started in June?

    Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Scotland! Ha! I keep saying that I will visit…I think I’ll try and get the Hubby to take me in 2014.

    What do you have planned for New Year?

    I’m on Facebook…not sure how I can get my details to you? Maybe Doreen can let us know? xxx

  357. Val Says:

    Hi everyone…happy new year from downunder…..thinking of you all..going to friends for few drinkies….bubbles!!!! LOL won’t be late as people set off illegal fireworks and the poor dogs panic …they have just had a chap from Lost Dogs home warning people so will have to get home to Chloe my little ball of fluff who is 11 …..stay strong…..mmmmm easy to say!!!!!:-)

  358. Val Says:

    Week of temps coming up….41,39,38, etc…..well over 100 F
    Hard to feel down if you are a sunlover…….LOL

  359. Doreen Says:

    Hi Val – we plan to be in Aussie from 23rd October for nearly 3 weeks and during that time we have been advised to go the Melbourne. I will ask Paul to give me your email address so I can let you know what is happening.

  360. Val Says:

    I think you have my email address when you put me in touch with another contributor…look forward to having a real cup of coffee with you….I will scroll back and read all about you…LOL ……you may have deleted my email address?? Cheers val

  361. Val Says:

    How is your little grandson.i remember now…he has some difficulties. Am on face book if you want to friend me !!!!! Won’t be offended if u don’t want!! I have your surname on email so just say yea or nay on here and I could try and find you..does that make sense????Val

  362. Doreen Says:

    Ah yes, I do have your email address. Will be in touch soon.

  363. Val Says:

    Think I found you….as I said will leave it up to you if you want to “friend”!!

  364. Nikki Says:

    Yay I have found it – thanks for the link doreen. What can I tell you about me. I am 47 years young – married and have two grown up kids. My 21 year old lives at home but has just been accepted to do her teacher training in Aug. My youngest is 19 and is on a gap year in oz. We are all very jealous of her travels and the photos she sends. I love life. Love meeting people – socialising – eating out – dancing – holidays. However am in a horrible stage in my life where I have horrendous meno symptoms – migraines night sweats and have become scared to go out alone. I do believe I will recover from this. I wish the recovery had been quicker but I have been doing far too much for far too long that I think my body is still exhausted! Oh and I live in Scotland xx

  365. Doreen Says:

    Nikki – nice to meet you. I saw some time back that you said you lived in Scotland and I was interested as the west coast is quite some of our most favourite places in the world. We return every couple of years. We also now really appreciate Glasgow as such an interesting city.
    If you scroll way back I introduced myself some time ago. The only changes are that the grandchildren are two years older. The eldest doing ‘A’ levels, the middle left ballet school as he was homesick and now at a local comp, and the youngest still undergoing regular medical interventions. Had is 20th one last week. Happy kid though ad a great joy.

  366. Doreen Says:

    Oh, just realised that I updated myself in Dec 2103. Sorry for any repetition.

  367. Nikki Says:

    Doreen if you ever get the chance you must visit Edinburgh it is such a beautiful city. xx

  368. Doreen Says:

    Yes, Nikki. We have been to Edinburgh a few times. Once many years ago when my husband was in the ‘Fringe’ and we stayed in a damp dark basement flat. Fortunately in our subsequent visits we were older and were able to afford nice places to stay. It is a beautiful city. There is a veggie cafe where we ate all those years ago which is still there now.

  369. Nikki Says:

    I think that might be Henderson’s you are talking about. Its lovely in there. Quite often a wee man plays the piano whilst you eat! Xx

  370. Val Says:

    So love your terminology… A wee man plays the piano. When I went to New Zealand a lot of the locals used that term and many places named after places in Scotland….which I visited back in 95…..spent a wee bit of times there !:-)

  371. Doreen Says:

    Yes Nikki – it was Hendersons. Quite small back then but much bigger when we went a few years ago. Also managed to go to the Scottish Parliament building. You may be having that ‘all to yourselves’ if the vote goes a particular way.

