Should we Take Medication for Anxiety?

A lot of people ask about medication and as I am not a doctor, I cannot comment on any particular medication that anyone is taking.

I believe that medication is thrown at anxiety sufferers far too easily because of ignorance on the subject. Some doctors appear to have a lack of understanding on the condition and therefore the only solution they know, is to throw medication at it. Iím not saying this happens in all cases, but I feel I was just given medication because the doctor knew no better.

I was given tablets to slow my heart rate down, when all I suffered from was anxiety and these tablets did nothing for me at all. Then I was put on anti-depressants that just made me feel worse. Neither did me any good, so I came off them gradually and felt better for it.

There may be a need for medication in a lot of cases in order to take the edge off anxiety/panic and give them some room to recover, as long as they are given the right medication for their condition.

The reason I sometimes worry about medication been thrown at the problem is that I believe it can create other problems, for example, people can also get addicted to the very medication that was supposed to help them. I also believe that medication can become a crutch for a lot of sufferers. They become so dependent on the tablets that they feel they canít go out without them. They can become their crutch, and in a lot of cases you could give them anything disguised as their tablet and they would be fine. In other words, it is not the medication that is helping them, but the change in their attitude. What happens when you take this crutch away? That is why I wanted to recover without medication. I needed to know that when I recovered, there would be no other obstacles to overcome.

Obviously, each individual is different and you may have a different opinion on the subject. If youíre taking sedatives or any other medication and it helps, thatís fine. If you truly believe it helps, this can make you feel well enough to attempt to recover, which is good, as long as they donít keep searching for that magic pill thatís going to make it all go away. In every case I believe that the underlying problems of anxiety need to be addressed for recovery to begin and unfortunately medication cannot achieve this, thatís why people may find themselves coming off medication only to go back on, or constantly changing their medication.

I am not a doctor and donít pretend to be. These are just my views. You must talk to your doctor about how you feel and let him advise you. If you are taking medication that has been prescribed for you and you feel you are having more problems than before, then please return to your doctor and talk it through with him.