Anxiety and help with feeling irritable and constant racing thoughts

When we suffer from anxiety we can find it very hard to relax, not only may we feel constantly irritable and uneasy, but also we may find it hard to switch off our mind and the constant racing thoughts that can go with it. The reason we have so many thoughts running around is because all we have done for the last few weeks/months is to constantly think about ourselves and how we are feeling. Thinking can then become a habit. People often say that thoughts seem to come without them even thinking them. Well, yes, this also happened to me. Again it takes an understanding of how we feel to stop all the daily monitoring and worry.

We may also feel irritable. This is because our nerves have become sensitised because of all we have been through. They may seem to constantly be on red alert for no apparent reason. Well this is due to all the pressure we put on ourselves to feel better; the constant worrying begins to take its toll and our nerves don't have a chance to rest, they are basically over worked. While we fear and worry about how we feel, then we are keeping ourselves in the cycle and not giving our nerves the rest they so crave.

Also with an understanding of my symptoms and how I felt, I was able to go to bed at night without the constant need to try and figure out the day or question how I was feeling. I was able to stop that constant chatter of worry, to stop the need to figure it all out, to find a way out of my personal hell, knowledge can be the biggest calming influence we have.


There are many ways to relax, but just taking a step back from how you are feeling can help, even if it is just a walk in the fresh air to blow a few cobwebs away, or maybe a new hobby, like painting or gardening. Anything to help you become more outward than inward, to help you stop dwelling on yourself or how you feel. I used to go for a walk once a day and also listen to some music or take a bike ride. You don't have to 'try' to relax, more just add different things into your day, give your mind another focus and try and stay in the present, forget what happened yesterday, don't worry about tomorrow. Worrying is by far the most destructive emotion we have and something I rarely do now and that power is within everyone, we may need retraining, but it is a power we all possess.