  372. Nikki Says:

    Oh gosh yes doreen how to vote – not got a clue! I don’t believe a thing any of the politicians are telling us – including the ones in Westminster lol! I have a motto that I swear by which is ‘if in doubt – don’t’. I might need to apply that in September when we have to make our choice. Mind you they have till then to convince me. Is there much in the media in England about this? Xx

  373. tan Says:

    I am a 63 year old woman suffering from anxiety and depression for the past five months. i am suffering from social phobia and have okino desire to groom myht self. i would like to get back to my previous way of lifeme where i was busy woith hor ousehold chores. i don’t feel like meeting people or receiving them. Even anseriwng telephone calls is an ordeal. i used to enjoy watching serials but now i have no desire.
    i am on medication but would appreciate any help.

  374. Rhian Says:

    Hi all, I’m Rhian a 39 year old single mum of a beautiful and very lively 4 year old! I’ve been through quite a few big changes and stress over the last few years and the onset of anxiety has totally overwhelmed me! However, after reading so much doom and gloom on various websites I now feel so much more positive having discovered this site and am looking forward to taking it day by day and getting the ‘old me’ back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! x

  375. Kitz Says:

    I have had anxiety for 4 months now I am 25, I don’t know how it started must have been a build up of things going on, all in a short period of time. I didn’t believe the doctors when they said it was anxiety because I have had it a couple of times before. This 4 months have really scared me that I just can’t seem to get past it. The first thing that happen was this vibration banging on top off my head that went through my body absolutely petrifying feeling I have never been so scared it happened a few time then I started getting better once I read your book it’s amazing and helped me a lot at the start more help that any of the doctors ect. But it’s started happening again and it just makes me feel like I have some illness or a brain tumour, has anyone had this symptoms before?? I have a young son and it petrifies me 2 think there’s something wrong with me and I will be taking away for him.

  376. Rebecca Says:

    Hi. I’m Becky, single Mum of teenage twins. I live in the North East and I am in the process of setting up and anxiety buddies group. Not to sit in a circle and talk about how rubbish we feel but more of a positive one where we can excercise together, go for days out, all the positive stuff that keeps you up whilst you are going through this acceptance of anxiety. It is amazing advice Paul and I believe it all but it is flipping tough sometimes!
    I’m a very positive person but after a hellish 3 months, I found myself on the floor. I’m on the up, then down, then up still but I’ll get there! If anybody interested in making friends who understand and want to do some fun stuff please pop me an email at
    It’s definitely not a misery group, but one where we can do normal stuff whilst giving each other a bit of support through the tough bits. Big hugs everybody! Xxx

  377. Doreen. Says:

    HI folks – just a reminder that Paul set this up to be ‘off topic’ so keep anxiety chat on the main blog. I am probably one of the oldest on here but don’t let that worry you. I am a mum to a daughter and a son in their mid 40’s and three grandsons aged 19,15 and 5. The youngest has had a challenging little life so far with many surgical interventions and also has Down Syndrome. Doing ok right now though and loving being at school.
    I am retired and enjoy doing drama ( very ad lib stuff), in a couple of choirs and have lots of friends locally of all ages. I live in a great area of Leeds called Chapel Allerton and am chair of the local Arts festival.
    Hope to see some of you here

  378. Ross Murchie Says:

    Hi im ross have 2 kids 1 is nearly 11 other is 2&half I suffer high anxiety & alot of very negative thinking which is bad im so fed up & low but need to get on as my kids mean the world to me.

  379. Ross Murchie Says:

    Sorry meant to say im married 6 yrs also I work in retail 4 days a wk.sz98

  380. Andy J Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m Andy, I’m 29 and live in the North East of England. I work in IT, mainly internet based, hence my constant posting and reading of this blog.

    I will have been married for 5 years this August and currently do not have any children, though do have a cocker spaniel who acts like hes one (on the bed, on the settee, gets presents etc).

    My interests are anything to do with sport. I love playing football and running. Ive done a lot of distance running, which id love to get started doing again. (A combination of ruined knees and too much time to think are currently putting me off!)

    In terms of my anxiety, I’ve been through quite a lot. Started in August 2006 with a daft mistake on a night out which started about 5 years of Health Anxiety, which I didnt ever realise or accept as being just anxiety.
    Once the health worries were over it morphed in to GAD and most recently the wonderful OCD. How lucky am I? Ha! 😉

    But back to topic, this blog has been a great aid to me and good to get some background knowledge on every one!

  381. Kelly Says:

    Hi all –

    I’m Kelly. I’m a 35-yr old married mother of two boys (6 and 4). I live in North Carolina in the US. I love to play golf and to read. I also love watching sports (mostly football).

    This blog has been wonderful and I am really glad to get to know everyone better!

  382. Stephanie Says:

    Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie, 26, wife, mother to a 10 month old girl. I live in San Diego, California. My anxiety started August of last year. I’d say it was a combination of PPD and a lot of big life changes it a very short amount of time. When it happened it scared the heck out of me and, of course, I developed a lot of negative habits that I am now trying to undo. I will say that anxiety is a great life teacher. It’s been teaching me to slow down and stop sweating the little things. I love this blog, but I’m trying to be careful not to let it consume too much of my time.

  383. Nolan Says:

    Anyone reading any good books??
    Right now I’m reading “American Gods”. Pretty good. Long. Fantasy’ish fiction.
    Guess they were going to make it into a mini series on HBO, but that’s fallen flat.

    Also, I’m a big fan of boxing. Prior to my son being born I wanted to train him to be a boxer. Then, he was born…. and the last thing I would ever want to happen would be for him to be paid to punch someone and get punched in return. How quickly our views shift :)

  384. Stephanie Says:

    Not doing much reading these days, but my husband and I did just finish watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. Pretty crazy show, not sure if anyone here is a fan?

    It already feel likes summer weather here. I was hoping to take my daughter to see the snow this winter, but I don’t know if we’ll even get anymore. What was I thinking, though, there is no such thing as winter in Southern California :)

  385. Nolan Says:

    Bring her to WI. It’s -17 degrees and snowy by me :)

  386. Rachh Says:

    Hello. I thought I had already posted on here but I guess not.
    I am 24 years old (25 March 8th) and live in stourport on Severn which is a small town in the Worcestershire uk. I love with my mom and dad, sister and boyfriend. I don’t really know how long I’ve had anxiety for.. I think possibly my whole life in one form or another.
    I have never really known what I wanted to do in life however found myself (after a few failed attempts at further education) working for the police when I was 17. After my battle the last year and a half my employment came to an end in January and i now stay at home a lot. I am considering going to college to become a hairdresser in September.
    I know I say it a lot but so grateful for the people on this blog. It is such a life saver.

  387. Rachh Says:

    Ps why are some people’s names in blue?

  388. Doreen. Says:

    Hi all. Quite few Americans on this blog I see.

    Hello Racch from a lovely part of England. Yorkshire where I live is very beautiful too. We had a famous bike race ‘Tour de France” here last year and Yorkshire went crazy over it. Like one big village fete. Today we are driving to see the place where a famous artist called David Hockney did a series of paintings of East Yorkshire called ‘Arrival of Spring’. He actually did them on an iPad.

    I have been to Boston, then quick trips to Exeter, Burlington, flew to Detroit then down to West Virginia. Then drove back to New York and up again to Boston stopping at New Haven. Husband on business trip hence that route.
    This year we are planning to go to New Orleans and then fly across to Yellowstone.

    Read a great deal, mainly on my Kindle which is actually less enjoyable than holding a real book but easier.

  389. Nolan Says:

    Hi Rachh,
    blue names are hyperlinks to websites. If you enter something in the “website” field, that will become the hyperlink that clicking on your name will bring you to.

  390. Nolan Says:

    I know what you mean, Doreen.
    I have some on my kindle, but I still love to buy, hold, and read an actual book.

  391. Adam Says:

    Hello all. I’m a 45yr old married father with 4 children-17, 14, 11 and 6. Three girls and a boy (the boy is 11). I currently live in the Raleigh area of North Carolina (love it!) and I have lived in this state since 1999. However, I originally hail from Nolan’s “neck of the woods”…Chicago, Illinois…where I lived for 27 years of my life. Nolan…I have one question for you that you MUST answer for me: Are you a Packers fan? If so, I might have to stop taking your advice! I mean, as a die hard BEARS fan…how can I take advice from a Packers fan??? That’s sacrilege 😉 But seriously, my anxiety rose to a noticeable level for me back when I was 41(2011) at work. Thinking back on my life, I now believe that I have always reacted somewhat anxiously in certain situations (i.e. public speaking) but I was always able to control my behavior to get me through those rough spots- so I never much thought twice about them then (i.e who doesn’t get nervous speaking in public?). But then I had an incident at work in 2011 where I developed what I guess were panic-attack like symptoms during speaking. From then on I believed I had full blown anxiety…and for the next few years I dealt with “the” traditional symptoms of anxiety that everyone on this blog writes about on a daily basis. I found Paul’s book in 2012 along with the wonderful words of Dr. Weekes and Chris from “A letter to myself”. Since then I have been recovering and I have made tremendous progress. I don’t like putting a percentage on recovery, because I think that places a time limit/schedule to it, but I would say I am mostly recovered. I have many, many more good days than bad ones at this point. Anxiety is a tough bitch though….and she doesn’t ever seem to want to leave! But persistence has been key here in getting me to where I am today. Persistence and acceptance….especially in the face of severe adversity. I think the word that best describes “the process” of recovery is HABITUATION (FYI-I awoke from a dream the other morning to this word in my head…I vaguely knew what it meant but when I looked up the actual definition I was blown away. I am a spiritual person (Catholic) and I believe the word was put there for me to understand this entire process over the past several years.) Finally, I just want to say that we have to continue to strive every day, no matter how tough it gets, to be bigger than our anxiety. Anxiety is a part of us that we must accept-what else can we do with it? But it is only a part of us and it does not define us. We are bigger than our anxiety and we can do whatever we want in life even with anxiety right there with us. The only way to fail is to quit living or trying to habituate. Acceptance is the key…accept it all and do what you will anyway.

  392. Doreen. Says:

    Adam – interesting story but if you read why Paul ‘opened’ the coffee shop, it was to be a place where people could chat about things other than anxiety. It would be better if you could put the anxiety part of this on the main blog

  393. Adam Says:

    My apologies, Doreen. I thought I was more or less just giving background about myself and my situation. I guess I got a little carried away and too on subject. I will keep my posts here off the subject of that which will no longer be mentioned by me….

    So, Nolan, I’m interested to hear if you are a Packers fan or not?

    FYI..Im also a big boxing fan. I love the fights from the hey-day of the Heavyweight division-Ali/Frazier, Ali/Foreman, Ali/Norton, Norton/Holmes etc. What we have today just doesn’t compare (in my opinion). Because of that fact I haven’t really watched much recently. How about you?

  394. Nolan Says:

    Howdy Adam,

    Yes sir.. I’m a pretty big Packer fan :)
    Get to a game every other year (wife’s grandfather is a season ticket holder). First started following around 1989, when Don Majkowski was the QB and Sterling Sharpe our WR.

    I’m a huge boxing fan.
    A few years back I made a trip to the UIC in Chicago to watch irish Andy Lee fight.
    I saw Mike Tyson fight Andrew Golota in Auburn Hills, MI back in 2000. Funny story: after that fight I almost got beat up by Oliver McCall for saying something that I meant as a compliment but he took as an insult.

  395. Adam Says:

    My oh my…..its like the McDonald’s commercial I saw recently where a BEARS fan and PACKERS fan share a box of French fries! What is the world coming to? But seriously, yes, I grew up in the Chicago area and have followed DA BEARSZZ all my life. I’ve loved them and continue to love them during these very dark, dark times (i.e. The Aaron Rodgers era). I really had no choice in team as my Grandfather actually played for the team that ultimately became the Chicago Bears way back in the early 1920’s. We were and all are BEARSZZ fans in my family. And on that note, yes, it appears your Pack has our number of late. But it is only a matter of time. The Pendulum will swing back in this direction eventually (i.e. remember the 1980’s & Ditka? The Pack wasn’t doing much winning against the Bears then). I must have patience…

    As for the fights…that’s a pretty “funny” story about Oliver McCall. I vaguely remember the Golota/Tyson fight. At least there was no ear biting (Tyson) or low blows (Golota). Funny story from me about Golota: I lived in Florida (West Palm Beach) from 1996-1999. I was working out in the Gold’s Gym I joined there. And in walks Golota and his entourage. He ended up working out right there in the gym with all of us. No one bugged him. 😉 But anyway, I haven’t really been following the fights lately. Not too much to be excited about. The Klitschko brothers bore me with their size and jab, jab, jab. I was more of a Joe Frazier fan in terms of style. Get inside and bang away. And the left hook that could take your head off. But as I mentioned above, these things go in cycles. The next great heavyweight is out there somewhere…he just hasn’t surfaced yet.

    As for Wisconsin, its not much colder or more winterlike there than here today. We are in a surprise snowstorm here in NC. Of course, that has the entire state shutdown and everyone housebound. Nothing they can do but wait it out here. We just don’t have the facilities & resources for handling snow down here.

  396. Sarah Says:

    Hello everyone. I just posted on this site for the first time this week so i thought i should come on and introduce myself. I am 40 years old and am married with two girls aged 6 and 4. I live in wicklow which is a county just south of Dublin, ireland. I am an archaeologist and a musician. My hobbies are gardening, hill walking and oil painting but generally i am completely obsessed with music and try to get to at least a couple of gigs a month.

  397. Chloe Says:


    I just wanted to add to your post that I too joined the police force at 18 until the age of 23 and I do believe that this contributed to my anxiety. Hope this helps x

  398. Annonymous Says:

    Hi Paul. Could you please lend me an ebook of At last a life and beyond.
    It would be great if I could have the book.

  399. Jacob Says:

    Hi All,

    I dont know what started my anxiety but do I know what it ended. after drinking away stress and anxiety for many years I ended up in hospital and was forced to come home by my family after living overseas for 20 years. I didn’t fell comfortable at first and was anxious about finding work in marketing in which i was working in previously but not qualified to do. It was taking too long to hear back from the jobs and I was short on cash, at this time i was staying with my grandma, I was free from drinking only 1 or 2 beers every now and then and anxiety was there but only when having to leave the house. I finally got a call for an interview at a warehouse and wanted me to start straight away, I have never done any manual labour and was very weary about doing this type of work or any work when it came calling. After my mothers pushing to go for anything, I did. I was terrified, 12 hour shifts, nowhere to hide, paid by the hour. after my first shift i slept better than ever, i didn’t have what every 30 year old would expect to have but i had a clear mind, i just worked, stress free, maybe this was something i could of got from the gym? but probably not, you meet a lot of people and at this time it was minimum wage who go through so much social and family struggle and the job is there last resort. I felt selfish in way that I had been anxious about life from my early teens, and my excuses for feeling that way faded away. I still have a lot of small anxiety’s remaining but thats part of what you get, I might not overcome them all but I am happy now and anxiety does not control my life anymore. I do think small things can create a world of stress of us and if we dont identify them it can cripple us, Im glad people use this platform to express their struggles and relief.



  400. Ricardo Says:

    I, my name is Ricardo. I apreciatte refinding the cure that i think it never existed, after so much went to psychologist and psychiatryist i found “the” cure. Where my inclination was creativity, think the opposite of what i needed so much bad advice.
    The curiosity is now i don´t need that type of advice and so much mg of medication to get better. I knew that symptoms don´t appear out of nowhere and after my excelent experience in karaté with my great sensei that teach with understanding and compassion i learned many things. I think i am a learner always learning. Sometimes where my mom sees reality i see tragedy, i don´t like thinking in reality. I just don´t understand is the how, how to not lose my memory, how to know when i fixed the things. Or for exemple when i´m studying how to know when i “know the damn thing” xD. Thank you very much for your help, all you wrote, all that you bring to knowing and thank you very much for this happy, fun ambient

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